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Action Thriller


Adhithya Sakthivel

Action Thriller

Oxygen: The Mission to Clean

Oxygen: The Mission to Clean

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There are two characters in the story of Mahabharatha. One is Arjuna and the other is Karna. Arjuna is a skilled warrior while Karna is skilled in helping other people who are in need.

The same story is followed here. Here, Karthikeyan and Srinath are the two main characters in the story. Let's see what happens in the life of these characters.

The most famous districts of Tamil Nadu- Udumalaipet taluk of Tiruppur and Erode district in the whole is being dominated by the most powerful mafias named Devaraj and Shukla. Both are brothers and Devaraj handles Erode district as a whole while his brother controls Udumalaipet taluk as a whole.

The Police department is controlled by these mafias and they too, are dejected by their daily nefarious activities because of their political influence.

The DIG of Tiruppur and Erode district appoints Srinath to work under Devaraj to observe his activities for the next 3 months while the other officer for the Udumalaipet is not appointed. The Police department names this Operation as "The Oxygen" to eliminate the gangs completely.

Later, we get introduced to Karthik, an unemployed youth from Pollachi who goes to Udumalaipet in search of a job and eventually joins the gang of Devaraj's brother Shukla's gang as a part time job. He earns the trust of Shukla within months and is also considered as a loyal henchman to Shukla.

Karthik often has a clash with Srinath when he comes for a meeting with Shukla and also tries to confess something to Shukla about Srinath's identity but, he is silenced by him. Later, Shukla and his brother Devaraj arranges for a meeting which was not held for the past 3 years by them due to the problems of police.

While the story goes like this, there is a triangular love story between Karthik and Dhivyanka, who wants him to leave the mafia and start a peaceful life with her. While Karthik's life goes like this, Srinath is being followed by a girl named Shruthi in Erode, whom he rejected initially. After much emotional incidents, he accepts her and they get married.

The Commissioner, DIG and IG of the district surround the place of two brothers while Karthik and Srinath stand besides the DIG. Karthik's full name is Karthikeyan and he is the DCP of Udumalaipet under Crime's special task force. No one knows his involvement in the police including Srinath.

The DIG is the mentor of Karthikeyan and Srinath who raised them up after learning that they are orphans. He trains them hard for police and they becomes IPS officer after training.

DIG found out that Karthikeyan is most suitable for the undercover investigation in a silent manner while Srinath also goes undercover to test themselves. Now, the brothers are arrested.

However, the brothers come within a year and challenge Karthikeyan and Srinath to save their wives Dhivya and Shruthi. They also assure that they will leave the children as their only intention is to kill Karthikeyan and Srinath.

Soon, the DIG, Dhivya and Shruthi are killed in an ensuing search out of the brothers for weeks. Enraged with the deaths of their family, Karthikeyan and Srinath decide to finish off the brothers once and for all.

In an ensuing discussion between Karthikeyan and Srinath, Karthikeyan tells Srinath to shoot both of those criminals being a trained shooter. However, Srinath refuses this idea and instead overpowers the brothers whom they found out hiding in the Islands of Lakshadweep.

After overpowering those criminals, Srinath paralyzes them permanently. When Karthikeyan asks the reason for doing this, Srinath says that it is a punishment given for them so that they will realize their crimes that they have committed in their life for the rest of the periods left for them. Instead, the two brothers kill themselves by realizing their mistakes and dies with a peaceful and clean mind thoughts.

Karthik gets relieved that the brothers had realized their mistakes at least at the time of their death while Srinath leaves a smile to Karthikeyan. Later, Karthikeyan informs to the Commissioner that their plan "The Oxygen" has been accomplished successfully implying the brother's death.

The people, Politicians, and the Police department enjoy the success of their operation for a day which reflects an end in the reign of terror in the district of Tiruppur and Erode.

Karthikeyan praises Srinath as Karna due to his skilled decision-making while Srinath praises Karthikeyan to be a skilled-encounter specialist equal to Arjuna who is a skilled warrior in Mahabharatha.

Later, they leave a message to the media that they will either go undercover or official until the nefarious activities stop and they go to Tirunelveli for another mission to stop a drug mafia.

Karthikeyan and Srinath wear the police uniform to go for the mission while their sons salute them for their duty and finally, they hugs their sons emotionally.  

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