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Adhithya Sakthivel

Action Drama Fantasy

War: The Fight With Nature

War: The Fight With Nature

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 "The most needed in the basic lives of Humans is water. 70% of the waters persist in sea and oceans while 30% of the waters exist as glaciers, mountains, lakes, springs, groundwater, and rivers.

Rivers played an inevitable role in the day-to-day needs of human beings. Taking into the story of India, for the northern sides, Ganges is the most important river source for Industrial and agricultural purposes. While when we take into the account of South India and Central India, various rivers like, Kaveri, Bhavani, Tungabhadra, Godavari, Krishna, and Bhima river play its inevitable role.

Day-by-day, due to the rising industries and daily needs of people with the population also, the rivers get polluted with the harmful chemicals by the industrial effluents, which leads to the death of fishes like Catfish(Siluriformes), Corydoras(Callichthyidae), and some crocodiles(Crocodylinae).

Despite the death of aquatic animals, due to the change of technology, there also occurs the death of other animals like Lion (Panthera Leo), Tiger (Panthera Tigris) and so many important animals all are because of the pollution and change in technological development with the corruption, playing an important and key role behind this."

These were some of the quotations that were mentioned in an article written by a famous Research scientist, Dr. Vijay Krishnan, a renowned scientist and the founder of Computerized Robot Machines (According to the story). The lines, mentioned here, are read by the famous Geological scientist, Rahul Krishna. Dr.Vijay Krishna is the mentor and Tutor for Rahul Krishna.

The Computerized Robot Machines, that were specialized by Dr.Vijay Krishna, is now currently working in Private and government-oriented companies and it plays an inevitable role in the schools and colleges.

Rahul Krishna is a student from the Indian Institute of Technology where he has completed his Geology and a post-graduation in the Forestry and Environmental research. As a student, Rahul has written so many books, that are based on the "River Pollution" and "Natural Disasters."

Rahul has made a water purifier instrument, which will purify the polluted water of rivers and will give a clean water surface. However, this has been rejected by the Indian Government as well as Indian Research Laboratory and they instead ridicule Rahul's experimental research.

Hence, Rahul leaves devastated and keeps the instrument with himself. Meanwhile, a strong force with the forceful gravitational and nuclear winds attacks the Himalayan mountains of Nanda Devi, the Western Ghats, and the Eastern parts of the Indian Mountains.

As a result, sudden floods occur in the main river-steam like Kaveri, Tungabhadra, Narmada, Ganges, and Godavari Rivers. As a result of the floods, the industrial units, which were functioning across the banks of the rivers were also completely destructed, incurring a heavy loss for the industrialists.

However, some of the agricultural lands and other forestry places were not harmed by the floods that occurred in these rivers, which leaves Rahul in shock and he suspects that the flood has occurred due to "Fifth force."

Hence, Rahul decides to learn more about the Fifth force and he eventually confirms his doubts after reading into the "Brans-Dickle Theory.", which explains the infinite range.

Rahul further studies the theories of the "Kaluza-Klein" theory, which prompted the research of super-symmetric dimensions in the world nations. In spite of these, the most important behind the suspect of Rahul with the fifth force is, due to the "gravitational, electromagnetic, and the strong forces that had been carried by the flooded rivers."

Rahul is concerned with the attack of the fifth force and hence, meets Dr.Vijay Krishna to learn more about this fifth force and its complications in the future.

"Come, Rahul. Have your seat. How are you?" asked Dr.Vijay Krishna.

"Sir. I am fine. I have to speak to you about an important topic. May we both speak now, sir?" asked Rahul.

"Yeah, Rahul. In-regards of what, you want to speak with me?" asked Dr. Vijay Krishna.

"Fifth force, sir!" said Rahul.

"Fifth force?" asked Vijay Krishna.

"Yes sir," replied Rahul.

"I think you might have read about the theories that are related to Fifth force. But, there seem other talks that, these fifth forces are dangerous" said Dr. Vijay Krishna.

"What are the reasons for the occurrence of Fifth force, sir?" asked Rahul.

"Not exactly to say. But, the main reason is due to Pollution and harmful activities, that are undertaken by human beings" said Dr. Vijay Krishna.

"Are there any harmful side-effects because of this fifth force, sir?" asked Rahul.

"Definitely. There may occur natural disasters or natural calamities. As to tell now also, this is all an indication of destruction, which is told to occur in the next fifty years" Said Vijay Krishna.

"Sir. Is there any prevention for this fifth force?" asked Rahul.

"It's there. But, according to the activities of human beings. And Rahul, the instrument which you prepared for purifying the river waters will also help you and can conserve the aquatic animals" said Dr. Vijay Krishna.

Rahul agrees with the consent of Vijay Krishna and he henceforth, speaks about his concern and desire to the Research Laboratory. Being concerned and feared with the present circumstances after the floods, they agree to Rahul's research and arranges a meeting with the Indian Government regarding this Research.

Here, Rahul puts five conditions in order to accomplish his research for all, and unable to go against him, they agree to hear his conditions. Rahul's: 1st.)Wants strict rules and regulations to be accomplished for the Industrialists, 2nd.)Trees should be built in a large number across the Highways and across the river banks, 3rd.)The pollutions across the river banks and in the rivers should be cleaned up by the government officials, 4th) Awareness to be created among the children regarding the importance of cleanliness, water conservation and tree plantations, 5th) Finally, everyone should live with a responsible lifestyle.

