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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Sovan Mohanty

Drama Fantasy Children


Sovan Mohanty

Drama Fantasy Children

Truth Alone Triumphs

Truth Alone Triumphs

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"Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?" Asked the evil queen. 

"Mistress, I see a girl. Rags cannot hide her beauty. As fair as snow is she.", Replied the mirror.

"Snow White ", exclaimed the queen.

She looked down through the window to Show White, who was sweeping the garden, wearing torn clothes but humming song as sweet as a cuckoo. Her skin as fair as snow, her lips as red as blood and her hair as black as raven. 

The queen, being jealous of Show White's beauty, decided to kill her. She summoned the royal huntsman and ordered him,

"Kill her, bring her heart in the box." 

The huntsman was shocked but had to abide by queen's order or else would have been killed on the charges of treason.

He took Snow White with him to the nearby forest to collect flowers. While she was collecting flowers he came from back with a dagger to stab her from behind . As Snow White turned to front she was astounded. The huntsman had deep regards for Snow White so he could not kill her. The dagger fell down from his hands. He exclaimed, 

"I am sorry princess, but she is madly jealous. Before she kills you, run away from here." 

Snow asked, "Who?". 

"The queen" ,replied the huntsman. 

Snow White could not believe her eyes. She fled away from that place into the deep forest. It was turning evening. The forest was turning scary with moon rising above the horizon.  

Snow White ran, ran and ran but could not find a place. The trees appeared as ghost . She ran and finally fell into a shallow ditch. Falling there, she cried.

 The next morning when sun rose, she saw a little hut in front of her. She knocked at the door, an old woman opened the door. Seeing the beauty of Snow White she was mesmerised. 

She asked, "Girl, you look like a princess, why have you come to this forest."

Snow White hugging her cried her heart out and revealed her story in front of the old lady.

Listening to Snow White's story, the old lady to utter surprise hugged Snow back telling, 

'My daughter, God has finally sent my daughter to me.'

 It was revealed that Snow White's mother had never died. Rather it was the evil queen, who was then young who tried to kill Snow White's mother so that she can become queen and acquire all the wealth. Daughter and mother had an emotional reunion. Then Snow told, 

"Mother, we have to be strong to fight that evil. We will go back to kingdom and throw her out of the throne so that you get the throne which you deserved. The subjects don't like the evil queen. Every day they reminisce you." 

"Its not easy my daughter. The queen is very powerful but still we both can do it."

 The next day both went to the kingdom back. That day it was the birthday of evil queen. So all the subjects were forcefully made gathered infront of palace so that the queen can celebrate her birthday. Snow White and her mother came to the palace gate. Snow White from behind shouted in her top voice, 

"Your sins are out, queen. This time God won't forgive you." 

Seeing both of them the evil queen could not believe her eyes. She came to know that the huntsman had betrayed her. The people of kingdom were also astonished to see Snow and their old queen as they had presumed that both of them had died. At the same time everyone present in the palace was extremely happy except the evil queen.

The evil queen came down the stage and came nearer and nearer to Snow White. She hugged her tightly.

 But she had a dagger in her other hand which she just took out to stab Snow White that someone hold her hands. It was the huntsman. He hold queen's hand and pushed her away from Snow White. Everyone came to see the real side of the new queen. 

Snow White and her mother revealed all the crimes the evil queen had committed in front of the subjects. The people were very angry on the evil queen. 

All of them followed her to kill her for all her crimes. She ran ran and reached near a large ditch. As people started coming close to her to kill her she jumped into the ditch and died. 

Everyone was happy on death of the demoness. They returned back to the palace. The next day the palace was beautified for the ceremony of coronation of the old queen. 

Snow's mother was made the queen again and Snow White was made the royal princess, the future queen of the kingdom. The huntsman was made the minister. Everyone lived happily ever after. 

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