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Choices and Mindset

Choices and Mindset

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As we all know home is the first school of every child after that child gets an education in school so both play an important role in child’s overall development. These formative years build a strong makes mindset.


          Some children born blessed with a strong mind, having said this is correct but not completely. We don’t have the right to choose our parents, religion, caste, color and nationality. God does it for us.

       It means not that god does partiality between us. No, not at all. Yes, we all are different to each other at each level but one thing that god gives us equally when we all enter in this planet and that is a most powerful and amazing tool is our brain.  


        As I above said that some children born blessed with a strong mind but what about others, obviously the rest of the children are also superb in their own way. But we have to push them. We have to praise them. We have to realize them that they are smart, intelligent, vocal, sharp-minded.

         We have to motivate them until this thing not settle in their conscious mind to sub conscious mind. Even sometimes strong minded children need motivation. 

                   In the end, we are human. At times we fail, At times we frustrated, At times we depressed, At times we irritate, At times we are doubtful, At times we are distracted. Remember one thing praise should be in a healthy manner.

       Rocky and Harry both are teenagers and have a good bond of friendship. Both children belong to a well settled family. Both have a different mindset. Rocky has strong-minded, focused, determined, and clear vision. On the contrary Harry has oscillate mindset, procrastinated, distracted and doubtful.

             Now what problem is here arise? I tell you. Here is a matter of choice. Rocky and Harry both are sharp-minded but both make choices. Rocky choose clear vision for himself.


 On the other hand, Harry chooses distractions, he knows very well that they are stumble in his path. Despite it, he didn’t make a conscious decision and he lagged behind in the race.

         I will not totally blame children because at this age it's our duty as parents and teachers that we cultivate a strong mindset, a clear thought process to them.

         Introduce them to choices. Guide them about right choices and wrong choices

                     Teach them how to focus, how to have a clear vision in life

                   A strong mind leads to you towards success as well as you have to learn how to control your emotions. Undoubtedly, emotions play an important role in life.

              Strong and right mindset, right choices and careful use of emotions are ingredients for a successful life. These all things must be developed in the formative years of children.


We are free to choose where we want to make our focus.


Mindset is a game. 

Our distractions and our doubts are bigger more than our goal.  

Fears are liars, Doubts are thieves, your excuses are seducers.


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