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Kumar Vikrant

Comedy Drama


Kumar Vikrant

Comedy Drama

Sweet Vendor's Wife

Sweet Vendor's Wife

4 mins 379 4 mins 379

It was thirst or convulsion in her stomach which forced Leela to get out of the warmth of her bed. She wanted to drink a little water, she looked at Sonu and Monu her kid daughters.

"You little devils........." —said Leela pulling the quilt onto them.

Rupesh was sleeping in the adjoining room, but was he really sleeping? Thought Leela looking through the window's dull glass of that room. It seems the room was dimly lit, Leela thought for a while and decided to check what was that light for?

Leela pushed the door of the room it wasn't latched so it opened without any noise, and she entered the room stealthily as she wanted to see what her husband was doing at 02:00 in the night.

Inside the room, Rupesh was busy on his mobile; he was too busy to feel the danger standing beside his bed.

Leela was ignited to see her husband busy on his mobile at this odd hour; she decided to check what her husband was doing on his mobile so she acted like an eagle and snatched the mobile phone from her husband's hands.

"What is this? What are you doing here......return back my mobile...." —blurted Rupesh.

"You chat master, chatting with Shalu at this odd hour." —said Leeka looking at the ongoing chat between some Shalu and her husband on the mobile.

"Be reasonable Leela she is just an old acquaintance........" —said the stammering Rupesh.

"So, this is the reason why you sleep in this room instead of sleeping with your kids in our bedroom." —said Leela going through the conversation between Rupesh and Shalu.

"So now you have become a doctor as well........" —said Leela looking at the conversation on the mobile screen.

"This is too much Leela......there is nothing between us; we are simply chatting friends." —said Rupesh defending himself.

"How did you meet her?" —asked Leela.

"Online." —replied Rupesh.

"There is nothing wrong between you?" —asked Leela.

"No....nothing." -replied Rupesh and said further, "Now return the mobile to me."

"Sure, I'll but before returning the mobile I'll forward all these messages to my email id......" —said Leela forwarding all the messages to her email id.

The whole process took a few seconds.

"All this conversation will go to court, you cheating iconoclast." —said Leela throwing back the mobile to Rupesh.

"This is too much; why all this........?" —said Rupesh catching his phone.

"Cheating fool......just call to this woman and ask her how she manages this foolishness at this hour?" —said Leela with anger.

"I never called her." —replied Rupesh.

"Innocent man......lemme go through all your conversation and then I'll tell who really am I." —said Leela and came back to her room.

The conversation history was wonderful both the love birds have been soaring high for six months. There were a lot of tears in Leela's eyes when she finished reading all the messages.

"So, she is a college girl and you are paying her fees, phone bills and other expenses as her father is no more. So are you her father now or bringing her up to marry her in your old age you aging coot." —said Leela to Rupesh in the morning.

"Leela don't do it in front of the kids...." —pleaded Rupesh.

"Call her right now and say to her that you are breaking it up with her for the sake of your family otherwise I'll public all your conversation." —said Leela.

Rupesh looked at Leela sheepishly and called Sheela several times but no answer.

"Okay, now go to the Shop and sell a lot of sweet today, because you'll need a lot of money to fight a divorce case with me......" —said Leela.

It was the longest day for Rupesh, when he came back home in the evening Leela was very happy.

"This Shalu girl is really very interesting, today I also become her chat friend, besides I added her to all our neighborhood women. She is more than happy to be amongst us we invited her to our Sunday kitty, she is coming from Gulfamnagar. If you want to meet her please come to out Sunday kitty." —said Leela like nothing happened.

Sunday kitty was in the Vasantsena restaurant. It wasn't much crowded yet, women started coming and soon the restaurant was packed. Leela and Disha the cop friend of her sipping coffee in the restaurant lawn, as they were waiting for Shalu.

Soon an open jeep full of rough tough boys entered the restaurant parking.

Disha's mobile rang and she took the call— "Yes I'm in the lawn with a common friend of ours.

Soon those five rough tough boys joined them.

"What should I call you, Ranjit, Shalu or Chalu?" —said Disha placing her service revolver on the table.

The boys startled and started to run back but a number of plainclothes policewomen subdued them and handcuffed them. That very moment Rupesh entered the lawn.

"Meet Shalu, your babu, your dahlin......I called him up that very day and became his friend, today he came here to participate in my bachelor's party." —chuckled Leela.

Rupesh looked at that hairy monster who had cheated him out of his money and brain pretending to be a college girl.

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