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Adhithya Sakthivel

Inspirational Romance Comedy Drama


Adhithya Sakthivel

Inspirational Romance Comedy Drama



16 mins 325 16 mins 325

"A man is made by his belief. As he believes, so he becomes." This quote about success had been told by Lord Krishna. One can dream to become a successful person. But, a very few achieves their dream, due to their hard work and sincerity.

"Hey Harsha. You have got a good news da. You longed for a car contract from Avinashi. As you dreamt for, you got the car contract da." His close friend Akash Kumar said with a smiling look in his face. He is wearing a black colored shirt, red jeans and a steel-rimmed spectacles. He wears a small cover in his left hand, just for covering up two fingers. Their showroom is named as "Ravindran Skoda S7 Cars." They are settled in Pollachi.

"Great da. Let's finish the contract soon by staying there for two to three weeks." Harsha said, with a grim of smile in his face.

Harsha lives in a big house named, "Ravindran Villa." His father Ravindran is the head of the family. He is a 65-year old man, wearing Dhoti. Harsha's mother passed away before a few months, due to heart ailments.

Because his father is aging, Harsha takes the responsibility of the house in his shoulders and does his younger sister, Sahana and his father with love and affection.

Harsha unveils to his father that, he is going to Avinashi for a business contract extending for two weeks. He happily agrees to this and let's him go with Akash.

Akash and Harsha goes for Avinashi in their Toyota Yaris VX car. With a contract in their hand, they manages to earn maximum of 50,000 per month due to their hardworking nature and sincerity.

Being an workaholic, their life is having full of stress. Akash is about to get engaged with his girlfriend Megha after a few days. She is working as a photographer and is financially stable.

As a photographer, she have taken numerous photos in various places like Himachal Pradesh, Hyderabad and Kerala. She received three to four awards for taking attractive and touching photos.

Since college days, Akash is in love with her. His family accepted to get them married. Akash's family was once rich. But, now they are let down to lead a middle-class life because of his father's health problems and decline in business empire.

Now back in Avinashi, Akash and Harsha meets their contractor. He tells them: "Harsha. After a few days, a set of Skoda S7 car is coming from New Delhi. Your work is to sell them by doing advertisements. If you do this successfully, you get one lakhs as a renumeration with 50,000 on other side."

Happier with joy, Harsha and Akash agreed and they accepts to finish this contract successfully. Harsh owns another branch of his showroom in the same place. After getting a set of Skoda Cars, they meets a group of advertisement agencies in Avinashi.

However, several advertisement agencies rejects their help to promote Skoda S7 cars. After facing much challenges, Harsha finally manages to finish the contract successfully on the first week. They are paid the renumeration by the contractor.

Akash tells Harsha, "I am very happy da today. We have got a memorable day today. After much troubles and challenges, we finished this kind of a worthy contract."

"Yes da. Exactly the same I also have felt." Harsha said to Akash.

"Ok da. Shall we go back to Pollachi?" Akash asked him.

"Ok. We don't have any works. Let's go back da." Harsha said. However, the next day while going towards PN Pudur, Harsha notices a girl, in sports shirt and drawer, going in a bicycle towards a tennis ground.

Akash tells him, "Hey. She is Vikashini right?"

"Yes da. She is Vikashini." Harsha said in a happy tone of voice. He recalls how he have met her in Erode before a few weeks ago, when he have gone for a visit to Bhavani Sangameshwarar Temple with Akash Kumar.


"Hey. Why have you brought me to the temple da? It seems boring, you know." Akash told to Harsha, with a sad and smiling voice.

"If girls are there you would feel happy ah?" Harsha asked him, laughing.

Akash walked with him. They stops near the confluence of Bhavani-Kaveri rivers. Harsha told Akash, "Wow. After several days, I see this river in a full swing of flow da. If I jump in this river and swim means, how will it be? While imagining this itself!"

"While imagining this itself, it's horrible. Because, if you jump in this fast flowing river, you would really die. Swimming in the pool and river have a lots of difference, buddy." Akash told him.

"I will laugh for your joke later. Now, let me jump into this river for swimming." Harsha said and he was about to jump into the river. However, someone behind him holds his hand. The girl is Vikashini. She looks pretty, gorgeous in her white-looking face, red sari and beautiful lips.

She slaps him and asked him, "Hey. Was you the guy, who pranked my friends?"

"Haa! Pranking ah? You know. He never like any girls. His father is everything. Who are you girl?" Akash asked her.

Later her friends takes her from the place, telling about the error that happened. She apologizes to them and flees from the place. Afterwards, they learn her name as Vikashini, with one of her friend's help.

"Hey don't create problems da. Let's go from this place. I think you would also fall in love like me." Akash said and takes him away from that place.


