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Cesarean Vs Normal Birth

Cesarean Vs Normal Birth

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When Lara came into consciousness. She was unable to move without help. She needs help for sitting.she was unable to stand. She felt extremely pain after cesarean. She delivered a baby boy.

Everyone was happy. But as you know a woman is the enemy of a woman.

There were Lara's mother-in-law, her sister-in-law, her grandmother-in-law present in the room. Her grandmother-in-law said to her, why you lay down on the bed when you didn't take labor pain.

Yes bhabhi, you delivered a baby so effortlessly, you didn't taste the fruit of labor pain. Her sister-in-law said. I know how much pain I beared when I delivered children. Cesarean is so easy. In this process, no pain, easily gain. Her mother-in-law said to Lara.

But only Lara knows how much pain she was feeling.

After 3-4 days when she came back home, there was no helping hand for her. Her husband was mamma's boy. He ignored everything.

She started home chores, no care, no helping hand, no nutritious diet, no rest, as a result, one day she fell down unconsciously.

Lara was a brilliant girl, she was a manager in a private bank. She shifted Delhi to Banaras after marriage. So she left the job.

Her in-laws were financially well sounded but very orthodox including her husband.

She adjusted in each area to save her marriage but after delivery in which way she suffered a lot, her physical health was on the stake as well as she was being mentally upset. She decided to left that home rather than bear all that.

She was astounded how people can say, a cesarean is so easy. Did they know about the cesarean process? No nothing.

There are seven layers cut in the stomach during cesarean delivery. It is very risky. The healing process takes times for 2weeks. There are lots of restrictions after section-c.

She filed a divorce and took custody of her child.

She doesn't want to spend her whole life with such orthodox people.

We are soon entering in 2021but society are same. Their thought process are the same. nothing changed.

The process for birth,be it natural or be it cesarean both are not easy for mother and child.

Having said this cesarean is a painless process is completely wrong.

It is painless because anesthesia is given to the mother at that time. It is a surgical process.

It is risky and painful too.

So, please don't make judgments.Deliver a child by natural birth ,it's extremely painful, no doubt but at the same time cesarean is also painful its not an easy process too.

Giving birth to a child is not an easy task, the process doesn't matter. Mother's life matter, child's life matter.

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