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Thank You Teacher

Thank You Teacher

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The teacher is our second mother and the mother loves her children very much.


Every year a new class, new children, and new teacher


But bonding between teacher and children depends on how the teachers teach children as well as how she wins their hearts and how she prepares them for the future. How she makes them mentally and emotionally strong. It's all matter.


I have many examples in my life in which I saw a teacher and student bonding.

It feels good when after ending the session children come and meet the teacher.


If the teacher is good he always remains in the student's heart as a good memory.


We become whatever in the future because of our teachers.


They create for us gyan path. They teach us how to keep steps on that path.


They teach us how to constantly move ahead without losing patience. They teach us how to maintain focus.

They constantly remind us to keep an eye on the goal. They teach us how to get over from distractions.

A teacher is a person who constantly works for children, input the right data so that fruitful outcomes can outside.

On this 5th September, on Teachers day I really appreciate all teachers wholeheartedly who are taking online classes in this pandemic and doing lots of hard work for children's future.

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