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kanchan chauhan

Drama Fantasy Others


kanchan chauhan

Drama Fantasy Others

Each Mother Is Beautiful

Each Mother Is Beautiful

2 mins 359 2 mins 359

Oh gosh! I have fed from her, she can't do anything in a proper manner. Every time she needs help.

Enough is enough Raina I am going to divorce her then we will do marriage and I will spend with you  rest of my  life.

But what about your children?They will live with us and I hope they will be happy to have you as a mother. but what about saruu where she will go? I asked to Rohit.

I don't care about her. I want to get rid out of her. She is not beautiful. She can't handle home. She is useless.

I knew Rohit for past 5 years.we  are collegues.He attracted to me.He always complained  for his messy life. I had sympthy for him but I don't want to take any decision in hurry. 

One  day I visited Rohit's home without letting him know in his absence.

I saw there was  a woman who was scattered. At home, Rohit's old parents were there. They were totally dependent on her. Her life revolved around Rohit, their parents and children.

She has a lot of home chores. Only work no rest, no time for self-care.


She was a dedicated, wife and dedicated mother and dedicated daughter in law.

    She loves her children so much.

The wife might be ugly but the mother is always beautiful.

 No, Rohit was wrong. How she could be ugly. She is a beautiful wife she is a wonderful mother.

There is no one who could take place of mother, not even god.

It's Rohit who blamed her rather than cooperate with her.

I decided that I will leave Rohit, earlier I thought he was upset but no he is avoiding taking all responsibilities.

He always thought his wife is responsible for each mess at  home.she handles all things alone .she had no helping hand.That's why she has lost his identity.


And she was unaware that his husband was thinking to divorce her.


Everything was transparent now.

Now, I decided to teach the lesson to him. I told everything to Rohit's wife. She shattered first. Later she decided to fight for herself.

And I came back home with the satisfaction that I didn't do anything wrong.

In my perception, each woman is beautiful on her way.


Each mother is beautiful.

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