Parijatak Parijatak

Action Fantasy Thriller


Parijatak Parijatak

Action Fantasy Thriller



5 mins

Smith was expressing his desire, "Mom, I also want to go with Zig.."

"How many times have I told you not to be friends with him...and by the way we are going to Stream Tek next week," said Jane.

"Mom, they are good friends. I don't know what makes you irritated..," Smith was yelling.

"Smith, you know Zig is not from this land and race. His ways of thinking are also different. Have you ever observed?"  Jane was cool.

"But Mom, he is really genius among all of us. He has built his own ship with his own invented technology..which is not known to the others yet." Smith explained.

Now, Jane became angry, "Smith, I don't want to argue with you. Remember, you are not going anywhere, understand?"

Without saying any word, Smith went out with red eyes.

Marsh, Smith's father died in the interplanetary war between Crinch and Droms. He was one of the prominent administrators and chiefs of a squad of planet Crinch.

" Zig, I will not come with you...we are going to Stream Tek," said Smith.

" I am also strictly warned not to go out of Crinch...but what would be the reason..? Do you know anything? " Zig asked.

"Zig, I don't think so... Leave it. Let's go for a ride..." Smith suggested.

Zig's mother was the in charge of the ship while his father was Commander. He had lost them in the war and now was living in the refugee's camp. Among all refugees of Droms, only those were saved who had agreed to change their brain and the DNA structure. Zig was one of them. From the beginning, he was in against the aggressiveness of Droms.

As they were about to ride, a sky bus barred their way. A cop asked them to stay inside and went.

It was surprising to both of them. But they ignored it. Zig started the car and switched a secret button which made the car and both of them a microscopic. They were unable to see with naked eye. While riding the car, they found that the whole sector was blocked and cops were patrolling everywhere.

 Zig hacked some data from the main server of CSS (Crinch Security Systems). They analysed it and got shocked. Before reigning, some of the citizens had escaped from Drom and joined to Niomi. (Another planet). The Niomi had challenged Crinch and had on the way to wage a war.

Zig, analyzing the hacked data, decided to do something. He dropped Smith at his dwelling and moved back. He was alone and thinking to show his honesty and loyalty towards Crinch. He had a golden opportunity to show his skills.

Zig was good at hacking, though it was unethical, he didn't take advantage or harm anybody.

By showing his ID mark, Zig went out of Crinch and in the same way entered into Niomi. He had entered into the mouth of death. On reaching, he tried secretly to contact Smith and Brian but failed. At the same time, he got the message to contact the Sector Security Officer immediately.

Zig had already expected this and prepared for. Within no time he compressed his car and hide in his nails. He was alert at every step. Thinking with next move, Zig entered into the Sector Security Office. He said " Sir, I have been...." before completing, the Officer raised his voice," Mr. Zig, you have not authenticated your identity. Show it or you will not allow to enter, moreover you will be inquired..." "Sir, scan this (shows his arm). Is there any problem,Sir..?" Zig was cool. "Sir, authentication approved.." said a bot.The officer allowed him to go. Zig took a sigh of relief.

Now, it was the time for Zig to show his intelligence. A single mistake was enough to send him to death by Niomies.

Zig had a very little time. He reached Ale, his interplanetary secret friend from Droms. She was working as a maid. She ha also lost her parents in the war. Zig told her everything and intimated about the plan.

With the help of Ale, Zig searched the deactivated and abandoned codes from the Security System and succeeded activating them again. He was genius in such things so it could not take much time to reach the main server. But he found it hard to crack it. On the other hand, he found that disturbing anything, he could have been traced immediately.

The next day, Zig send his car in its compressed form at the security server station with some modifications. It was undetectable. Now, he had got a lot of secret details which helped him to access the whole security system of Niomi. Within a few seconds, Zig set a program which was going to be activated after 30 hours automatically. It was set to destruct the whole clonical and robotic and communication systems. He deactivated the security system and changed the authentication code. Now, it was the time to leave Niomi. He with Ale left Niomi easily and happily.

They reached Crinch safely. As soon as he reached at his dwelling, Zig sent a message to the CSS " Send an ULTIMATUM to Niomi to SURRENDER" followed by "Niomies will SURRENDER without any condition. Do it after an hour....... a refugee from Droms." It was unbelievable but for the security purpose, the CSS tried to trace the source of the message but failed to get.

Smith was busy in the preparation of Zig and Ale's engagement. He was happy seeing Zig's satisfaction. He had never ever seen him so much happy.

After an hour, the CSS sent a message to Niomi "SURRENDER RIGHT NOW OR PREPARE TO CONFRONT" to check the truthfulness of the message. Niomies were ready to attack on Crinch but the system of the whole planet was destructed. The administration was collapsed. The CSS received the message " NIOMI IS SURRENDERED. YOU ARE THE IN CHARGE OF THE NIOMI ADMINISTRATION." At the same time, the screens in the whole Crinch were brightened with the text "CONGRATULATIONS" when Ale was wearing the wedding ring...

"Smith, you can go with Zig to Drom and Niomi...would you like if I come...??" Mom's these words made Smith a great surprise.

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