Incredible... Immortal

Incredible... Immortal

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Very recently, one of my friends, a Judge of a high court, had lost his eye sight during his accident. Fortunately, he himself was driving the car. While going through a highway, a tyre of the wheel burst and he lost the control over the car. The fast car moved towards a huge rock and bumped on it. The impact on his forehead was so heavy that the he became unconscious at that very moment.

People took him to the hospital where he was kept for two weeks. Instead of some minor injuries, he was safe but he had lost his sight due to the impact on the brain. The doctors had told that he could see only after planting new eyes within 3o days or he would never see in his lifetime.

At the same time, the police and some lawyers had come with a dead body for the postmortem. The officer told the doctors that the dead was a most wanted criminal. In a secret operation, he was encountered. One of the lawyer informed that they had found his will and according to his will, he had donated his body.

Without wasting much time, all the legal processes and formalities were completed.

The doctors came out of the operation theatre after 4 hours and told, "Operation Successful". The eyes of that Most Wanted Criminal were transplanted to my Judge friend.....

Now a judge is judging the people with the eyes of a criminal... The eyes, which were once watching brutal crime, now, are watching true justice.

Friends, a person, whatever may be in his life, can be an immortal with a single great deed.

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