As per Rahul's conditions, the government passes an act called, "People's welfare act, 2020", under which the strict rules, told by Rahul were also mentioned and despite following the stiff oppositions and negative responses from the public, the act was successfully passed by the government.

Rahul's instrument is also taken by the government and with the help of the instrument, they revive the water qualities of the river to its original purity, and eventually, this proves to be a successful plan. However, Industrialists are not happy with this act, despite the positive approach from the peoples.

However, the aura, which caused this fifth force, is angry with Rahul as he has spoiled the aura's plans to destroy the industrialists permanently from this country. Hence, the aura stages a severe attack all over India and everyone is terribly feared with the dangerous works of aura.

Rahul, who sees the devastating works of aura, tries to stop it with the help of Dr.Vijay Krishna, who is aware of the aura. Knowing that the aura cannot be stopped by them, Vijay Krishna decides to control the aura with the help of his computerized Robots.

The computerized Robots makes the aura controlled and makes it to transform into its original structure. On seeing the aura, Rahul and Vijay Krishnan gets shocked and they call him, Writer, "Sakthivel"

"Why? What's the reason for your activities, sir?" asked Rahul.

"That's because of this society and the activities of human beings, which harms this environment." Said Sakthivel.

"You was my inspiration in all aspects and I didn't expect that you will harm this society, sir. Why this much anger only for the industries?"

Hearing the concerns of Rahul, Sakthivel creates an animated show in which he showcases his past life. Sakthi hails from a middle-class family and his father, Rajan is a senior executive officer in a Private Paper industrial company near Pallipalayam, Namakkal District.

From childhood days, Sakthi is very fond of nature and he was extremely affected by the harmful sewage effluents and wastages, being released into the rivers. In-Further, Sakthi has also once argued, with his father about his irresponsible nature to this society. However, his father doesn't say anything, as he fears that his job will lose his job when raised questions against the pollution.

After being grown up and now an adult Sakthi is more concerned with the pollution and conservation of resources. Sakthi's most likable rivers Azhiyar, Noyyal, Thamirabharani, and Kaveri are now severely polluted rivers and the fishes like Rohu(Labeo Rohita), Catla(Indian Carp), Tor Tor(Mahseer), Hilsa(Ilish Shad) and Rani(Pink Perch) died slowly due to the harmful sewage effluents and pollutants carried by the rivers. Further, it's death and endangered stage made Sakthi devastated.

Hence, Sakthi protested against the River pollution and Deforestation, but nobody supports his ideas and missions as all peoples are selfish and they themselves do not care for the complications that arise through the pollutants.

Unable to save nature and devastated by the deaths of fish and other aquatic animals in the rivers, Sakthi commits suicide by drowning himself in the polluted Kaveri river. However, when Sakthi goes to the heavenly place, Lord Shiva gives him a power of negative energies from the dead fishes and makes him into an aura.

He asks him to fight against this corrupt society with the newly attached body of aura. The rejection made by the government for Rahul's instrument too became an advantage for Sakthi to destroy the industrialists. His first plan to destroy the industries by causing the floods into the river was succeeded (with the help of his forceful winds). As per the next plan, Sakthi has to teach a lesson for this selfish society with harsh destruction all over India and make them realize their mistakes.

However, Rahul objects to Sakthi's second plan and instead requests him for a time, but he doesn't listen to Rahul. Meanwhile, Dr.Vijay Krishna informs Rahul that Computer's battery is lowering and at any time, "Sakthi may turn into an aura and execute his plans."

Sakthi puts forth an agreement to Rahul telling him that, "He will stop his destruction once he learned about the views of peoples towards this nature." Initially, Rahul and Dr.Vijay Krishna are against this, but later gives upon and agrees with Sakthi's plans.

Sakthi starts his destruction and initially, Sakthi believed that the peoples are selfish and doesn't worry about the consequences of anything in their day-to-day life. But, when he sees the unity of all peoples in the floods and earthquakes, that are created by him, he realizes his mistakes and decides to go for heaven giving up his aural transformation, making Rahul and Dr.Vijay Krishnan happier.

The destructions that were made are recovered after a struggle of four weeks. Dr.Vijay Krishna and Rahul were delighted that, "Their Computerized Robots and Instruments had been proved useful and worthy in their mission to control the pollutions."

The Prime Minister of India awards Vijay Krishna and Rahul with Padma Shri, the great achievement awards in India, and they are asked to give a speech regarding the environmental conservation to the public.

Vijay Krishnan depicts these few lines: "If we destroy Nature, one day nature will destroy us. Because of the influence of money, corruption, and selfish attitude, our peoples are no-bothered about pollution, natural destruction, and deforestation. But, to say frankly, like Fifth force, there are so many disasters, which are on the way to come and hit us, when we don't care for nature and be a responsible citizen. Hence, be responsible and live happily forever. Jai Hind!

Rahul tells his following views to the public: "When we take care of nature with responsibility and care, nature will give us more care and diligence in response. But, when we attempt to harm nature, it will destroy us with a severe impact similar to Fifth force and Natural disasters. Hence, live with social responsibility. Jai Hind!

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