I Live This Moment...

I Live This Moment...

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Friends, a strong desire and the will power of a person to do something makes him to overcome all the odds in his life.

Nearly about twelve years ago, a young couple had come to me. I was not not knowing them. They told that they had left their village and come here in search of a job. Due to the drought, since 4 years, they were unable to grow anything in their farm. The whole region was under the attack of drought and nobody was daring to purchase the land at the lower costs also. Somehow their parents were managing their living. 

I asked them why they had come to me. On this, the man coolly informed that he was a suffering with blood cancer and required a huge amount for the treatment. I was about to ask who sent them to me but I feel very sorry for him. Further he added that the doctor had told them that he would live the next 10 months approximately probably in the coming October.

I was shocked hearing that. How courageous the couple was..!! There was not a single sign of worry on their face. But I read their eyes, expecting something. I was thinking deeply. A big question was arisen before me. I couldn't say anything for a while. After some time, I told the man to come at 11 a.m. to my office. 

How could one live knowing he would be no more after ten months? What life was the couple living? So many questions were there... I decided to help them at my best.

The next morning, I saw the man at the gate waiting for me. He had come there at 10 a. m. I took him in my cabin and forced to have breakfast. After that, without any discussion, I appointed him as a office peon for monthly salary of 10000 and put 5000 in his hands as an advance. His eyes watered. He touched my feet and and started his new job. I had strictly instructed other staff members not to ask him anything and the same to the man also.

From that day, a countdown in mind started. I was always thinking how to help the man. Since his appointment, my daily routine was changed. I had told the driver not to come in the evening to take me. Instead, I started going with the man by train or sometimes by bus. I was trying to make him more and more laugh and happy. I advised him to take his treatment in the Cancer Hospital in the city. He agreed and started his treatment which made him convenient.

Moreover, I went with him to the hospital during his check-ups three times. I saw, the doctors were also very upset with his reports. They only told me to try to keep him happy. 

I never exposed me and also the man. Sometimes, I was forcefully asking him to go for movies with his wife giving him tickets for both. But, I was not satisfied for what I was doing. I was feeling that whatever I was doing was nothing.

I noticed that the man was dedicating and ready to do anything whatever was told. Within a very short interval, he had become very much friendly with all even with the sweeper also. He had made the place in everyone's heart. Even the auto and taxi drivers were knowing him by his name with a kind of respect. I also noticed that he was eager to help anybody when anyone seem to be needed. These all things were making me surprised. I was always about to ask him how he was living, but I could not dare.

Nine months were passed. October was begun and the man requested me to grant a week's leave for his check-up. With a heavy heart, I accepted it and put some amount in his hand. He left. I was becoming silent with numerous thoughts. I could not attend the office that day. I also returned home. Each and every moment, I was thinking about the man. The countdown was ended. I was living with cold blood in the nerves and preparing my mind to accept the bitter truth any time. 

The week ended, but the man didn't return. I went the hospital and tried to meet the doctor. But the doctor who was treating him was transferred else where. As I had no any document of proof, I failed to know anything about the man. 

The month ended...The man didn't return back. I asked all the staff members whether he had sent any message to them. But nobody had any idea of his native or any contact. November passed. Meanwhile, I sent other peon and a staff member at his house to know something. But the neighbours were also not knowing anything about that couple. Many evil thoughts started gathering on my mind. Within a month, we all had nearly forgotten to him. And the routine was started as usual.

On the very first day of the new year, an unforeseen scene made me shocked and surprised. I saw the couple with a bouquet of roses in their hands standing beside the gate which was decorated with garlands and flowers. They had come at 10 a.m. and were waiting eagerly to greet me. I was found myself speechless. I took the couple into the office. Before asking any question, the man put his medical report before me and both of them touched my feet. I couldn't understand what was happened. On going through the reports, I also jumped with joy and embraced him. All the reports very normal like a healthy man. The cancer had disappeared incredibly. Tears started rolling down from our eyes. Really, it was a Happy New Year.. 

I dared and asked him all those questions which were teasing me again and again. He answered all the questions in only in few words. He said," Sir, when the doctor gave me the dead line, I threw away the calendar and the watch. I decided to live the moment. Since then, I am not spoiling my today in the thoughts of tomorrow. I took everything in the positive manner. I meditate every day at least half an hour. That's all, Sir." One more time, it made me speechless. Only I could say, "You are Great..!!"

Since then, the man was living with very different plans. He started taking interest in an NGO which was working for such cancer patients. Within two years, he was offered a high post. When he told me about that offer, I told him to accept it without wasting the time. Within a week, he left the job and joined the NGO as an Administrator. Really awesome..!!

The man is really great. Twelve years have passed. He is greeting me every new year in the same way as he had greeted me very first time. He is living a very happy life with his wife, a son and a daughter. Today, he is the National Chief of the same NGO. 

Friends, nothing is impossible. A strong desire and the will power of a person to do something to conquer anything makes him to overcome all the odds in his life

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