Adhithya Sakthivel

Romance Action Drama


Adhithya Sakthivel

Romance Action Drama

The Brothers: A Bond for Lovve

The Brothers: A Bond for Lovve

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Adhithya, Sakthivel and Krishna are the three identical triplets having different behavior and ethics in their respective lives. They are raise by their maternal uncle Shakaralingam, the elder brother of their father.

He allows the next two brothers to pursue their education while he does not allow Adhithya to pursue his education and instead takes him for his business works and is partial towards him due to his battering.

One day, when Adhithya was secretly studying a book, Shankaralingam notices this and goes to him.

"Son. What are you doing?. He asked to Adhithya.

"I was reading an article, uncle. Says to Sankaralingam.

"You are a victim of speech disability. For you, these studies. Give it." And he forcefully plucks it from him.

"If I see you like this next time, I will beat you severly." Says Sankaralingam.

"Let's see to it, uncle. I will do it" and he insults him.

"You dare. Insulting me." And beats him up severely in-front of everyone.

Feeling insulted and anger towards his brothers, Adhithya decides to leave their house.

"Hey, my brothers and uncle. Insulting me for inefficiency. This is my challenge towards you!" pointing towards them.

"For what disability, you have ill-treated me, with the same weakness, I will pursue my ambition. Note it." Said Adhithya.

"Let's see that, Son" says jokingly his uncle.

"I will leave this house. But, before that, I will do a small work and go out." Says Adhithya.

He puts a fire on the gas and flees from the place presuming that his brothers and maternal uncle will die.

Later, he eventually lands in Hyderabad as fate has decided and saves a police officer named JCP Vijay Khanna from some criminals. He even goes to the extent of shooting down the criminal.

"Thank you, my younger brother" says the JCP.

He further asks him, "Why you have killed them on the spot?"

"Are they a freedom fighter? Just criminals. Those who try to touch police, they must fear" says Adhithya.

"What a bravery for you? Are you coming with me? I will make you as a powerful police officer!!" asked Vijay Khanna.

"Ok brother." Says Adhithya.

"Brother?" says Vijay Khanna

"Yes Sir. I consider you as my brother." Says Adhithya.

This young 10-year old Adhithya is rechristened as Vishnu by Vijay Khanna and is shown immense love and affection by Vijay's wife Maala and their daughter Dhivya, whom he accepted as his niece and is protective of her.

Twelve years passed and now, Vishnu is the ACP of Hyderabad credited as a ruthless and cruel encounter specialist. His cluttering disability has been cured under Vijay Khanna's guidance.

In his police career, Vishnu has made two rivals in Hyderbad. One is David and the other is Vikram. Both of them are ruthless gangsters and a dangerous criminals. He has made the people to turn against David and Vikram and has also humiliated them with the help of local peoples. Their crime syndicate was destroyed by him killing their elder brother, Munna Bhai. They are waiting for taking revenge against Vishnu for their loss.

He has been planned to engaged to his love Catherine, a beautiful girl wearing a red sunglasses and a bangles in her hand and the younger sister of his teammate ACP Joseph, in a police uniform with a violent face and also his close friend, the officer in Anti-terrorism squad at Mumbai. Initially, Catherine was against Joseph and Vishnu's teamwork as she has feared for her brother's safety due to Vishnu's cruel action towards the criminals.

One day, Vishnu saves Catherine and Joseph by taking a bullet-shot from a criminal, who tried to kill Joseph. Seeing their close friendship, Catherine gets touched.

She further becomes surprised to see his caring nature for orphanage students including the disabled and abandoned. Immediately, she falls for him which is approved by Joseph and Vishnu also accepts her.

Vijay Khanna and Maala are also informed about this and he asks Vishnu: "Vishnu. Is she Christian?"

"Brother. No matter that Catherine is a Christian or Hindu." Says Vishnu.

"So, you only observed her love for you and not the religion. Is it?" asked Vijay.

"Yes, Brother. But, only if you approve, I will marry her."

"That's because, you have given me shelter after I left the house and also because I have saved you." Said Adhithya and this shocks Catherine.

"Hey, Vishnu. I completely approve for this marriage." Said Vijay Khanna.

"I also approve for this marriage, Vishnu." Says Maala.

"Brother. Don't forget to call me for the marriage." Says Dhivya.

"Definitely Dhivya. Under your observation, my marriage will occur. Ok!" asked Vishnu.

"Ok brother." Says Dhivya.

"Vishnu. I have to speak with you alone" Said Catherine and Joseph.

"Dude. Aren't you the brother of JCP Vijay Khanna?" asked Joseph.

"Tell us Vishnu. Who are you? Where are you coming from?" asked Catherine.

"Have you asked your questions? Shall I start to speak?"

"That's true. I was adopted by Vijay Khanna."

"In reality, I hailed from Coimbatore raised by my Maternal uncle and has two younger brothers Sakthivel and Krishna."

"Do you know other truth? Even if they are with me, I am a disowned man." Said Vishnu.

"Where are your brothers, now?" asked Catherine.