Harsha stops Vikashini from going in her bicycle and meets her. After meeting her, he decides to stay back in PN Pudur planning to postpone his return to Pollachi. At that time, Harsha's father calls him.

"Yes father." Harsha said.

"Harsha. Where are you now?" His father asked him.

"I am coming towards PN Pudur dad. Would reach back to Pollachi soon." Harsha said.

"No Harsha. You stay back there itself. Because our relative Sai Adhithya's marriage is fixed. You stay in my younger brother's house. I have arranged everything." His father told him, to which Harsha agrees and feels jovious.

Harsha stays in the house of his paternal uncle, accompanied by Akash. There, they meets Adhithya and embrace each other. Initially, his paternal uncle feels troubled. But, eventually dotes Harsha by showering him with love and affection.

At the same time, Harsha meets Vikashini and they both becomes good friends. Through her, he meets Retired Army General, Rajendra. Then he learns from Rajendra that, Vikashini dreams to get selected in the national level by playing Tennis. This was her dream since childhood days. In addition, Rajendra himself was an ex-tennis player.

Rajendra further shows him, "How several youngsters under 18 under different economic background loves to play sports and become big in their life."

"In this world, talent rules. In the team, some are from fisherman community, some are from poor background and some are from economically backward community. They are now aiming to become good in their life.." Rajendran said him.

Vikashini and Harsha later on, becomes good friends and eventually they falls in love with each other. Meanwhile, the state's Sports Minister Rangaswamy wanted to grab the land of Rajendran so that he can convert it into a resort and earn money for developing his family.

Rajendra refuses for his blackmail. Since taking down a retired army man is not so easy, Rangaswamy orders government officials to place Rajendra's ground in the list of Underperformers. Hoping that, he would get the land.

Rajendra however, challenges him that he would prove the worth of his team and get back his land at any cost. Openly challenging him. Henceforth, Rajendra starts to train his students harder and taught them several tricks for winning Tennis match.

Meanwhile, Harsha and Akash meets an aged teashop owner named Raju. He is always loving and happy-go-lucky man. However, many would run from him when someone asks him, "You play tennis?"

Because, he would tell lengthy stories which could make a few to sleep. Harsha asked this to him accidentally. As he continues to tell him, Adhithya and Akash runs away from the place with Harsha unable to hear the stories as well as when he told to show some photos.

Rajendra selects Azad as the team captain after been impressed with his playing skills. Azad have an old vengeance with Vikashini. Since, the latter's father have humiliated him once for creating a mess with her. Henceforth, he deliberately disqualifies her from the selection list.

She comes back in tears. While Harsha discusses with Akash and Adhithya saying, "Vikashini would get selected. She would then select me. Then, we both would go for!"

"You would go for jail." Sai Adhithya joked, after which Harsha beats him.

"Hey. See da. Vikashini is crying." Akash said.

"Why are you crying Vikashini?" Harsha asked her.

"I didn't get selected for the Match da." Vikashini said.

Harsha assures her to finish her selection process. He enters into the rectangular court with a net running across the centre. As he entered the court, winds starts to blow and a few dust starts to whisper. In the court, Harsha asks Azad to select Vikashini, explaining her talent in playing the tennis.

But, an egoistic Azad refuses and instead asks him to play and win so that, he could select Vikashini. He accepts despite being stopped by Vikashini. He weared the sports dress(tee-shirt and drawer). Enters into the court.

"Hey. Toss the coin da." Azad said to his friends.

As they toss, it showcases Harsha to play as the first server of this match. Before getting ready for playing this match, Harsha have already noticed the net line, parallel line, thinner line, service area and small line. He stands in the second side of the net, by holding the hand, out of racket.

Then, Vikashini tells him to hold the hand in racket, which he does. As Azad is ready to hit the first ball, he holds his hand gaze to the racket in his right hand.

As the first ball comes very near, everyone wonders for the result. Harsha hits the stroke and the ball goes upward and falls to the sides of Azad. Harsha scores 15.

Harsha now tells, "This is forehand stroke. Best for softer and higher serves. May be your coach could have told this, I think."

Azad again hits the ball for next score, which he hits again by holding his hand grip (using both of his hands). He hits the ball harder at a slight upward angle. It gets into the service area. Now he scores 30.

This shocks Rajendran and Vikashini. While, Sai Adhithya and Akash happily watches this. Again Harsha tells Azad, "You know this very well, as you got guided by your coach."

Finally, Harsha wins by using the trick of volleying, which is a way to return a low serve. Azad refuses to play the serve in anger and goes away from the place.

"I already told you right. He is a good player." Raju told to which, a coach replies telling: "Please be quiet, Raju. I am sitting with state players list for three days. He is not a player. He have hit due to luck."

