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Sovan Mohanty

Comedy Drama Inspirational


Sovan Mohanty

Comedy Drama Inspirational



4 mins

Suppandi was as usual busy reading his book. He was completely engrossed. Utter silence was ruling the house.


Suppandi was startled. His ears were ringing like a temple bell. Rubbing his ears, he came out and saw his mother with a broom.

“Amma. What happened, why are you shouting?”

“Shouting, see what I got...” she said angrily.

She kept the paper on Suppandi’s hand with vigour and stared at him angrily.

“Mom, why are you looking at me like this? I am getting nervous.”

He opened the paper and saw that it was his mark sheet, and as usual, he had failed in maths.

“Oops, Run…”

“Wait, Wait, where are you going? Stop you, naughty boy, I will mash you like a potato. Stop.”

Suppandi was running all around the house laughing and his mother following him shouting at him madly.

One day Suppandi was sitting in front of the TV, he was busy with his most favourite hobby i.e. dancing. He was dancing gracefully, Suppandi was an expert in Kathak. He used to practice dancing for hours in front of the TV watching many reality shows. Due to his love for dancing his mother was very annoyed on him. But Suppandi was very dedicated to his hobby and wished to convert this hobby into his passion and profession.

Finally Suppandi failed in his boards, due to which he decided to drop out of the college.

“What !!! Are you mad Suppandi!!! How can you think of this…??” his mother yelled at him.

“Mom, I want to pursue my career in dancing, I want to be the most famous choreographer in the world. Even though I am a Kathak dancer I want to fuse classical dance with modern dance.”

“Don’t talk rubbish, go and read for your compartmentals.”

Saying this his mother went away from there. Suppandi made an angry face and went to his room. He decided to drop out of the college.

That night Suppandi left his house and went to Mumbai, the city of dreams. After reaching there, he started to do many odd jobs. He used to live in the slums of Dharavi. He faced a lot of financial crisis. Due to this he even slept hungry in the night.

One day, he was practising his dance. There was a film shooting going on there. There was a lot of hustle and bustle. Everyone was enjoying the shooting of the song sequence. The Choreographer of the film was busy in explaining the steps to the background dancers when his eyes fell on Suppandi who was busy dancing. He called his assistant and said:

“Listen Raghu, Call that man, who is dancing there, go immediately.”

The man ran towards Suppandi and said,

“Listen, Choreographer Sir is calling you.”


Suppandi went to him and greeted him.

“Listen, I saw your dance and it was terrific. The texture, gracefulness, the mudras are really divine. I have never seen a man dance Kathak so gracefully. We would like you to co-ordinate with me in my Dance Academy. I want you to teach my student classical dance.”

“Sir me….!!! But How can I? I have never got an official dance training.”

“That doesn’t matter. By the way, what is your name?”

“Sir, Suppandi.”

“Unique name…”

Soon Suppandi began teaching in the Academy of Mr Anuraaj Agnihotri. Within a very short span of time he became very famous. Suppandi started to travel across the country to perform his art. Everyone started to consider him as one of the most successful choreographers of the country.

One day Suppandi went to his hometown Mathura, where he met his mother after a gap of nearly 8 years. When he reached home, he saw his mother sitting in the verandah and praying. He went to his mother, knelt down and kept his head on his mother’s lap.

“Who…” her mother said slowly and opened her eyes. When she saw it was her own son, she was overwhelmed. She hugged him tight and said, “Suppandi my son, I am sorry, I apologize to you, I should have believed you. See, my son is so famous that everyone is following him to take his autograph.”

“Mom, if you would not have scolded, I would not have left nor I would have been successful.”

They both hugged each other. Finally, the mother-son pair were reunited.

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