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Sovan Mohanty

Action Crime Fantasy


Sovan Mohanty

Action Crime Fantasy

An Alien Heart

An Alien Heart

4 mins

Rohit and Nisha were having a strange feeling… They looked back, no one was there... They continued walking. Suddenly Rohit looked back and was surprised to see an alien. Nisha too was in shock and she fainted. Rohit worriedly asked,

“Nisha, what happened? Wake up Nisha, wake up...” Then he looked at the alien and said,

“Who are you, what are you doing.?”

The alien said in its strange extra-terrestrial voice, “Don’t panic I am not going to hurt you. My ship has gone and my mates have left me here by mistake.”

“You are from another planet, that’s cool.”

“Ahh… Ahhh... What happened here...? Rohit... what is it? I am scared. Save me.”

“Don’t worry Nisha, nothing will happen. He is a good alien, he will not harm you.”

The alien extended his hand and they both shook hands with him. The alien said,

“Will you all save me from your people? I can sense that many of your types will try to capture me.”

“Sure, we will. Come with us”

Rohit, Nisha and the alien went to the storeroom of Rohit’s house, where they kept the Alien who they named Jadoo in a small covered bed and hid him there. Rohit went with Nisha and dropped him in her house. Mr and Mrs Malhotra were overwhelmed when they saw Rohit taking care of their Nisha.

Nisha ran into the house and then into her room and soon she was busy playing video games. Mr Malhotra said,

“Thank you, Rohit, you are the one with whom Nisha is completely comfortable. You are the one who is taking care of our mentally ill Nisha so selflessly.”

“It's my duty aunty. It's time for me to go, bye aunty.”

“Bye Rohit.”

The next day, Nisha woke up early and got ready. She was too excited to go and meet Jadoo. Rohit came and they both set off. To the storehouse. Upon reaching there, they saw Jadoo looking at his hands.

Rohit and Nisha sat next to him and started talking. Meanwhile, Mr Vikram Malhotra, Uncle of Nisha came ho her house. He was a stout man who was a huge drunkard, gambler and violent man. He had his eyes on the property of Nisha. He constantly plotted against Nisha in order to kill her. When Jadoo and Nisha were talking. Jadoo sensed the upcoming danger on Nisha. He decided to help her.

Vikram was ready with his plan to kill Nisha. Nisha and Rohit were having a walk on the road. A speeding truck was heading towards them as if its brakes have failed. Nisha and Rohit were completely unaware of them. Just as the truck was about to hit them, Jadoo used his supernatural powers to divert the truck and it hit the electric pole. 

The truck driver was severely injured. Jadoo appeared before the truck driver. The driver was horrified.

“Ahhhh…!!! What are you?”

“You wanted to kill my friends Nisha and Rohit; I will not spare you.”

Then a beam of laser from Jadoo’s eyes hit the driver’s eyes and suddenly his eyes were burning. He screamed and tried to open his eyes,

“What is this!! I can’t see anything… I can’t see anything!!!”

The driver lost his eyesight. Soon he realized his mistake and went to the police station running constantly tripping and falling. Nisha and Rohit were also there explaining the scenario to them. The driver said,

“Inspector, please arrest me, I was supposed to kill these to people with my truck. Please arrest me.”

“What!!” Rohit exclaimed. “But why? What have we done to you?”

“No, you have not done anything, I have been commanded to do this. For this, the man paid me 2 lakhs.”

“I don’t know his name.”

The inspector asked. “Do you remember his face?”

“Yes inspector, clearly.”

“Good, then immediately make a sketch of him for us... Constable Lalit, go and fetch the sketch artist.”

Meanwhile, Mr and Mrs Malhotra had already arrived at the police station. After the sketch was done, when the inspector displayed the sketch, Rohit and the Malhotras were shocked. It was the sketch of Vikram. Soon everything was clear as water. The driver before going to the jail started screaming that a strange creature made him blind. His mental health deteriorated. Rohit understood that he was none other than Jadoo.

The police too arrested Vikram and jailed him. Rohit’s phone rang. There was a message that the aliens are returning to take Jadoo.

Rohit and Nisha were sad. Finally, they went into the woods, where the space ship landed, the gates opened.

“Bye Jadoo, I will miss you. And a big thank you for saving mine and Nisha’s life.”

“Jadoo, where are you going? When will you come?” Nisha asked with innocence.

“I will come soon.”

Then he closed his eyes and kept his hand on her head. There was a strange glow. Jadoo removed his hand and opened his eyes. Nisha too opened her eyes. She looked at Rohit,

“What, why are you staring me, Rohit? Bye Jadoo, thank you so much for helping me. I will never forget your favour.”

“Nisha, you have recovered, it’s a miracle. Thank you, Jadoo.”

“It was my duty to do this after all that you did to me is really commendable.”

Jadoo departed and left behind the two lovers watching the sky.

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