"I don't know. That's because, before I had left the house, I set the house into fire and doesn't know what happened to them!" said Vishnu.

"My real name is Adhithya and not Vishnu, Catherine." Said Vishnu.

"So, you have suffered a lot because of your estranged family, right." Asked Catherine.

"Yes, Catherine. But, after I saw you, I noticed how much you care for your brother."

"Like you, if they have shown the affection, I could not have neither met Vijay Khanna nor have joined this police force" said Vishnu.

"Vishnu. Do me one favor?" asked Catherine.

"What? Tell me, Catherine!!" said Vishnu.

"Brother. You also should do me one favor" said Catherine.

"Tell me, Catherine!" said Joseph.

"Please resign this police job." Said Catherine.

"No Catherine. Never say this one. Give us any other favor. We are ready to do it." Said both of them stubbornly.

"Last favor. Either be in the police or leave me. I will go." Said Catherine.

"Ok Catherine. Hey, Driver. Drop her in her hostel. Take this 200 Rs." Says Vishnu.

Catherine angrily goes and Vishnu asks her: "There is no farewell as you meet us finally."

"Vishnu. What is this? What are you doing?" panicked Joseph.

"Wait, Dude. Catherine is your sister. I know she will come to us." Says Vishnu.

"How could you say like that?" asked Joseph.

"The car will stop now and Catherine will come to us." Says Vishnu.

"Dude. The car has stopped." Said Joseph.

"She will come towards us" said Vishnu.

Catherine runs towards them and beats up Vishnu and Joseph.

"You…If I say like that, will you send me in a car…Are you a brother for me?" said Catherine.

"Calm down, Catherine. How we consider you as important, like such, police work is also important for us." Said the two.

"You should not leave me alone. Always be with me. Promise?" asked Catherine

"Promise. We will be always with you being protective." Said Vishnu and Joseph.

With everyone's blessings, Catherine and Vishnu gets engaged and they leads a happy days with Joseph and the family of Vijay Khanna. Now, David and Vikram learns about this and calls their men.

"Hey. Those two ACP are in celebration. We should enter into their house and finish off all."

"Yes brother. Their death will instill the fear in the minds of whole Hyderabad" said a henchman.

"Not only Hyderabad. The whole Telangana should be fearful to turn against us" said David and Vikram.

They enters into Vishnu's house and injures Catherine and Joseph while leaving Vishnu for dead. Vijay Khanna and Maala is also attacked brutally. Maala, Vijay Khanna and Joseph dies due to the injuries.

Now David comes towards Vishnu and asks him, "What, Encounter specialist Vishnu? Where is your guts and arrogance?"

Vikram asks, "Oh!! You are feeling worried about your family."

"Here, your lover is dying while all others are killed." Said David.

"Your death is the lesson for all of the police officers who tries to take action against the gangsters." Said Vikram.

"You should not die, easily. Seeing everything in this house, you should close your eyes." Said David.

"So pity of your situation. Now, the peoples will also be fearing for us. Good Bye, Vishnu: The savior" says Vikram.

They all leave the place while Catherine gets up and rescues Dhivya from the underground house where Vijay Khanna has locked her and goes towards an unconscious Vishnu.

"Vishnu….Vishnu…." said Catherine.

"Save your niece Dhivya. Go faraway from Hyderabad." Said Catherine.

"Please save her." Cried Catherine.

She further says cries, "For you, police is important other than your family, right."

"Vishnu. Somehow save Dhivya. Manage to save her… Please…" and Catherine dies.

Vishnu realizes the importance of love and affection seeing his foster family's death and gets a transfer to Coimbatore.

He saves Dhivya, and also makes her life peaceful making her to forget her past life. They has now, come to Perur, where Vishnu lived with his estranged family.

Now, Vishnu being a care taker for Dhivya decides to stay away from the criminals. Now, comes Harini, a carefree girl from Pollachi, daughter of a famous surgeon, Azhagar. She herself, has an cunning elder sister, Srisha, a neurosurgeon and an younger sister, Riya, a college student.

Her elder sister is always rude towards Harini and as a reason for this, she has come for Perur to live in peace. She feels peaceful after seeing Perur and it's beauty.

One day, a District Collector's murder case comes to Vishnu's table by an Inspector for Investigation, which Vishnu denies to handle remembering about the safety of his sister Dhivya. Despite their family's please in the roads, Vishnu refuses to handle this.

However, he instead, decides to quit his police job considering for Dhivya's safety. After quitting his job, Vishnu takes Dhivya to Perur in Coimbatore to his home for showering happy moments for her.

But, unfortunately fate has other plans. Some group of strange goons starts to attack on Dhivya and Vishnu and somehow, Vishnu chases them out. However, one of the henchman tells Vishnu, "Krishna. You cannot escape from our crime boss, Dharma Bhai."

"You has brought our illegal activities to an end. Even, you have made us as a joker due to your position as an investigative journalist."

Says the henchman.

"Who is Krishna, Brother?" asks Dhivya.

"He is my 2nd younger brother, dear." Replied Vishnu.

