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Sovan Mohanty

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Sovan Mohanty

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The Second Prime Minister

The Second Prime Minister

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It was a rainy day. Mahatma Gandhi, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Jawaharlal Nehru and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel were busy discussing the fate of India. There were having a heated argument.

“Sorry Gandhiji, I am not in support of this. I want a separate state for the Muslims. We have to get our own rights. We want our Pakistan”

“Jinnah Sahab, please listen to me, there is no need for the partition of the country, I assure you there will be no atrocities on our Muslim Brother.”

“No, Gandhiji, I respect you, but I cant give up my demands.”

“Ok fine, I have a solution, Jinnah Sahab, will you be the Prime Minister of India after Independence.”

Jinaah’s eyes were sparkling. He was delighted. Before he agreed Nehruji whispered into Gandhiji’s ears.

“Bapu, what are you doing. If he becomes the Prime Minister then all the Hindus will be infuriated. There will be even more riots, the whole country will be in chaos. Please take back your words.”

Jinnah was listening to them eagerly, he said,

“Fine then, it is decided that we will be adamant on our demands till they are fulfilled. Pakistan will be formed….”

“Wait Jinnah Sahab, I will manage everything, don’t worry, you will be the prime minister.” Sardar Vallabhbahi Patel said.

Gandhiji was shocked, he asked him what he was doing. Nehruji was also surprised, he went on reminding him about the growing discontentment among the Hindus over Muslims.

Soon there was a meeting of all Constituent Assembly, including the Congress and Muslim League. Soon there was voting for the Prime Minister. The whole Congress voted for Sardar Patel and the Muslim League voted for Jinnah. Due to the majority Sardar Patel won the voting and thus he became the Prime Minister-elect, Jinnah was disappointed and he decided to resume his demand for Pakistan and were about to walkout out when, Sardar Patel went to the central hall and said,

“Thank you every one for choosing me as the Prime Minister, but frankly speaking we are all the same whether it is me or Bapu or anyone else. We all want the progress of this Mega nation. So I have decided to hand over the Prime Ministership to by Friend and the leader of the Muslims, Mr Muhammad Ali Jinnah.”

Jinnah was stunned, he couldn’t believe it, many other members were also stunned, some members even protested, but Sardar Patel controlled them.

It was 15th August 1947, India became independent. Muhammad Ali Jinnah was appointed as the new Prime Minister of India and Sardar Patel was appointed as the Deputy Prime Minister.

Soon there were series of riots, massacres across the country. Communal Disharmony was in its peak. All the diplomats were busy discussing the matter with Jinnah, just then Sardar Patel entered the room and said,

“Jinnah Sahab, allow me to go to the front line, I will handle this situation.”

“Ok you may go, but be careful. I hope you will be successful.”

Sardar Patel went to the riot sites and started organizing rallies in support of Hindu-Muslin unity. He emphasized the importance of unity and thus he indirectly promoted the religion of Humanity.

Soon the riots began to decrease. The death rates decreased significantly. Sardar Patel was once again successful in saving the Nation’s integrity.

In 1953, Jinnah had gone to Tokyo to establish cordial relations with Japan. While returning, due to bad turbulent weather his Flight Crash landed on the Himalayas of Nepal.

Thus, Sardar Patel was elected as the Second Prime Minister of India. Soon he started numerous development programmes. India was on its development stairs. Cruising through all the hurdles.

It was 1959 February, everywhere headlines were ruling that, China had attacked Tibet. Sardar Patel immediately called a emergency meating in the War Room.

“Friends, we all Indians have a great culture of fulfilling friendship, from Karna to Hanuman we have seen great examples of friendship. So we declare a full-fledged war on China.

India and China were on the war front. The war went on for a full year and finally Indai was successful in defeating in defeating China.

This was the biggest success of Sardar Patel. Sardar Patel was honoured with numerous awards. Under his leadership India was given the Permanent Membership status in the UNSC.

Sardar pate not only made India, a economically self-reliant nation, but made a powerful image seeing which each and every nation will think twice before screwing India.

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