Adhithya Sakthivel

Action Thriller


Adhithya Sakthivel

Action Thriller

Army Men: Under Mission

Army Men: Under Mission

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A group of terrorists enters the base camp of Yumthang Valley and kidnaps Colonel Deepak Raj. The Army General Muhammad Rasil Khan appoints Captain Jagan Reddy and Captain Rajasekhar to bring him back safely to the base camp with the help of another Major in the Indian Army.

5 years later, three masked men enter into a factory in Bangalore and burn down the place. Later, the factory's CEO Rathinavel Rao places protection in the place with government's approval. Varshini, a college student from PSG Tech is received by his friend Mahesh, her classmate in the college. He was indeed sent by the family of Varshini to protect her as her father Deepak Raj was killed by some unknown people in the Indian Army, where he was also a DIA. Again, in Bangalore, some family members of Rathinavel is killed ruthlessly by the same three masked men.

However, due to the continuous pressurization by the Karnataka government, the police department appoints Marthand Raghavan, the Deputy Commissioner of Bangalore to handle the case unofficially. He forms a special force and indeed tightens the security in the house of Rathinavel.

Mahesh, who also had come to Karnataka, is on a trip with Varshini to Kodagu. The three masked men stop him and also takes Varshini as a hostage and threatens Mahesh to drive the car to Rathinavel's house.

After getting into the house by keeping Varshini as a hostage, they enter into Rathinavel's room and accidentally one of the masked men unknowingly removes his mask and Varshini gets shocked by seeing him since he looks exactly like Mahesh.

Varshini tries to inform about it to Mahesh, only to be mocked by him. The other two masked men stab Rathinavel and escape from the place with Varshini as a hostage. Later, Mahesh Sathyadev explains their motive to kill these people to Varshini.

Mahesh and Rajeev were raised by Deepak Raj's brother Sanjay Raj since the twin's father Jagan Sathyan was killed in the Indian Army. Sanjay Raj is almost like a mentor for these twins. They joined the Indian Army after getting trained. It is at this juncture that, they were assigned a task by the Army general to rescue Deepak Raj from the terrorists.

After they rescued him and Sanjay Raj, who was also kidnapped by the terrorists, they celebrated the victory and Rajeev and Mahesh is granted a leave to meet their respective fiancée. Sanjay Raj gets a VRO from the army and comes with the two where they are being welcomed by Balu, Sanjay's son.

Rajeev meets Anu, a neuron-biologist and his fiancée and their marriage date also gets fixed. But, the happiest moments don't last for days because Balu commits suicide after learning that he is diagnosed with cancer due to drug addiction.

However, Anu gets shocked after testing the drugs under the microscope and informs it to Rajeev and he is also shocked. The report says that the drug is mixed with a harmful gas named Sulphur and Carbon-di-oxide, both being dangerous to humans. This brand is told to be belonging to Rathinavel and he is also getting funds from Pakistan to run his company.

They seal the brand after filing a case against the company. In retribution, Anu, Sanjay Raj and Deepak Raj(killed in the army by Rathinavel's men disguised as terrorists) get killed up brutally by the family of Rathinavel. But, still, they didn't give up their mission to destroy the drugs despite seeing their family's death. Mahesh then, later learned that Varshini was indeed Deepak's daughter after seeing her photo and has decided to protect her. Captain Jagan Reddy and Captain Rajasekhar also join the brothers to complete the mission.

Hearing this, Varshini supports the brothers and she too has decided to destroy the drugs implying that she had decided to complete her father's remaining mission.

Later, the four men(Rajeev, Jagan, Rajasekhar and Mahesh) enters into another factory (located in the islands of Mangalore) of Rathinavel after killing the guards and sets on to open the locker which contains the funds sent by Pakistan by hacking the account and they leaks out the information about it to the Indian people and makes them turn against Rathinavel. The island is also fired completely by them to prevent influential criminals from hiding into it.

As a part of their last mission, they decide to kill Rathinavel, who has recovered from his wounds and is hiding in one of his factory in Chikmagalur. This time, Mahesh asks Varshini to show their message to the public live and enters the factory.

Captain Jagan Reddy, Rajeev and Captain Rajasekhar sacrifice themselves in the mission while Mahesh is shot in his chest. Now, before dying, Mahesh asks the public to stop the anti-social people in the country doing the illegal activities from being united and kills Rathinavel in a fire.

The public then burns down the drug stores that are running illegally and the Indian government also bans the business of tobacco, alcohol and drugs permanently. However, Mahesh is alive living in a Reserved Forest areas of Assam with Varshini for accomplishing his another mission while DCP Marthand assures his support for Mahesh.

After thanking him, Mahesh sees the Indian flag in his nearby school area and salutes the flag as a step to begin his mission.

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