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Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

kanchan chauhan

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kanchan chauhan

Inspirational Others Children

These Four People

These Four People

3 mins

What the hell is this? Tell me what is this? Look at me, I said look at me I told you, do hardwork, I wanted your score 90percent but you got the only 75percent. Woww!! Great.

      My son scored 75percent. Ridiculous. Go and drown in a tub you fool. I lost my honour in the society now 4 people will laugh at me.

   What i to do now. Get lost from here.

Tring, tring, tring, tring( Relatives start calling)

Rocky's mother received a call. Hello, it's me (Rocky's uncle) how are you? Tell me how much he scored in 12th? Jii, 75percent okay not bad my son got 95 Percent. Anyways congratulations! Ji thankyou Rocky's mother said 

   And whole relatives and neighbors were making calls and asking for result.

   Papa was furious so badly. He doesn't want to see Rocky's face.

 Doorbell rang and Rocky's mother opened the door, it was Shashi uncle Papa's best friend. He often visits our home.  

 He saw, papa was upset. When he got to know all the situation. He took deep breath and asked question to papa. Would it be okay for you if you lost Rocky.

    What do you mean by that? Shashi uncle said, he made 75 per cent score and you all were scolding him, yelling at him, breaking his confidence, realising him he is useless, not brainy. You are behaving with him just like he made a blunder in his life.

    In your perception, you have lost your honoured because rocky scored 75percent. Wakeup, What's wrong with you? It not bad scores.

     Degree doesn't define children. Their talent define them.  

   And who are these 4 people? for them you are yelling at him, scolding him, if something happens wrong with Rocky, these 4people come for a moment and will go back. They will never ask you how are you? Don't care about these people. Don't let them power to disrespect your children.  

    Rocky is your child. Your blood. He is very talented. Don't let him down

      Boost his self-confidence, take him in your trust, stand behind him like a mountain so that he can fight with this cruel world.

Remember, these 4 people doesn't have importance in your life but your family is priceless for you. Your Rocky is your universe.

   Now papa got it where he was wrong. He was grateful to Shashi uncle 

And he called Rocky, Rocky was locked in his room.

 Rocky open the door, open the door Rocky. Rocky, Rocky Rockyyyy papa yelled.

And door opened. Rocky came out. He was scared. Papa sighed a relief. He said to Rocky, why you are not opening the door my boy and he hugged him.  

   Rocky cried badly, papa sorry it's my fault, you are facing criticism.

   No Rocky, my boy I am not facing any criticism. You made a good score my son. I am sorry for my rude behaviour.

 You are so talented. Come on, Go with your dreams, do what you like in your life. I am always standing behind you.

  And forget about these 4 people. They are nothing and don't have importace in our life. They don't have any right to say something to you. Just ignore them, don't think about them, forget them.

  Your sky is there. Go and take flight, fullfill your dreams.

Papa I love you and Rocky hugged his father so tightly.

 They all were happy. Thanks to Shashi uncle.


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