Mahendrawada Kamesh

Romance Tragedy Action


Mahendrawada Kamesh

Romance Tragedy Action

The Day The State Split Asunder - 25

The Day The State Split Asunder - 25

7 mins

Ten days have passed. Ever since the day Karthik saw Sanjana, his mind was completely out of sorts, not giving him the chance to forget her even for a second. He was constantly distracted and had a hard time focusing on his work. 

Day by day, his interest in Sanjana started getting intensified with each passing second and it reached such an extent that she became the last thought before going to sleep and the first when he woke up. 

    Despite being a nervous wreck, an unstoppable desire got kindled in his heart - a desire to go and speak to her and know a lot more about her. Every time he listened to a romantic song Sanjana popped into his mind even before he could realise it. His heart and mind drifted away into a fantasyland almost all day replaying the moment he saw her for the first time. 

It was a Friday morning, and the zephyr of a chilly breeze drifted in from the windows. He woke up after snoozing the alarm over three times. The enchanting and gorgeous image of Sanjana was still lingering in his mind.

I just don't understand why I feel something special about you. I don't know what magic spell you cast upon me... I cannot forget about you, even for a second. All my thoughts are about you… All my dreams are about you… Every morning when I open my eyes I only wish you would come to the office today and every night I go to sleep. I pray to see you and talk to you again... 

After taking his shower, he sat on his bed, slipped into his casual clothes, and completed reading the remaining ten pages of the book 'The Alchemist'. 

Now I understand why Adarsh told me to read this book. It's already been a week, but I didn't receive any sign from the universe. The hero of this book Santiago got the signs from the Universe whenever he asked. 

Karthik closed his eyes again and asked: 'Are Sanjana and I destined to be together?' He opened his eyes and looked around, but couldn't spot anything. He punched the mattress hard to vent out his resentment.  

Disappointed, he got ready and stepped out of his home. The stiff wind wafted through, rattling the leaves. As he inhaled the air slowly and deeply into his lungs, his heart quieted a little. He gazed at the flagrant red flowers of the Gulmohar tree lined up on either side of the street. The strong winds forced the flowers to fall on the road, which appeared as if nature had spread a red carpet for him. While he was busy beholding the wonderful glimpse of the spectacular scenery, a pair of parrots flying above caught his attention. A parrot in a concrete jungle like Hyderabad city is a rare thing to witness. 

What a lovely scene! Someone said everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. Let's see how this day goes… Excitedly, he started on his bike and after fifty minutes of driving, he reached the office. He looked for Sanjana at her desk, but she was not present. 

' Damn! I cannot tolerate this anymore!' he cursed himself and got back to his desk. 

The day moved as usual and it turned out to be like yesterday. He packed his bag and was about to leave for home. When he was almost about to step out, Adarsh sent him a text message asking him to come to his cabin. 

'Arnold! You asked me to come?'

'Karthik!' Adarsh's face was gleaming with happiness. 'Roshni and Sanjana finally bagged the deal. We got our first client. Tonight, we are going out for dinner. Roshni and Sanjana are waiting for us at the Paradise Restaurant.' 

'Cool,' Karthik said casually, but he was secretly elated. Today finally I will get to meet her again. If necessary I will even move mountains to have a talk with her.  

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