Read a tale of endurance, will & a daring fight against Covid. Click here for "The Stalwarts" by Soni Shalini.
Read a tale of endurance, will & a daring fight against Covid. Click here for "The Stalwarts" by Soni Shalini.

Richa jain



Richa jain


The Travel To Pink City

The Travel To Pink City

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Today...this eve laying on my comfy zone I am traveling through those memories via golden memories of my life which are stored in my subconscious and help me to take challenges and live life to its fullest.

As I love traveling preferably single that's why I have visited too many places.

But once I travel with my husband to my favorite place on his terms and conditions that was literally worth sharing.

Though we both are different like the north and south pole we share a bond same as both hot and cold water streams wave to in the same Gulfstream. 

He was a minimalist now he turns minimalist of my type.

That time I just finished my majors in psychology and enrolled in my Ph.D. program in CIP Ranchi. That was a vacation period so I came to my hometown and just taking the call of my workplace. I was sitting on the balcony it's 6:30 am ...and I was distracted by the voices of my family member they called me to serve tea. I came to the hall...and saw a strange actually its really in 20 years of life I first time met an arrogant but handsome, decent professional who came to met a girl for marriage, at morning 6:30 am and want an arranged marriage but came without family members. 

Look wise handsome, charming but talks like a bore. Even he doesn't want to marry he told but as I analyzed about him those five minutes he is nevertheless an easygoing and decisive guy.

The next night his father assured our marriage even that time we don't want but as usual, happens in traditional Indian families, we got married in a short period of fifteen days.

 After that, I stayed with my joint family with my husband for two weeks and after it, he came with me to Ranchi to drop me for my further work. That was a little but spare time we talk with each other and planned a short trip of a week for Rajasthan. 

As he said he has no time for travel nor does he like it but with me, he just tries to do it as he loves to be spending time together. 

After three months of my vacation, we move to Rajasthan from his place.

I was busy packing for both of us and listening to ultimate and a long list of dos and don'ts by my older sister-in-law and mother-in-law. within half an hour we were at Sagar railway station to catch up on our train to Shri Mahaveer Ji.

 At 12:05 am we were taking steps to our transportation means and walk spare too as fast as we stick to our reserved seats which were 29 and 27.

Within five minutes the train was matching its pace as I matching the pace of mine.

Samer my husband told me it's 12:30 and the next Morning we would be at Jaipur.

As we reached there and taking rest at noon we finally came out from the hotel to enjoy evening time.

As we cross the main gate of the hotel I saw my vehicle before I call Samer he instructs me to sit in an auto I do then he talked to the driver I and lastly asked him -is there any good place to roaming around or shopping and eating all.

He nodded his head and name some of the places between it I burst into laughter because I know most of the places as I traveled here before marriage frequently and its places for me like at my place and Samer who did not know me much looking very serious and tense and signaling I don't idea about this place but manage his behavior like he knows everything about the place and about me.

We reached at local shopping complex because of Samer and I was amazed what's that ...I look at him and told...

Samer where you told him to drop us it's just shopping complex we are here for travel or shopping.

And he replied annoyed mood- than for what you come here for praying to almighty or cleaning roads.

I know all the girls I have extensive experience about women ....they drag their husband for the name of good to visit all over India when they reach new places get out of their room for going to god and just roaming around the one market to next for shopping and reject too many items shop unnecessary things and empty pockets of their husbands and then told I am not feeling ok I want to eat I want to rest.

If you women just want same things as you do same your houses then why don't you stay at home and do the same thing as you do new cities at least it makes sense regarding time and economical too.

I was burst into laughter and he felt hesitant, I was looking at him what's that Sameer, I also have temporary and that was short ok.

Now go to where I said....and he looking to the sky ...o good this is too much for what I convinced with her to travel that new city I am tired I want to rest and what I want she just want opposite of that...what to do or not.

This makes sense that we caught auto for the hotel to eat and Back for sleep.

The next morning we took a tourist bus for visiting an important place like hawamahal which have beautiful large architecat have 55 windows for breez and that was built for royal mughal ladies ...and its breezing natre it's known as hawamahal and the purpose of its building relief from summer as Rajasthan is both hottest at day and summer periods and cold during night and winters. 

Than we visited Jaipur place of time...which the place where time predicts through ancient methodology and that is accurate and that is only three places in India.

Than we took fascinating visit in ancient time through guides stories and their way of narrating every important bits and pieces about the places. And that was exotic too.

After we came out and eat some street food as every place have their special taste and food here is too.

We eat jhalmuri which is also called bhelpuri than we taste kulfi and that was too simple in look what was very delicious in test.

Here we also click pics but I we also dressed in local traditional dress I dressed up in traditional Rajasthan style vibrant colours heavy skirt also called lehenga wore so many ornaments also that white hathidant kansans which almost cover up to my upper arms . Than photographer click us in Rajasthan's sight of a natural dessert look which was artificial that place. Samer dressed up with pagadi and hoti and angrakha with six feet lengthy bamboo stick.

We were looking amazing and feel to and that classic pic I have in my album.

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