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One's Mother's Day

One's Mother's Day

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The cool breeze at the shore was captivating me a lot. At the same time, I was attracted towards the edge of the sea. Many folks were relaxing in the sand. Some children were constructing castles of the sand... 

While strolling, I saw a man staring at the City from a huge rock. His robes were rich, a stick in hand. After a while, he stepped down, knelt and kissed the foot-path...literally.

I was amazed. Being so rich, I thought, how can one behave like this and why..? A fool, too, could never do it. He sat there for a long time, removing his leather shoes. I went close to him. His eyes were watered. It was surprising. I wondered, what could be the matter...? "Gentleman, please don't mind, but I am observing your different behavior for half an hour... You are looking rich and happy but why your eyes are watered..?" I dared to ask. He kept silent and glanced at me. I saw the whole ocean reflecting in his deep eyes. 

"Nobody has ever asked one has the courage to have a word with me...," watching at the sea, he replied... His voice was hard and clear. 

"But you haven't told me...." I wanted to know, he interrupted, " Today is The Mother's Day. I don't know how your mother cares about you. But, I use to see my mother every day from anywhere in the same way... and always pray to be with me."

"Mother..? Where is she..? And why do you see her from that huge rock...? Your kissing to the ground has also made me surprised..." I was curious to know.

"Friend, it's a long story..started with my birth..... As a child, like others, I also wanted to have a mother like yours. But, 'They' (the staff in the Orphanage) had told me that 'this City is your mother. She has given you birth. When you will grow..the time will tell you everything'..." The man was overwhelmed. He paused a little, I sat down beside him and he began...

" They had told me that they had found me here, at this same place which I have kissed, wrapped in a gunny bag. In the early morning, a beggar found me and reported to the police. 

I was sent to an orphanage where I was brought up. Though I was a child, I had to work laboriously. One day, at the age of six, I escaped from the orphanage and hide in the beggar's pipelines. I was afraid a lot.

There were scores of children of my age but they had their own parents. I was alone... No one had asked me anything. 

My tender mind began growing in the vicinity of nature...a cruel and helpless nature of human beings. From childhood, I like observing things - nature, people, faces and places. The people love their pets and not a human being. They are caring for them but refuse to help a needy. Honesty is being taught only to the poor and needy. Many like me say  'The City is the mother of all like me...She takes care of talent, presence of mind. She is always a blessing to those who are determined and hardworking..'

Like other kids, I was begging people for food, clothes or money... I used to feel shameful while doing this. But, there was no other option to smash the hunger. I was bullied many times. I did not like begging and was tortured by the elder beggars. I did not want to be a beggar, a pickpocket or a thief...So, at the age of ten, I left the pipelines and went to the other suburb. I found a job at a builder as child labor. For the record when he asked me my name, I told him without hesitating, Josh, Josh Paul. I named myself and registered which has now become my identity of life. Somehow, I started earning.

But, watching the children going to school with their parents, was making me deeply miserable. I had no one who could send me to school. Books were far away from me. Our Builder constructed many school buildings, the buildings which consist of the bricks and cement that was carried by me on my head.. But, it was not for me... 

When I was sixteen, my inner soul was in search of a new way. It pushed me to decide to work at own and I dared to do. The next day, I came here, at this place, kissed the ground and prayed for a blessing. 

And the Mother blessed me. I got the first contract of building a two-story house in this suburb. I managed all the things successfully and handed it over on the speculated period. The owner liked it. Now, one after another, the flow of new contracts begun. 

At 20, I purchased a room in the suburb. Within six months, I purchased the other three rooms in the area and started a restaurant and a small school. Now, the restaurant has become a Group of Star Hotel where the poor are preferred for jobs. The school is now a Big Educational Institution with many courses It's the only Institution which provides the whole education without charging any fees. Moreover, it has a tie-up with many international companies that conduct campus interviews. The City, My Mother, is blessing me till this moment... Friend, let's have tea..." 

I could not refuse him. He raised his hand in the air when a black-colored luxurious Mercedes Car arrived and stopped beside us. The man opened the door for me and requested to get in.

"Friend, one more thing...I am the father of thousands of orphans. At every level in my business, you will find only orphans...brought up, educated, trained and employed by our organizations. They all know...This City is their mother... And Every year we celebrate this day with full of enthusiasm. You are invited to today's celebration. Please come..." He told with pride. He seemed to be excited but there was politeness in every word.

While in the car, I found some newspapers "State's Great and Successful Entrepreneur Mr. Josh Paul..." were the headlines of all the newspapers. He was further described as the owner of three International construction companies and A Group Of Hotels in many countries.

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