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Dr. Sudarshan Upadhyay

Action Crime Thriller


Dr. Sudarshan Upadhyay

Action Crime Thriller

Yearnings of Amber: 4

Yearnings of Amber: 4

7 mins 287 7 mins 287

'Momma' shrieked Charu as she ran zig-zagging in the corridor like a crazy-ball bouncing off the brushed steel corridor.

'Wait, Betu' her Maa chided from behind. 'Let Momma come out of the lab'.

Charu had reached the Incubator and was tracing the circular walls with her tiny fingers. Her fingers bouncing off the indentations made by the doors inset into the wall itself.

'Charu' a voice called out from the built-in speaker in the 7th door. 'What has Maa told you when you are in the lab?'

'Not to touch anything' answered Charu still flicking her fingers against the walls as if trying to push a button.

'And what are you doing now' the voice asked again.

'Ok' Charu pouted and stopped.

Her lower lip upturned in a grimace which made her Maa laugh.

'That's a good girl. We will go for ice-cream'. The voice said.

'You are spoiling her' complained Charu's Maa but she said this with a smile.

The voice laughed in answer and the door hissed open and Charu's Momma came out smelling of lemony disinfectants.

Charu ran forward and clutched one hand each of her Maa and Mother as they exited the Incubator into the corridor. Repeating 'Ice-cream, Ice-cream' in her singsong voice which both her parents found cute. They walked out together, two happy mothers and a happy daughther. The smell of lemons persisted long after they had left the lab.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------Charu was just coming to her senses but was suddenly assaulted by a strong smell of lemons which jolted her fully awake.

What was this dream? Was it really a dream? Then why did she have a strong sense of Deja-vu?

A familiar thud made her look-up. She looked-up, eyes wide with fear to find Ruth standing over her with the nightstick. His face looking raw and red. He raised the weapon and Charu flinched but nothing hit her.

'That pepper-spray of yours was really potent. All imported things are of better quality, people say'. Ruth said as if having a normal conversation.

Charu just stared back in horror.

'But not you. You are imported but look at you. Shaking with fear. Don't worry, I won't kill you. Not yet, at least. And when I do, nobody will ever find your body'. Ruth shook his head and smiled like he found this very amusing.

'No, please don't. I will give you money. Grandfather will give you money or anything you want'.

'You don't even know what you have stepped into. Money…money is dirt for us' cackled Ruth.

Charu felt utterly helpless. She was tied to the metal chair in such a way that she couldn't even move a finger.

'Grandfather knows I am here, so does Uncle Vincent and Yuvaan' Charu cried out in frustration.

'Oh yess! Your messages. Let me show you something.' Ruth said and turned her chair around.

Charu heard a click and the metal wall in front of her misted over. The mist cleared in the next instant to become a screen.

'Top of the line, full HD surround sound for your pleasure.' Ruth hissed over her ears.

The screen sprang to life tuned to a news channel. The location looked familiar. Lots of people, police and reporters were buzzing around a mansion. Yuvaan's mansion Charu realized with horror. A lady reporter in cats-eye glasses came on and started talking.

'We still don't know whether it was a suicide or murder but Yuvaan was found dead with a bullet wound in his head and a pistol in his hand. But the most shocking thing was that the words evil were found written in blood near his body'.

'That's one of your messages deleted forever'. Ruth clapped his hands gleefully. 'Just wait, similar news will be coming from your house as well'.

Charu found she could not shout. All she could muster out was a meek wail accompanied with large tears.

Suddenly the screen blinked and showed the symbol of a phone ringing. Ruth became alert and pressed a button on his handheld device. Someone came on the screen and a garbled voice asked, 'Is the intruder and premises secured?'

'Yes. Lord Commander Sir' Ruth answered and moved away from the screen.

Charu stared at the screen and her terror and confusion magnified as Uncle Vincent asked from the screen.

'How are you Charu?'


Senthil had been worried about Charu. She had not been answering his calls. He decided to head to her home and this time he carried his Desert Eagle Mark I in a waist holster and 2 knifes tucked in his boots. Nearing her home he saw a blacked out SUV parked just a little before her house. That was not the odd thing.  The odd thing was that the SUV was parked with its tail towards the house. He went past the SUV and then jumped the boundary wall into the courtyard of the house. The house felt unusually quiet.

Senthil crept forward. Glancing in through a window he saw an old man standing at gun-point, while a Nurse lay wheezing on the ground. Blood squirting out from her left lung. Two masked men were in the house. They wore the same masks as those who had attacked Charu in the garden. One was scrolling on a mobile while another was pointing a gun at the old man who could only be Charu's grandfather.

The decision was easy for Senthil. He took a bead on the man with the gun, angling his shot so that the other goon was directly behind him. He knew what his gun could do and she did not disappoint. One shot rang and both the goons went down. At this close range the bullet went through both the men. One hit in the lung and the other in the neck. Senthil went inside and consoled the old man. The Nurse was already gone. 

'Where is Charu' he asked. But the Captain just whimpered in reply.

'She might be danger' Senthil asked again. The Captain just pointed at the mobile.

Senthil picked it up. His brows furrowed deeper as he read the message and realized the implications. He searched the dead men for any information but could not find anything.

He used the same phone to call the police. He then used his phone, dialed a number and waited. The phone was answered after just one ring.

'Babi, call the Marshall and could you also get Bully ready'.

He had not used Bully for many years but felt the time had come. The Dragunov sniper had been another of his faithful friend in his days as an anti-piracy special operative in the Navy. His gun was modified to use 12.7 mm rounds and hence it was actually an anti-material rifle. He had used it to bully many a pirate vessels into submission and that was why the gun was called Bully.

On a hunch he tried the door of the SUV. As expected it was locked. The time of stealth had passed and he bludgeoned the glass of the SUV with the butt of his gun. Two blows were enough to shatter the glass. He reached inside and opened the door. He started searching around but could not find anything. As he was alighting the vehicle, he saw that the passenger side seat cover had been replaced and looked new. He slashed it apart and reached inside. His hands found a box and he dumped out the contents. He found an access card, stamped with the words Empower Vanuata Independent Lords. There were other documents there like maps, passports, blueprints and currency.

He chewed out the words in his mind Empower Vanuata Independent Lords and then it hit him like a lightning bolt out of blue. Empower Vanuata Independent Lords. EVIL. This was an extremist organization made up of disgruntled tribal lords of Vanuata. They did a little piracy, smuggling and terrorism. He had a few run-ins with them while he was in the Navy. He suddenly realized something else. Sheryl had done research on the Hunter island of Vanuata. There had been another murder today and the victim had scrawled evil with his blood before dying. Not evil but EVIL. That meant the EVIL was behind these murders and Charu was in danger and maybe Sheryl as well. He thought and not for the first time what was the connection between Sheryl and Charu. But now was not the time to think but it was time to act.

Senthil was worried but he also felt an exhilaration. It had been a very long time since he had hunted pirates and his hands itched to feel the solidity of Bully. A fight was coming and he was ready.

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