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Sovan Mohanty

Drama Action Classics


Sovan Mohanty

Drama Action Classics

The Kakatiya Conquest

The Kakatiya Conquest

3 mins 226 3 mins 226

Mahismati was one of the most prosperous kingdoms of the ancient era. It’s capital Avantipura was situated on the banks of the pious Narmada river.

Avantipura was the city of dreams. It had beautifully carved palaces, temples, bustling markets and lush green agricultural fields in its outskirts. The Royal palace could be seen from each and every corner of the city.

King Narsimha was the monarch of Mahismati, he was a valiant warrior. He had the strength of almost 10 elephants. Mahismati was a small kingdom which lied between the Kshipra, Tapti, Mahanadi and Betwa rivers. King Narsimha wanted to expand his territory.

There was a emergency discussion organized in the secret war room., Ministers, Commander in chief, Queen, Queen mother were present.

“We all have to carefully plan each and every conquest. See the map of Aryavrat. Our first target would be our weak neighbour Avanti kingdom. After this conquest, we will come to the borders of Chedi kingdom. Then similarly step by step we can capture the whole subcontinent.”

“yes Maharaj, this idea is perfect.”

“Then after all these conquests I will enough power and wealth in order to attack the Kakatiya empire, The empire which I hate the most.”

One minister asked the Prime Minister about it. He was confused why the king hate Kakatiyas.

“Don’t you know that the brother of our previous king dethrone him and gave him a small kingdom north to the empire and constantly monitored us.”

“Then what happened?”

“Then with much difficulty we attained complete independence and are arch rivals of them.”

King Narasimha said,

“Now everyone go and get ready for the war.”

Soon the King Narasimha started his conquest. He got a easy win in the war with Avanti. Chedi too became the prey of king Narasimha. Mahismati’s borders touched the Ganga. Soon he attacked the strong kingdoms of Mathura, Kashi and Kalinga. He possessed divine weapons which he unleased and caused massive destruction. Finally, he was successful in capturing most of the Aryavrat.

Back in Avantipura everyone welcomed him with rains of flowers. The whole city was decorated in colour. In the court hall, king Narasimha declared,

“I king Narasimha, declare that, we the citizens of Mahismati will now not be called as the citizens of a kingdom, instead Mahismati will now be called an Empire.”

Everyone rejoiced, feasts were done, Mahismati was prospering.

Meanwhile in Devnagram, the capital of Kakatiya Empire, there was a tensed situation. Emperor Rajendradev II was thinking about the kingdom’s future. Suddenly a arrow whoosed past his ears and struck the wall, al, the guards came running,

“Stay Back, let me see what’s there in it.”

He opened the scroll attached to the arrow and read. He was shocked, finally they received an official war declaration letter. Rajendradev was furious.

“No one capture the Dakshinapatha, I am the emperor of the Kakatiya. I will not spare you Narasimha for your pertness”

Soon the armies of both the sides gathered on the banks of the Tapti River. Due to the Rainy season the whole river was booming with water. The armies waited for summer season, and when it arrived the river almost dried up.



The war started and both sides charged towards each other. There was massive devastation, the whole Tapti river became red. The two emperors were having arrow fight. Narsimha used his divine weapons to cause massive destruction. The war continued for nearly 3 months.

Finally, when the Kakatiya army got destroyed, Narasimha and Rajendradev had a duel. Two cousin brothers were fighting. One for revenge and one for self-respect. At the end Narasimha beheaded Rajendradev and declared his victory all over the Mahismati empire. He was coronated as the Emperor of the Bharatvarsh.

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