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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Neetu Raghav



Neetu Raghav


The Blissful Conclusion

The Blissful Conclusion

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His eyes were desperately waiting to get a glance of her. Both their families were clutching their nerves in the wait, for them it was the longest wait ever.

The rush in their hearts was louder than the rush on the airport. The flight has arrived, all who didn't arrive, was a girl, girl who was someone's daughter, someone's daughter-in-law, someone's sister and most importantly someone's love.

He was standing in the front, all ready to cross the arrival lobby. There started the passengers line came an old man behind him was a lady with a kid.

Both the families stood to see the apple of their eyes. Behind the lady, appeared a boy. Their eagerness grew more. Waiting for few more seconds, there she appeared.

Sparkling face, eyes filled with pride....long hair with a round cap. The blazer added a bulk to her. She was completely covered in a long overcoat to stay safe from the cold.

Seeing her, he felt the warmth in the month of winter.

She was coming and all her family members were looking at her with pride. She came running howling and screaming.

Her happiness said loud about her achievement.

She bowed down to her mother-in-law then to her mother to her co-sister-in-law. She didn't bow to her father-in-law and father, as to them, she was their daughter.

Her father-in-law was filled with joy. He put his hand on her hand and showered all his blessings. Her father, kissed her on forehead and couldn't control his tears.

Both her mother’s just squeezed her with long hugs. Her siblings started clicking selfie with her.

Amidst of all this chaos, was a boy, standing for her to get over with all this.

They started moving out of the airport when she moved back and headed towards her life.

Her husband....

Unable to say anything she hugged him.

They both paused time paused.

"All this has happened because of you" she expressed.

"Ssshhhh....we have whole life to express all that. But, you deserved it. Let me just live the moment" he interrupted.

"Di...jiju...chalo" her sister called.

He held her hand and they walked out.

He along with his father sat on the front seats.

Her sister, father and she sat on the back seat.


The other car compiled rest all the members.

Adjusting the mirror, he started driving

He focused more on capturing her happiness than the traffic

She was answering to all the questions bombarded by her family members on to her.

But, her boy was silent smiling winked at her. When she exchanged an eye contact with him through the mirror.

Happiness seemed to be at its best.


Again she looked in the mirror, he gave a kiss to her through his gestures and she smiled.

As they reached home here was a delicious dinner waiting for her.


Her co-sister-in-law has made all the arrangements according to her choice. That day the dinner table heard one of the loudest giggles.

Looking at her family she thanked god for fulfilling her dream.


The night grew dark but the talks were still high. Slowly slowly, sleep engulfed every member.


They were alone talking the hall lights were put off and they went to their rooms. Rooms of everyone were closed now. That sleep was one of the most peaceful ones.

But those two souls were awake making arrangements for their special type of celebration. Door closed, lights were put off....

Clothes fell and the two souls became one after a long time....


Sun was high.

The sound of her bangles, awoke him.


Well ironed lavender color cotton saree high bun simple bindi and sindoor his girl was getting ready.


He was observing her sweet morning struggle.

"Good morning" he said.

Turning to him.....


"A very good morning jaan" she replied.

He jumped out of the bed...and kissed her.


Her mother-in-law called her for morning worship.


She asked him to dress up fast.


They got ready....and came in the hall.


Her own family too arrived to capture glimpses of her big day.


They all had a big fat breakfast.

As she stood up to wash her hands, she got a call from her office.

"Maam, a car for your assistance will be reporting to your home in a short while" the call conveyed.

"Thank you so much" she replied.


Done with the breakfast, she bowed her head in front of the table and touched feet of all her elders.


During all this, came her father-in-law with a bowl of sugar and curd.


"You are not my daughter-in-law. You are my daughter. A daughter who is no less than any son. We all are proud of you my girl" said her father-in-law while feeding her with sugar and curd which is considered as an auspicious gesture.

Her wet eyes explained her heart to her in-laws who deserved the equal credit of success.


She went to her parents, who were equally blissful over the achievement of her daughter.

She hugged her parents and turned to her siblings. Her aura inspired them.

During all this, her phone rang again....

"Maam, the car has reported" intimated her P.A.

"Yes, I am ready" she said.

All were standing at the door as she moved out with a file in her hand.


Her P.A. shook hand with her.

Her face was shining like the sun.

She said something to her P.A. and the driver slowly drove off.

"Hey" she called her husband.

"I will report to the office on your bike today....Are you free Major?" she winked.


All her family members laughed.

"Always at your service maam" he went running for his bike keys.


The breeze brought them close.
Synchronizing with the car. He drove.


She kissed his shoulder.

They both thanked God.

"Stop" she asked.


There was a temple...

She wanted to visit the temple with him...

Taking a five minute pause, they entered the temple.


Both of them took blessings.


She looked at him. He bowed his head in front of god and was in a deep meditation...may be asking to keep his wife away from all the evils.

Staring at him for few seconds...she touched his feet.

In a hurry, he made her stand.

"You are the reason, everyone belonging to me has been able to live this moment. It is all your adjustment, care, sacrifice, support, understanding and love. All because of you. I am the luckiest person that I have you in my life. Just be there like this. I Love You!!! “she hugged him....

He was quiet and kissed her forehead.

"I love you too" he hugged her tight.

Not to get late for office, they immediately came out of the temple.


There they reached, her office....

His shoulders were high as he observed what all her new job profile has added to her personality...

He came with her till her cabin wishing her all the best he came out...

Looking at the name plate outside her office he smiled and went out...driving back to home.

The name plate smiled too.

Name plate which described all her journey with few words...

And the words were...

Mrs. Sachika Kushav



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