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Parijatak Parijatak

Drama Inspirational Thriller

Lamps In The Poverty

Lamps In The Poverty

4 mins

Yesterday, I met a boy who was 10 years old when I had seen him near about 20 years ago. Immediately, I went into a flashback. I remembered clearly the dark days of a farmer with his wife, an elder daughter, and two small kids.

Those were the days of hard works and hardships in the farmer's life. It was not enough to make both ends meet the family for the farmer. To cultivate the land, he was totally depending on nature. But he was unable to face the wrath of nature. At the same time, he was finding himself unable to pay the debts of a landlord.

All five members of the family were living very much quietly. They were not saying a single word about their hard life to anyone. The children had lost their childhood. But the neighbors, sometimes, used to help them by means of food and clothes. Though the family was surrounded by their blood relations, nobody was coming forth to ask their problems. 

The daughter had left her school very early due to the adverse conditions. The younger boy was then in the 5th class and the youngest one was 5 years old. I have seen the younger waiting for a week to get a pen or a pencil or a book. I always used to help him with such things. I did nothing more but used to help him in his studies and tried to fulfill the basic necessities of his school. I was always hammering the importance of studies and used to say that it is the only education that has the power to change you.

When the farmer found it difficult to earn his bread and butter and fulfill the basic wants of his family, he found the job of a salesman. He started selling vegetables. But it was not enough. So he decided to leave the village and went in search of a job. He went, leaving his family behind. He was helpless. 

The boy had not the deep notions of the circumstances but had a sense of critical conditions. He was honest like his parents and ready to do the households. There was no source of income for them. The mother was feeding her children with only some vegetables obtained from the other's farm. Many times, she was remaining without food. It was very hard to get the food for a time also. The neighbors were taking pity on them. But their relatives were avoiding them intentionally. How terrible life was...!! 

Three months were passed but there was no news from the father. He was far away from them. The mother became anxious. She decided to go and see her husband. She requested many to lend some money but she was refused to give. She became very much miserable. Suddenly, one of the kind ladies arrived and handed over some money and some food. Taking her children, the mother went to see her husband. 

She reached the town and found her husband. Her joy knew no bounds. She saw him working in a small shop. The whole family was meeting after a long interval. She came to know that her husband was working in the shop the whole day and resting his nights at the bus station. Listening to this, tears came in her eyes. On the same day, she returned the village with a heavy heart.

Without wasting a single moment, the father found another job with more salary. Within a month, he came and took her family with him and left the village...forever. No one ever knows what would have happened with that family. Later, the neighbors and all, as usual, forgot that family.

Coincidently, yesterday, I met that boy. It was a conference of all industrialists. When his name was announced, I was astonished for a moment. I was eager to know who he really was. After the conference, I saw him approaching me. I wondered. He came straight to me and touched my feet. It made me overwhelmed. That was the same boy. Now he is an industrialist. He is the owner of 8 different industries including software companies also. I saw him with his own luxurious car. He is a rich person with a bright personality. 

Now, he is with me...opening the pages of thrilling and heart touching journey of his life...

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