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Sovan Mohanty

Inspirational Others


Sovan Mohanty

Inspirational Others

A Brother's Gift....

A Brother's Gift....

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Rudraang was doing his daily workout. He was totally engrossed when suddenly his phone rang. He picked up the call. A girl answered,

“Hey, Do you remember what is today?” The girl said laughing.

“Yes my cute little sister, I know it's your Birthday, dint worry I will get you a splendid gift.”

“Thank you, Bhai.”

The call ended. Rudraang continued his workout. After his workout, he headed to the Academy for his training. He entered the Gopichand Badminton Academy. Rudraang was the No. 1 Badminton player of India. He had won several awards and he has also bagged the Gold Medals in Asian as well as Commonwealth Games. His only dream was to fetch the Gold Medal in the Olympics.

Rudraang kept on thinking about his sister’s birthday gift. He couldn’t concentrate on his training. His coach Gopichand saw this. He asked about it.

“Sir, actually today is my little sister’s birthday and I want to give her the best gift in the world.”

“It's ok, be focussed.”

Rudraang started his training. He continued till late evening. He forgot that he had to bring the gift for his little sister. His coach called him.

“Rudraang, you will play the Olympic Qualifiers next month. I know now you are in a hurry now, go and get your sister’s gift.”

“Ok sir”

Rudraang panicked he had completely forgotten about his sister's birthday gift. With a heavy heart, he returned home. Shivanya grabbed her from the back and said,

“Bhai, where is my gift?” she sounded very excited.

“Sorry Shivi, I completely forgot… I.. I promise I will get a much better give some other day.”

“Ok Bhai, no problem. I can understand.”

“You are the best sister Shivi”

“And you are the best brother.”

Few days later, Rudraang was getting ready to go to the Academy, suddenly he heard a screaming sound. he ran inside and saw Shivanya screaming in pain.

“Shivi !!! what happened Shivi” Rudraang immediately called the Amublance. Soon they were in the hospital, after some tests the doctor diagnosed her with Kidney failure.

“Doctor, Please save my sister’s life, she is the only one I have in my life.”

“See Mr. Rudraang, I know you are the famous badminton player but, there is a need for a Kidney transplant within a week other wise her damaged kidneys cause a lot of problems for her.”

Rudraang was shocked he couldn’t believe it. His little sister who is merely 17 years old is fighting for life. For three days he didn’t get any donor but finally, he got one, who was ready to give her kidney for 20 lakhs. Rudraang gave the Kidney donor his desired money. Finally, the surgery was done and it was successful.

Rudraang returned to his academy and started training for the Olympics Qualifiers. After a week, he received a call from the hospital,

“Mr. Rudraang, come quick. Your sister’s health has worsened.”

“What!!! Now, what happened to her?”

“There is a clot in her brain which is growing if we don’t act first then she may be paralyzed or die.”

“I am coming now.”

Rudraang rushed to the hospital, when he reached, he saw her sister was bleeding from her nose. The doctor said,

“Mr. Rudraang, if we don’t operate her within 3 weeks then she will lose her life. It will cost around 1 crore”

Rudraang was thunderstricken, he called his coach.

“Sir, Shivi has a brain clot. I am sorry sir, I can’t participate in the Olympics qualifiers. Sir, I have to also raise money for my sister.”

“Rudraang, I would insist you join the Academy as soon as possible. If you win the qualifying tournament, you will be given 50 lakhs by the Indian Government.”

Rudraang got lost in thoughts. With brief thinking, he agreed to take part in the qualifiers. Rudraang practiced a lot. Soon he traveled to Busan for the qualifiers.

The surgery was successful and finally, she got a new life as a gift from his brother.

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