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Neetu Raghav



Neetu Raghav


That Florist In The Rain

That Florist In The Rain

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She was rushing towards her office in that soothing drizzle. On her way to the office she was drenched a little but the rain seemed to be soothing to her after a week of hot treatment to her city which the sun has given....!!!

Whoa, maybe the plan of clouds was just more than a drizzle. As the rain took a stronger form, she stopped her scooty alongside the road, under a flyover. She stood in the middle of a long row of the two-wheelers, all of whose owners were waiting for the rain to settle down.

Intimating her boss, that she'd be a little late, she had put her favourite song in her earphones and leaned over her scooty.

She was enjoying looking at the rain when her eyes grabbed something.

Something....No, actually something bigger than only something....!!!

Something capable of melting a heart....!!!

Something capable of challenging the situation of the nation....!!!

A small fast food point, maybe completely unhygienic one, was covered with a big tarpaulin.

That sounds perfectly normal....!!!

But, her eyes noticed something more....!!!!

Under that cloth, was a very young boy, with few flowers in his hand, shivering and little nervous.

He was hiding there, probably to save himself from the rain.

Same rain, but different emotions it shapes for every heart.

Forgetting about her agenda, she moved her scooty little towards that spot which had wrenched her heart.

Just a few sunflowers and some roses he held, maybe that was the capacity of his small hands to hold.

A totally out of size torn shirt, which couldn't even cover his waistline along with a pair of clumsy shorts, were all that he had on his body.

Then she observed the world around him, perfectly dressed up according to their will and need.

The boy was looking here and there. His face still had that charm which every kid of his age has. But the dust of his struggle of childhood covered it.

Observing the people around him he for a while, he exchanged a look with her.

She smiled at him. He smiled back.

Extending a flower towards her, he without words, asked her if she would buy something from him???

She waved her hand to call him close. He ran towards her.

Forgetting all his struggle for that day, he was smiling at her.

Maybe life has taught him the same lesson which it has taught her.

"Client is God."

But, this businessman has learned a few lessons way too earlier than any normal kid of his age.

"Which flower do you want?" he asked.

His voice broke her observation which she was doing deeply for ten minutes.

"Which is your favourite?" she enquired.

He laughed and said...

"For me, all are my favourite...!!" looking down he said.

Second lesson of life. Never criticise your product.

Both of them have learned it. The reason being the same, to earn a living.

She asked for a rose.

He gave and smiled.

"How much?" she asked.

"Ma'am, today is my sister's birthday, and you are my first client, so for you, it is free..!!!"

But if you go through the same way tomorrow and buy flowers from me, then I will definitely charge " he giggled.

Third lesson: On special occasions, you should give benefits to your clients...!!!

"How old are you?" she asked.

"Seven years" he said with pride.

May be for him, seven years of age was a totally capable number to take all his responsibilities of his home.

"Who all are there in your family?"

"Mom, my sister and me....!!!"

"My dad is no more. Last year, a road accident. And, mom also can't do a lot of work so we have a stall in front of our house, where she sells flowers."

While this conversation was going on, a big car stopped next to them.

The window went down, there was a cute little kid inside the car, asking for a flower.

The man inside asked for a rose. That small businessman gave one to him saying

"Sir, see how lovely this one smells."

"Yea, fine" he replied and gave a twenty rupee to him, which was the price of that rose, and left.

Two different kids, same age group, probably the same dreams too, but what a disparity of fate.

For one, getting a rose is big business. For other selling a rose is everything.

For one, the cozy seat of cars served a purpose to relax. For other, an unhygienic shelter is greater than any roof.

For one, a father was there to buy him a rose. For other, a mother was there for whom he has to sell a rose.

For one, rain is just an outcome of weather. For other, it is an obstacle.

For one, childhood is a phase. For other, it is a journey.

For one, expressing wishes is very easy. For other, suppressing them is his priority.

"Shall I buy all your flowers?" she asked.

"Really?" his voice was filled with amazement.

"Yes" she replied.

Giving him a five hundred rupee note, she asked the boy to hop on to her scooty.

They headed towards a bakery.

The rain had a different meaning for both of them.

Their souls were liberated.

She adjusted the mirror to capture all his expressions.

He lifted his face and felt the rain. Within a moment, the rain which he was cursing, started soothing his soul.

Different things offer different definitions to our lives depending on the situations.

He was smiling. They reached a bakery.

He was looking at all the delicacies placed there. His eyes were engaged in capturing all that he has always looked from outside any bakery.

"What is your little sister's name?" she asked.


She asked the counter boy to get a cake ready for them according to the boy's wish.

He selected a chocolate cake.

The cake read

"Happy Birthday Muskaan"

She ordered a burger and pastries for him.

Sitting on the table next to him, she just observed his gestures.

Life has really snatched a lot from his childhood.

The way he ate actually showed how much hungry was he.

His small hands which had rashes due to long wetness he suffered in the rain, were shaking while eating.

His eyes were red. His wet hair covered his forehead but couldn't wash away his fate.

But, nothing could stop him from going to his daily business.

Selling flowers.

"Won't you eat?" he asked.

She smiled and took a bite from his pastry.

Taking a selfie with him, she drove back towards his home.

He looked contended, for him, this was a no small thing.

He smiled at her.

All she could manage to do was, reply with a smile.

While riding, a lot of thoughts struck her.

They reached. She dropped him just a lane before his house. Giving him the cake she asked him to wish Muskaan from her side too.

"Meet my mom before you leave" he insisted.

"Next time" she replied.

"Tomorrow also, I will sell my flowers at the same place, please come Ma'am" he requested.

"Haan pakka" she smiled.

While leaving she looked back.

He still stood there.... looking at her.

"What is your name?"


They both smiled.

Humanity doesn't need any status or background.

Driving back to her normal schedule she was lost into a number of thoughts.....

Her eyes were wet and head was heavy.

She hasn't seen life that closely before this incident.

How beautiful could simplicity be, that boy taught her.

She thought....

That boy is not just selling flowers. He is selling his dreams. He is selling his innocence. He is selling his wishes. He is selling his desires. He is selling his aspirations. And, most importantly, he is selling his childhood.

That little florist taught her the lesson which no one could ever teach her.

"A smile and patience can redefine your life anytime."

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