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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Sovan Mohanty

Drama Inspirational


Sovan Mohanty

Drama Inspirational

The Fighter Sisters....

The Fighter Sisters....

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Mini was busy in organising the Patiala Babes restaurant for the corporate lunch. Neil was busy in cooking, spreading the aroma around the whole restaurant. Mini said,

“Dadi Amma, please be quick. Prepare the dishes as soon as possible. Sundar, what are you doing, such wilted flowers, you will keep these in front of the important clients. Change them immediately.”

“Yes, Mini madam”

Suddenly the phone rang. Mini picked up the call, it was from Arya’s school. The teacher in a very worried tone said,

“Miss Mini, please come quick, its urgent.”

“What happened, is Arya alright?”

“Ms Mini, Arya is involved in a physical fight with her classmates. She has pushed Montu.”

“Ok ma’am, I am coming”

Mini explained everyone their jobs, and said she would be back soon. She grabbed her keys and rushed to the school. When Mini reached the school she there was a huge crowd of children and teachers. When Mini went near the crowd she saw traces of blood. She was shocked. Terrible thoughts started to come into her mind. She she ran to the Principal’s room, where she saw Arya was being interrogated by the Principal.

“Excuse me Ma’am, may I come in?”

“Yes, Mini come”

“Lajjo Ma’am what happened exactly here.”

“Its better to hear from Arya. Arya tell what happened and why did you push Montu?”

Arya was scared, she began describing the whole incident. She said that, she was having her lunch. Just then Montu came to her and snatched her tiffin. When she protested against this this. He started to tease her calling her orphan and said that her step sister is evil and hats her. This became unbearable for her and she made a fist in anger. Montu then pushed her and out of anger she pushed him hard and thus Montu fell down.

Arya cried.

“Veer Ballika, I didn’t do it purposefully, he was continuously pushing me.”

“Don’t worry Arya, I know you are not wrong. It was Montu’s fault.”

Mini returned home with Arya. Mr. Khatri was waiting for them. He was the one who tried to defame Babita (Mini’s mother) and Mini earlier. But now he is once again trying to defame the two sisters. Mini was furious seeing him in their house.

“How dare you Khatri, why did you enter my house?”

“O Mini, Why are you so furious, I have just come here to say hello to you, You have returned from Australia, but haven’t met me at all. This quite unfair.”

“Listen Khatri, I want you to just leave my house at once or else do you remember what had happened few years ago, how I had thrashed you in front of the whole colony. If you provoke me then history will be repeated once again.”

Khatri was shocked. He warned her and said that he would not spare her.”

Mini sat on the couch with Arya, suddenly she saw blood on Arya’s dress. She got worried.

“Arya, you are wounded but still you are not telling me anything.” Mini ran and brought the first-aid box. She did the dressing with a lot of care and affection. Arya looked at her with her cute smile.

Meanwhile, there was a disaster in the Patiala Babes restaurant. A huge fire broke out in the restaurant. No one was hurt but the complete restaurant was burned down. Naeem Bi called Mini.

“Hello Naeem Bi, why are you crying and why there is so much noise?”

“Mini….. the restaurant………”

“Naeem Bi, what happened to the restaurant? Please tell.”

The phone got disconnected. Soon Mini reached the restaurant. Seeing the restaurant burning into ashes Mini lost her consciousness. The next moment she found herself in her room. Everyone was crying. Mini was shattered.

Some days later the Bank officials came to their house and asked them to vacate the house as soon as possible. Mini couldn’t believe. She has lost her everything. Mini finally vacated the house and went to Naeem Bi’s House.

One day Mini was busy searching for a new job when Khatri came to her and taunted,

“O Mini, I have heard that you have been asked to vacate your house and the house is confiscated and soon will auctioned. Don’t worry Mini, I think I will buy your Haveli in a very high price. Come come, come to my shop…”

Mini was not in a mood to fight. She followed him to his shop. They both had a conversation. Khatri was continuously taunting, and Mini was continuously controlling her anger. Khatri opened a drawer to keep something and a CD fell down. Just at that time Kammo arrived. She is the wife of Khatri and is the former business partner of Babita. Khatri was terrified. He immediately hid the CD. Mini saw this and became suspicious. Kammo said,

"Khatriji, Please go and see our socket in the parlour. The socket is not working.”

“Kammoji, you cant do it yourself..”

“If I could done why I would have come to you”

“Ok, ok going.”

Kammo and Mini greeted each other. Mini said about the incident that just happened before her arrival. Kammo was surprised. She said nothing is there. Mini said it would be better if you check it yourself. Kammo too become suspicious, when they opened the drawer, many vulgar CDs were there. Kammo and Mini were shocked.

Kammo was shaken from her heart. She couldn’t believe that her Khatriji was selling these vulgar CDs.

Soon it was discovered Khatri was the one who had set the restaurant on fire. It was once soon disclosed that Khatri was the one who tried to molest Babita. Police came to arrest Khatri. Khatri claimed his innocence but even Kammo supported his arrest. Mini said,

“See Khatri I told you, as you sow so shall you reap. You tried to defame me and my sister, you tried to molest my babes, you tried to destroy our lives. Now see at yourself.”

Mini and Arya stood there holding their hands along with the residents of the colony. There was a messy court case and finally Mini and Arya won the case. They received a huge compensation amount of nearly 2 crore.

“Arya, we will finally be able to buy our house back.”

“Yes, Veer Ballika, finally we defeated Khatri”

Then the day of auction arrived. Mini was successful in regaining her old Haveli. Mini and Arya entered their own house with much grandeur. Finally the struggles of the Patiala Sisters was successful.

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