An Unforeseen Mission

An Unforeseen Mission

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Sunday, 14th October 1990, at 3.45 p.m. we three, I, Jack and Sam, out of 5, were reached at the mountain. At last, after continuous climbing of 10 hours, which was expected for 3 hours, we had reached the tip. We had conquered it the very first time. We sent the message of our victory to the head quarter. We received the reply " Congratulations...!!" We decided to stay there for a night and return the next morning.

The mountain, which was considered to be the most haunted, was now under our custody. We were tired much but a lot of excitement was not allowing us to rest. We kept silent for some moments for the two of our cronies of whom Andy was died due to a snake's bite and Mark by falling in valley while walking through a narrow and slippery stream during our expedition. We opened the champagne and celebrated our victory. We were tired and wanted rest. Whatever was left, we had it and slept shortly. As it was expected to return within 6 hours, we had not taken anything except a torch, some food and water bottles of each. We slept near a tree behind a rock on the ground.

It was 1.30 a.m. In the dark midnight, Jack, putting his hand on my mouth, was trying to wake me up. I was about to yell, but Jack pointed towards the green light coming from the nearby peak which was not so far from us. We woke up Sam in the same way and without any move, stared at the source of the light.

We were wondered. What would it be..?? Jack picked his torch to see but Sam restricted him. He told us to keep silent. I picked up my multipurpose infra-red binocular and focused it towards the green light. My goodness...!!

Jack and Sam both muttered, "What's that??". I didn’t say anything. Sam took the binocular and was about to yell, I stopped him putting my hand on his mouth. When Jack saw that, he insisted to go down the mountain immediately. We saw him frightened.

Suddenly, we saw the green light moving towards us, we were behind a big rock, and through some trees, we were safe, the light could not trace us. We had stopped our breathing also. Near about after 10 minutes, the light was disappeared.

All that what was seen, was recorded in the binocular, I sent it immediately to the head quarter. From 1.45 a.m. till 4.20 a.m., we were discussing whether to return or do an unexpected adventure. I said, " Friends, I am going to see what that was. You both pack up and go." Jack said, " Look guys, I am already frightened and I want to go as early as possible. I will not stay here any longer." Sam looked hesitated. " Nobody alone will return back or stay here. Either we all go or stay here to find what the hell was that.

In the morning, at 6.55 a.m., we received the message to co come back. Very first time, we had received the message so late. Finally, we decided to find out what the thing was. We ignored the message and didn't reply.

We got some fruits from the trees and moved towards the nearby peak at 7.35 a.m.

After half an hour, I saw a ridiculous thing. "OMG, Sam, look at this...", I said. Both Sam and Jack moved fast and looked at it. "Oh..shit.." Some small green coloured unknown reptiles were eating the parts of a human body. I said, " How is it possible? How can any human being be here? And what are these creatures? " We were surprised when we saw the creatures becoming invisible for some moments.

We moved on. It was 8.10 a.m. We were few meters away from the peak. " Guys, look at that, a cave..." Mumbled Sam. It was hard to go further due to bushes and slippery grass but Sam had found the cave in them. He picked his camera and took some pictures. At the same time Jack was trying to take photos in his cell phone. "Friends, my cell phone is not working well... I don't know what is happening." Said Jack. As I took his cell hone, I saw something blinking on the screen. We were unable to read those letters. Jack was frightened and wanted to return. At the same time, Sam whispered, " There is not a single image in the camera." I checked the compass, I saw it stable. Even our watches had stopped at 8.10 a.m. Everything was amazing...fearful. I said, "Don't worry, dudes, it may be due to high gravitational force. The compass is also not working. Let's move...."

We began to move but found heavy to step up forward. I said, " Guys, do you feel something strange..?? I am feeling heaviness and hard to raise my foot..." They both were feeling the same.

With great efforts, we were trying to move... As soon as I was to move, I saw jack and Sam falling down, no voice of anything. Before I could do anything, I was struck down. I could see only darkness spread all over. We were completely unconscious.....

"What had you seen at the mountain...? Where were you since so long...? Where are your two colleagues? Do you remember anything?" One of the lady officer was asking me.

"Some tall creatures, with big heads and long hands, something weapons like instruments in their hands, were searching the land with the help of green light at the entrance of the cave, " I was explaining, " as we reached the cave, all our gadgets were stopped working and before we could trace anything, we were struck down at once. I don't know what happened I am here. I know nothing. By the way, where am I ? Where is Jack and Sam...? What is the date and time..? I want to see my family."

The officer stood up, put her hand on my shoulder and said softly, "Friend, your friends were not with you, we found you alone at your base unconscious. Now, you are on Phoenix, a space base of Universal Security Agency 300 years away from the earth. It is Saturday, 14th October 2090 as per Earth calendar"

I was watching our multidimensional moving images in the hologram with the blinking message " Lost in the haunted cave on Earth, 14th October 1990."

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