kanchan chauhan

Comedy Drama


kanchan chauhan

Comedy Drama



2 mins

Granny, have you heard what kind of sound is this? From where it is coming?

   A weird sound attracted Nishant's attention and he told about it to granny.

   Nishant's Granny came to Mumbai to meet her daughter and grandson. Nishant's parents were working.

    Nishant and her granny were at home. Granny heard that sound but she didn't get the point from where this sound is coming.

  Both checked in the room each nook and corner but failed to catch the voice.

    A weird voice is coming from near the wall.but from the wall, how it is possible?

    At last, granny came to the conclusion that there is any ghost and it is making that sound.

She went outside with Nishant and called the neighbors, told them about the ghost.

Everyone was scared. Sound is still coming. They all started to chant Hanuman Chalisa.

  In between one neighbor informs Nishant's parents about ghosts.

 Both came back home hurriedly. Nishant's father went inside the home and checked. Near the wall there was almirah, he opened the almirah. A weird sound is still coming. He checked carefully and behind the clothes, there was a mobile phone which her mother left there in the morning in hurriedly.

 It was vibrating. Nishant's father mutes the vibration. Now, no sound was there.

 First, he was angry at granny for being superstitious. Later, they laughed on all this drama.

The ghost has gone now. I am feeling hungry, Nishants father said, yes and I want to eat pizza, Nishant said.

 Again, they laughed

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