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You Have to Pay

You Have to Pay

2 mins

 This is not my fault, I am innocent. I am not involved in it. How many times I told you. please let me go.

   Easy boy, easy, tell us truth and we'll let you go. Listen, this is last time. Don't test my patience. I will used other ways to take out truth. Do you getting my point or not? ( Police inspector yelled at him)

    Sound echoed in room. Jhon scared. Then, door knocked , lawyer came inside . He handed over the bail paper to inspector.

Inspector gave permission and left Jhon.

  Jhon comes out from the police station. Grandpaa was waiting outside for him Jhon hugged him and cried badly.

   They reached home. At night Jhon went to grandpa's room and said to him .

Grandpaa, this was not my fault. I am innocent. I did nothing wrong. I have trapped.  

Grandpaa took deep breath and said John tell me truth.I know it's not your fault but how it all happened.

  Grandpaa, matty helped me a lots in hostel. He made me so comfortable but i was unaware that he will trapped me in drugs selling.

  One day he came to me and said,  

Hii Jhon, could you give me a favour. These are important paper please go and hand over to my uncle, I am unwell. i can't go there. ofcourse, whynot. you take care of yourself. I will do it for you. i said to him.

 As I arrived there cops came  also there and caught me. His uncle fled.

Cops were not trusting at me.

Grandfather hugged Jhon and said to him.

Jhon this is a big lesson for you that nothing comes free in life, you have to pay for it.

 He gave you all comfortables and used for drugs dealing.

So, don't trust at anyone and don't take any help, either emotionally or financially until it required.

Not to worry,  i know you are innocent. We have collected proof against Matty.

   We will show it in court tomorrow. Now go and sleep tight.

 Jhon hugged grandfather.

Next-day they won the case. Matty was arrested.

Jhon was happy and grateful to grandpaa.


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