"If Krishna is alive, then Sakthivel may also have escaped the attack" tells Vishnu.

"Not only Krishna and Sakthivel, I has also survived and alive" comes Vishnu's maternal uncle Shankaralingam.

"Come, my uncle. Hence, you have all survived the fire. Isn't it?" asked Vishnu.

"Yes, brother. We have survived your attack." replied Krishna and Sakthivel.

Vishnu tries to leave the place with Dhivya. But, he is stopped by Sankaralingam.

"Stop. Where are you going?" asked Sankaralingam.

"Decided to go far away from this place. I don't wish to neither reconcile with you nor with my brother."

"Please stay away from me." Said Vishnu.

"If you go from us, you will be attacked by David and Vikram" says Krishna.

"How come you know this?" asked Vishnu.

"Not only this. I also know your lover Catherine's death and your ruthless profession." Said Krishna.

He further added, "I was working as an undercover investigative journalist in Hyderabad for three years before coming to Coimbatore."

"I saw how happy you was living with your foster family and realized the mistakes done by us."

"I planned to meet you with my brother Sakthivel and maternal uncle by informing this to them."

 "But, to the cause, you suffered a tragic disaster and I was also transferred to Coimbatore" said Krishna.

"Adhithya. Let's be together, please." Asked Sakthivel and Krishna.

"I will stay with you for 1 month to notice your care for me. Ok for the condition, I will come with you." Said Vishnu.

"Why are you blinking, my dear sons? He is asking right? Accept his condition" said Shankaralingam.

"Ok brother" said the two.

Vishnu eventually, becomes closer to his brothers and he meets Sakthivel's lover Yazhini and Krishna's lover Yamini and eventually, he and Dhivya enjoys the happiest days.

Vishnu also meets Krishna's rival Dharma Bhai and changes him into a good and care-taking person and also explains to him about the importance of humanity and family.

However, Vishnu is stubborn in his decision to leave the place after one months. There comes a new threat for Vishnu and Dhivya. David and Vikram has learned that the two has escaped and headed to Coimbatore.

Now, David and Vikram say to him, "Vishnu. Get ready to meet your death. We are coming for you. Meet your death."

Vishnu hatches a plan to kill David and Vikram as a means to finish once and for all. He arranges a trip for Sakthivel and Krishna to Athirapally falls and also fixes a C4 bomb in their car.

Dhivya, who has also supported Vishnu's decision, accidentally blurts out the truth to Sakthivel thinking him as Vishnu. Shankaralingam also learns this.

"Son. Have you fixed the bomb?" asked Sankaralingam.

"They are innocent. Your brothers. They have done a mistake without knowing anything. But, you are doing all the mistakes knowingly."

"For the sake of your condition, they have struggled a lot and also sacrificed for your sake."

"Even if you don't have any affection towards them, that's okay."

"But, don't kill them, please. As I am responsible for my sins, Kill me to pieces. I beg you" and falls to his feet. But, Vishnu does not listen to his words.

Shankaralingam then asks Dhivya to save the brothers and she realizes that Shakthivel has learned the truth. Shakthivel and Krishna decide to die for their brother's sake.

David and Vikram stop their car and says, "Oh! Same face."

"Let us know who is Vishnu, here!" exclaimed the two.

However, as the two frequently confused their names, David goes furious and shoots Shakthivel.

"Shakthivel…Sakthi…" said Krishna.

"If he is Sakthi, then you are Vishnu." Said David.

"When you were the ACP of Hyderabad, you have spoiled our whole crime syndicate, right. Now, I will kill your brother right in-front of you." Says Vikram.

However, Krishna fights them and gets beaten up badly. Now, Vishnu a.k.a Adhithya comes to rescue his brothers with Dhivya and Sankaralingam. However, Vishnu gets injured badly.

"Maternal uncle. Take our brothers and Dhivya from this place." Says Vishnu.

However, he is stabbed and injured badly by David's men. Vishnu kills David while, Sankaralingam kills Vikram when he tries to kill Sakthivel and Krishna.

"Brother… Adhithya…" calls the two brothers.

After which Vishnu emotionally breaks down while Dhivya also comes near him.

"Forgive me, brothers." Said Vishnu.

"We are not angry at you, brother." Said Krishna.

"Sakthi. My last desire before my death." Said Vishnu.

"Brother. Nothing will happen to you." Said Dhivya and Krishna.

"Please take care of Dhivya. I have promised Catherine that, she will be taken a good care." Said Vishnu.

"Son. Nothing will happen to you." Said Shankaralingam.

"Uncle. Forgive me if I have hurt you." Said Vishnu.

Sankaralingam breaks down and feels embarrassed for his faults.

"Dhivya. My brothers will take good care than me. Don't ever hurt them at any time." Said Vishnu.

Vishnu dies and a one day mourning is announced in Coimbatore and Hyderabad Police department due to his immense popularity among the people.

"Brother. If we have taken good care for Adhithya, he would have been with us, right." Said Krishna.

"No, Krishna. He is not dead. He is still living in People's minds and in the police department." Said Sankaralingam and Sakthivel.

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