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Sovan Mohanty

Drama Romance


Sovan Mohanty

Drama Romance

The Complicated Love

The Complicated Love

5 mins 172 5 mins 172

The train was chugging along the tracks across the green and yellow fields of Punjab. Simran was missing Raj. Flashbacks were roaming in her mind. Her first meet with Raj, then missing the train and everything. Simran’s Father Baldev Singh said,

“Simran, why are you so sad?... See we have returned to our motherland. Today we will meet everyone after a long gap..”

But Simran was busy dreaming of a life with Raj….

Soon the train blew a whistle and the train entered the station.

Soon Simran began to think about his to-be-fiancé, Kuljeet Singh, his father’s friend’s son. Simran had many assumptions

“How would he be?... Will he like me?...... Will, he love as Raj does?..... Will, I ever be able to forget Raj?......”

Everyone welcomed them with pomp and show. Folk songs were sung, Bhangra and Gidda were played. Everyone was delighted. Soon Kuljeet entered and immediately he was surrounded by the ladies. Someone was pulling his cheeks. Someone was teasing him as brother-in-law and someone was pulling his leg.

Simran saw her for the first time. Kuljeet was an Engineer working in the Indian Railways. He was very smart, sober, and very polite. Soon the marriage ceremonies commenced.

Meanwhile, Raj arrived in India in search of Simran, to convince her father for their marriage. Raj so befriended Kuljeet and entered the Singh’s house. Raj and Simran met after a long time. Simran said looking into his eyes, wrapped in his arms close to his heart

“O, Raj, I missed you so much, these days without you felt like as if I haven’t seen you for years. I was waiting for you…”

“Yes, Simran now I am here, soon we will marry.”

“Let's elope Raj.”

“No, Simran, never say to elope, I have come here to woo your father and convince him to let you marry me.”

During the engagement ceremony, Kuljeet and Simran shared a talk for the first time. They discussed a lot. Soon Simran started liking Kuljeet, who had already fallen for Simran. Thus, a complicated Love triangle was formed between these three.

Simran was crying sitting near the window looking at the sunset. Lajjo, Baldev’s wife Simran’s mother came, Simran said

“Maa, I am confused, now what shall I do, I love Raj, my soul resides in him, but now I am starting to like Kuljeet too. He is a very nice person. During the Roka ceremony when I had a talk with him, I saw strange goodness in him as if it is attracting me…”

“Simran, like these situations come a lot in life. This our destiny. Sometimes life makes us stand on a fork, we have to take decisions very carefully. And listen whatever will be your decision I am always with you.”

She kissed her on the forehead and went out.

Soon there was the Mehendi ceremony, everyone was enjoying. Simran was lost in thoughts confused about his feelings. Kuljeet sensed the turmoil in her mind. He asked.

“Simran are you ok, you seem to be lost in some thoughts. What are you thinking?”

“Nothing Kuljeet.. Don’t worry I am fine.”

Simran began to churn her mind. She decided to find her inner feelings. Just like Halahala poison came out of the Churning of Ocean first, similarly, the poison which was subdued inside her began to pour out. She became very irritable. She constantly snapped the elder’s words. She was becoming very rude.

On the night of the Maiyyan ceremony, Raj entered the house stealthily, Simran came running to him and hugged him from his back. They were meeting secretly on the terrace. Raj embraced Simran.

Bang!!! A Steel plate rolled up to Simran’s feet. Simran was shocked, Kuljeet was standing there, completely shocked and heartbroken.

“Kuljeet…. I ….”

“Simran, Why did you do this to me? I loved you from the core of my heart. Even if you would have said about this earlier, I would have denied to marry you.”

“Kuljeet, I am sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

“Do you know Simran, Trust is the key of every relationship, if it is broken then the relationship also breaks?” Saying this Kuldeep went away. These words touched the heart of Simran, she was deeply moved. Then she realized that she had truly fallen for Kuljeet. She understood that she had done a huge mistake.

Soon the news spread like a wildfire. Baldev was furious, He slapped her in front of everyone and said,

“How dare you!! You are already engaged to a man and you are romancing another one…”

“Now see, what I will do”

Baldev grabbed his hand and dragged her hand and dragged her to the wedding pavilion.

“Now you will marry your Raj”

Soon the wedding rituals started. Simran was not happy, she was missing Kuljeet. Raj was happy, finally, he was going to be hitched with the ‘Girl of his Dream’. He was about to put the Varmaala on Simran when she said,

“I will not marry you, Raj!!!”

“What!!! Are you out of your mind!! You love me, Simran. How can you do this to me?” Raj clutched her Simran’s hand.

“Sorry Raj, Now I feel that I am in love with Kuljeet, and I want to wear the nuptial chain in his name.”

Raj was devastated. He was about to collapse when someone helped him to stand properly. Raj with a heavy heart said,

“So Simran, as you belong to someone else now, I have no rights over you. You may lead your life as you wish” and he left her hand. Simran went running in search of Kuljeet.

Kuljeet was busy packing his bag and was about to leave the house when he heard a knock. He was surprised. He wondered who would be at this hour. When he opened the door, He saw Raj.

“Why have you come here?”

Raj said, “To return you your belonging” then Raj went back and Simran in full bridal attire came holding the varmaala and said, “I love you. Will, you marry me Kuljeet”

Kuljeet couldn’t believe his eyes, Simran explained to him the whole story.

Kuljeet and Simran got married in presence of everyone. Raj kept looking at them with teary eyes.

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