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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Amanpreet Singh

Action Fantasy Thriller


Amanpreet Singh

Action Fantasy Thriller

Who will win this Fight?

Who will win this Fight?

7 mins 240 7 mins 240

The sky was dark red in colour with grey shades in it. All around were hills that looked red in colour. It seemed every hill and tree there was in a very gloomy mood. Maybe they came to know what they were going to witness. The air itself was also trembling with an unknown fear. 

On the plane ground lying between the big hills were standing a big muscular tall man known by the name “King Sulaiman” with a heavyweight sword of about 40 kg in his hand waiting for someone to be killed by his (King Sulaiman) own hands. He was pacing the ground slowly with his eye fixed at a certain point. It was obvious that he was waiting for someone in authority because a king never meets with a soldier alone. It is below their dignity.

Then a man riding a horse came from the other side. From his riding style, it became clear that he was not a normal man. He was wearing a kind of roman helmet. His face was fully covered with it. Within a few moments, he came close to a king Sulaiman and he pulled his horse’s rein. The horse stopped and he descended from his horse.

King Sulaiman had not moved an inch from his place but his eagle eyes were fixed on him. The man came closer to King Sulaiman. He unsheathed his sword. King Sulaiman was absolutely fearless. He was just watching him. The unknown man then put off his roman helmet but his face was still not seen. His face was covered with golden hairs. 

All of a sudden a strong gust of wind came and his golden hairs flew with the flow revealing his face. The man said with powerful words, “Don’t worry king Sulaiman, I am King Iqaqi. I don’t cheat. I do what I say. I told you, I would come and now I have come alone.”

“Haha, I thought you would never come. If I say honestly, a wise man should haven’t stepped before me alone,” said king Sulaiman confidently.

“Sulaiman, I am Iqaqi. And Iqaqi never backed up from his word in his entire life.”

“True. Because you have never backed up, up to now, I also know it. And in future, you will not be able to back up from your words because it is your last day.”

“Sulaiman, king Iqaqi believes in keeping his words and he doesn’t care about the repercussions. I am a fighter and I will fight until my last breath.”

“Strange, Still you want to fight and that also alone and that also a fair fight, despite you know you are about to collide with King Sulaiman. Do you really understand what is meant by King Sulaiman? It means death! I can kill three persons like you in one go and that also very easily.”

King Sulaiman began to move with his heavy sword in a way as a lion slowly moves in a circular way to catch its prey. King Iqaqi also began to move in a bit circular way to avoid his sudden attack.

“King Sulaiman, I also know, today I will die. I know very well you are the best in the swordsmanship in the entire world. But still, I will fight with you. Still, I will face you.”

All of a sudden King Sulaiman hit his big heavyweight sword on the ground. Thud! Clouds of dust arose between both pairs of their eyes. The visions of both of them blurred. It struck a bit of fear too in king Iqaqi’s eyes. In fact, it was not fear. It was the harbinger of his imminent death. King Iqaqi became more alert. He had realized now king Sulaiman’s sword’s strokes were approaching nearer and nearer. It was a sort of warming up for him. 

King Sulaiman smirked, “Iqaqi, you will not be able to stay longer before me.”

King Iqaqi replied, “Two minutes have already passed, I am still before you. Not even an injury on my body up to now. If I can stay alive up to now, then I can also stay longer than you expected.”

“Haha, nice reply. But anyhow, you are going to lose it tonight!” With a wink of an eye he at once gave a huge stroke of his heavy sword direct on the head of king Iqaqi. But he was also a king, not a normal soldier. With his foxlike agility, he quickly put his shield before Sulaiman’s sword. But he could not withstand the force of the heavy sword and he fell on the ground.

“Haha, king Iqaqi see your position before. It was just a mild attack and you are on the ground. Get up king Iqaqi, get up. You are a king. I want to fight with a king, not with an ant! Get up!”

King Iqaqi again got up. Again they began to move in a circular path. Their eyes were fixed on each other’s hands. Anyone could strike at any time. 

“King Iqaqi, I can’t even dream that you can win against me tonight.”

“Even though, tonight I will lose. But finally, it is only me who will win!” said king Iqaqi boldly.

“What did you say? Finally, you will win even after losing tonight? What does that mean? Even though I am not interested in your answer. But still, it is your last day of life. You can die at any moment now. So answer it. Speak as much as you can.”

“King Sulaiman, I will be killed today by you. This, you also know and I know too. But it is only me who will become immortal in the history forever, not you. I will be remembered as a man who knew he would die if he fights the next day but still he came on the battleground and fought to keep his words! I will be remembered as the bravest king ever in the history! Nobody will remember you. Nobody will say that you were the bravest. Because a day like today, it was very easy for you to come here to win but it is impossible for a man to come here to die! But I have done it. I deserve immortality and I will get it!”

All of a sudden, with a lightning-fast pace, King Sulaiman took a big jump about two metres high in the air at an angle of sixty degrees and he hit his sword like a spear on king Iqaqi’s shield like a bolt from the blue. The shield broke into two pieces and king Iqaqi fell on the ground again. 

Now king Iqaqi was bare, helpless, unprotected without his shield. He had realized now his time was over. He was before a monster even without a basic protection. Hardly a minute or two he could survive more. Now, in his arsenal, there was nothing but only desperate moves, just the remaining formality of fight left that a king should put before his enemy. Because a king is not supposed to die a death without giving a fight.

King Sulaiman struck again on him by jumping at another angle. Iqaqi with his fox agility dodged his stroke. Clouds of dust annoyed Iqaqi’s eyes. Again Iqaqi could see the giant sword coming straight to his heart and he again escaped somehow.

“Get up king Iqaqi, get up!”

King Sulaiman was knowingly giving him more time to get up. Maybe he wanted to have some more fight. King Iqaqi also wanted to fight as much as he could. Somehow, he mustered all his courage and he was on his feet again.

“King Iqaqi, what do you think? You were agile enough to dodge my heavy strokes on you?”

King Iqaqi didn’t reply anything. He was waiting for his more words to air from his mouth.

“No king Iqaqi, you could have never escaped my strokes. I myself letting you escape every time I hit you. You know why?”

King Iqaqi was still quiet. But his silence was asking King Sulaiman, “Why?”

“Iqaqi, I want my name in the History too. If I kill you then it will be only you who will be remembered. But if I don’t kill you then I will also be remembered forever, generations after generations. Our future generations will say -- The strongest didn’t kill the wisest!”

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