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Adhithya Sakthivel

Crime Action Thriller


Adhithya Sakthivel

Crime Action Thriller

Operation Bawaria

Operation Bawaria

7 mins 279 7 mins 279

Note: This is an unforgettable case in the history of Tamil Nadu. I took a lots of research to write this story...

ACP Suraj Krishna is the newly appointed police officer in Coimbatore district, transferred from Hyderabad. When he is heading towards Coimbatore in a train, a man discusses about the brutal murders that were committed by Bawarias, a group of tribal people, who were extremely doing brutal murders in Tamil Nadu.

After hearing this, Suraj calls the police officer, DSP Sunil Krishna IPS, who had taken charge of this case. He asks him, "Sir. I had heard about the Bawaria case, while heading in the train. Henceforth, I called you."

Sunil hangs the call and recalls, "how his life was down to the roads, after he took the Bawaria case in his hands." Shifting to 1995, Sunil was attending the IPS training in Deharadun, near to Uttrarakhand and was waiting to get his posts, after being announced as the topper.

At the same time, near to a national highway of Salem-Bangalore roads, a group of robbers enters into an secluded house, after which they attacked all the people inside the house and took their belongings. 

Meanwhile, Sunil is posted as the ACP of Bangalore for one years and after one years, he gets transferred to Coimbatore district of Tamil Nadu as the DSP. During this period of time, a series of murders are committed by the robbers(who were also called as lorry gangs) in various places like Gummidipoondi, Sriperumbudur, Tanjore and Avinashi. After the brutal murder in Gummidipoondi, Sunil gets transferred to the place and soon after some days, he starts to investigate the case through the finger prints, which had been left out by those gangs.

He gets assisted by ACP Dharun and Inspector Praveen Krishna. For two years, Sunil and his team roam around various places such as Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Karnataka, Punjab and Haryana. So many police officers in the place fails to tell the culprits and only in Punjab and Haryana they learns that, "These murders are committed by the brutal gangs named Bawaria, who were all left overs in India, after independence."

However, Sunil and his team were halted by the DGP Harsha Singh Lal and some other police officers, who were seemed to be careless. Sunil tells to them that, "They will realize the importance of this case, when a politician gets killed by those brutal tribes."

At the same time, Sunil learns that, "These Bawarias were the armies of Rajput empire in Rajasthan, and when the empire was defeated by Mughals, they were sent out by Rajputs and after so many years, they started this type of hunting and murdered so many people, even during the British periods. After independence, Jawaharlal Nehru brought a change and everyone were working hard and earned for their living except a few groups in India. Among those are Keravas, Bawarias and the other groups."

Meanwhile, in January 2005, MLA K.Rajarathnam is murdered in Gummidipoondi, which becomes a huge tensions for the ruling party. Henceforth, Chief Minister J.Janakiammal, orders DSP Sunil to catch the culprits as soon as possible and gives them all full powers to handle the case while DIG Sanjay Krishna supported Sunil, in the case.

While progressing through the investigation, the team were able to match the fingerprints with the modus operandi of the gang. They speculated that the murders were carried out by the same group in different parts of India. The team coordinated with the Uttar Pradesh Police and Central Intelligence agencies, in order to find out the clues.

During the investigation, Sunil manages to get the photo of Aravinth Bawaria, the first prime suspect in the case. However, they all escapes from Tamil Nadu to Aravalli ranges. In some gaps, Sunil learns that, the gangs have used lots of tricks with the help of their lorry, in order to escape from the suspects of police officers.

Since this case had to be dealt in Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Haryana respectively, Sunil gets the assistant of few Hindi Police officers like Amit Singh, Karthi Singh and Dowlaath Khan. And he also manages to get a few retired police officers for proceeding with the investigation.

Sunil and his team first arrested Beena Devi and Aravinth Bawaria in a village near to Rajasthan, with the help of an local bawaria, whom they have bribed for the arrest. After this, Surendar Bawaria and his wife Bhanu Devi were also arrested by Sunil's team. In retribution for the arrest, the dacoit leader Oma Bawaria starts to murder their gang betrayers brutally and also kills a few police officers of Sunil's gang.

However, Sunil starts a new method to nab Oma Bawaria's gang. As per the plan, Oma's gang leaders Bhura Bawaria and Vijay Bawaria were brutally encountered by Sunil's team. While, Oma escapes from the place to Aravalli ranges. Nearly, it took three years from 2005-2008 for Sunil to do this encounter operation, which he feared to commit.

Feeling that, they are running away like a coward from police officers, Oma comes up with a plan to fear up the police officers using the method of Wolf attacks. 

Oma and his group assistant Kavin, with one more men enter into the place, where Sunil and his team are taking shelter.

The wolfs, which were hiding in the sands starts to attack the police officers after which Inspector Praveen Krishna runs and calls, "Sir" seeing towards Sunil.

"What happened Praveen?" asked Sunil.

"A guy is chasing me sir" said Praveen.

"Don't fear. They are using the Wolf attack method. Kindly do as per my instruction" said Sunil.

"Ok sir" said Praveen and as per his instruction, Praveen runs and another guy rises from the sand and he starts to chase him. At that time, Sunil shoots down those two guys dead.

After this, ACP Dharun too gets chased and here too, Sunil uses the same tactics and kills the third bawaria and the two other wolfs. Henceforth, Oma escapes from the place with Kavin. But, Kavin gets killed by Sunil and a chase ensues between Oma and Sunil in a horse towards the Thar desert.

After a long chase, Sunil thrashes Oma severely and arrests him. Oma is given a death sentence by the court. Later, when Sunil comes out from the court, the media people raises question against him regarding this case.

"Sir. What do you feel about this case? Do you think these gangs will continue to do these kinds of robbery?" asked a media man.

Sunil replies, "Definitely, it's impossible. Because when we arrested these tribal robbers in North India, the crimes got reduced slowly. Henceforth, our Tamil Nadu is in the safer zone and it will not experience this kind of cases once again. Thank you and Jai Hind"

Now, Sunil tells in his diary(where he had written about this case history), "It took minimum eight years for us to hunt down these criminals. Especially the remaining gang members posed a challenge for us. If these robbers didn't murder a politician, our government could have been careless about the life of common people, who were killed by these brutal gang members. Though, the technology is now well versed and developed, crimes such as rape, sexual harassment, Murders and various other such crimes continues in our country."

Presently, Sunil is serving as the DGP of Coimbatore district in Cyber branch, since he felt mundane and pathetic to deal with the everyday crimes in the crime branch.

Meanwhile, Suraj reaches Coimbatore and calls Sunil Krishna through his phone and asks to him, "Sir. Shall I meet you once?"

"Yes. Come during Sunday" said Sunil.

Suraj meets Sunil and salutes him for his brave attempt to catch the Bawaria, while he smiles at Suraj.


Dedicated to all those police officers, who took their risk to catch these dangerous tribal people by sacrificing their whole life

About 18 people had been killed by these lorry gangs and a few people lost their life because of these tribal.The convicts Oma Bawaris and Ashok Bawaria were given Death penalty while two were encountered by the police officers, who handled this investigation.These groups were convicted for Murder, Looting, Robbery and Assault.No one were neither praised and promoted nor given rewards and awards for this case.

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