Read a tale of endurance, will & a daring fight against Covid. Click here for "The Stalwarts" by Soni Shalini.
Read a tale of endurance, will & a daring fight against Covid. Click here for "The Stalwarts" by Soni Shalini.

Richa jain



Richa jain


Ring Road

Ring Road

3 mins

Riz and Aanya both were sitting outside the old girls hostel garden.

The garden is mere the place where evening sun try to say goodbye to all the beauties of girls place and before going always looked with it's warmth and shiny Ray's to tell see you soon tomorrow.

Aanya is reading metamorphosis as she studies geology whic we all call in search of earth.

She sitting near the artificial pond though it is small but has many small fishes in it and seven routes flowers four are still bloomed and two are will be bloom too soon and the one which have a bee on it somewhat pale as the bee taking all its micro beauty to make her honeycomb fill with sweet greacy shiny delicious honey.

Sanu who loves to run called Riz

Hey Riz let's come it's almost 5:15 pm this is the slot when we go outside the hostel and enjoy the green beauty of our Nivi come fast di is saying to come sharp 6:00PM.

RIZ tie her shoeless touch the tee in navy lower and ruffled her sleeves up to three fourth and jump out boundary of ponds biggest rock this activity was eagerly seen by all the fishes the all stopped like major commended them...attention. Some of they managing not to make bubbles before Riz left.

As Riz gone sooner they all dancing and bubbling to Ananya and telling there days and Anaya is patiently listen to them and giving attention and smile to all.she even that attentive she forget to feed them.

Riz and sanu taking long steps rather the boundary of main door finisher they turn very smoothly at the edges and slide like rotomac. Then their bouncy hairs free like them and make harmony with there running.The breeze air passes and edges of eats highpoint of noses and cheeks were blushed. Heart is pumping fast heartbeats sounds like dream beats at that point they reached back side of Nivi and slowdown their pace and seen the stable boganvelia ,creeping Rose which is trying to get out prof.s.j.Singh's garden wall.

The senior watchman roaring to them -go fast girls,its almost 5:30 DON'T miss evening prayers go fast.For what both of you come here regularly to see someone I complain to hostel warden.

Sanu replied- yes we come regularly to see and to meet this boganvelia. Now go and complain to Miss Ahi but before us.

Riz burst in a laughter as she look a robust bedfellow to give a tuff look to senior watchman and jump inside his room and nails her horns to the intercom telephone.

Now Riz and Sanu both run fast and reach the highest curve to next turning point and slow their pace at the electricity tower take a deep breath and smiled to each other now run vigorously to the front main door of the girls hostel.

Riz looked at it amazingly sanu in this little dark breeze air and covered with long high trees beautiful vibrant flowers and trailing branches saving it from evil eye. Our Nivi soured by this ring like road this ring road embrace its beauty that's why our Nivedita smile in a sleigh with pride.

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