"If you search in the state list, how could you get him?" Akash and Adhithya told them, by holding their hand in the hip. Rajendran is surprised to see this. Afterwards of this, his lawyer tells that, "If the minister builds this resort, then the whole river would get submerged. In addition during flood times, people would suffer a lot."

Rajendran registers his club with the government official, who is his close friend. However, he tells that a national player is also needed in his team to which Rajendran tells that, "He have an international player with him, who played tennis during 2012 in Russia." The government official tells him that, he have quit the team owing to unknown reasons. However, he tells to him that: "He have came back now."

Meanwhile, Adhithya gets married happily. Aftermath of this, Harsha's father fixes his son's marriage with Vikashini. They gets engaged.

Rajendra then informs to his students about the registration of his academy as a club. He informs them that, in the upcoming Siachen memorial tournament. They are the first team to represent Coimbatore.

Rajendran is asked by his students about the need for national level player champion. He brings Harsha into the place and tells him as the national level player of 2012 and he welcomes him to the team.

"If I have known that, you have called me for this, I could have backed up sir. It's time for me to return back to my hometown, Pollachi. Let me go sir. I am not interested in playing tennis sir. I wish to get settled, I have a family and my family is believing me. Akash and I are now striving hard to bring up our family to a good status. Because they live by believing us." Harsha said.

Azad messes up with Harsha and slaps him telling, "Why should you come and join our team da? You don't have to play with us." This angers Sai Adhithya and Akash Kumar. They both hits Azad and tells him, "Do you know who he is? How dare you beat him da? What do you know about him da?"

Vikashini watches the events in silence.


Akash Kumar, Harsha and Adhithya were close friends since their school days. Harsha have another close friend named R. Adithya. He and the duo were very close and shared a close bond. Harsha and R. Adithya are well-known due to their championship in swimming as well as Tennis. On the other hand, Akash played tennis and is a passionate bike racer.

They all stayed close even after their school days. During the college days in Coimbatore, Harsha, Akash and Aditya. R got selected for playing Tennis in the international level, after been winning the national level championship. While, Sai Adhithya stayed away from sports due to his busy schedules in the academics.

To enjoy the happiness, Akash took Harsha and Aditya. R in his KTM Duke bike. He goes in a superfast speed in the L and T bypass(shortly told as Coimbatore bypass). However due to the overspeeding, all the three met with an accident. In the accident, R. Aditya died on the spot, Akash Kumar loses his two fingers in his left hand and Harsha gets hit in his skull.

Harsha recovers from the injuries and gets shifted to normal ward. There he sees Akash, in grief.

"Where is Aditya da?" Harsha asked him.

"He is getting treated in the nearby room da." Akash said. However Harsha hears Sai Adhithya saying in tears to someone, "Akash have lost his two fingers due to the bike accident. While, Harsha is still recovering and Aditya died on the spot."

"Akash. What happened to Aditya da? Tell da." Harsha said in panick.

"Nothing happened to him da. He is in the nearby ward." Sai Adhithya said, having came to the place at right point of time.

"Drink some water da, Harsha." Sai Adhithya tried to console him and gave water.

"Get lost da." Harsha said and he gets up from his bed, throwing the water asides.

"Please don't strain yourself da. You have to take rest." Akash said holding his shoulders.

Harsha saw his two fingers, been lost. He asks to Adhithya: "Tell me the truth da Adhi. What happened to Aditya?"

Adhithya is unable to control his tears and informs Harsha, "Aditya have left us da. He died on the spot, during that accident." Harsha feels like, his heart have stopped at one second. Tears stood in his eyes. Be cried aloud kneeling down. Later, he is given injection by doctors to take rest.

After recovering, Harsha admonishes and berates Akash telling him: "If you haven't took us in your bike for enjoyment, he couldn't have died da. Your two fingers would've remain as such. He could have become a champion by going for International level."

"Hey. Leave us da. Think about his family da. Once think about his parents da. What answers shall we give them da?" Adhithya asked Akash. They have a discussion for a while.


"After discussing, Akash and Harsha kneeled down infront of R.Aditya's parents and apologized to them for being the casue of Aditya's death. They punished themselves by not participating in the sports. Akash's family payed crores to get him out from the accident case, filed to the police. Eventhough the case was withdrawn, Akash and Harsha were unwilling to go for sports again." Adhithya said.

"Our respective families faced financial difficulties sir. We were brought to roads. After this, I and Harsha worked as event managers in a company for some years. Then, we started our own showroom and supporting our family financially. Please don't include him in this game sir." Akash said and pleads with Rajendran.

"Sir. You lost your ground due to the carelessness and irresponsible behavior of politicians. Because, they desire for money. But because of my friend's carelessness and for one minute happiness, we have lost our close friend. We didn't face politics or corruption in playing tennis. There's nothing called big sports and small sports. It lies in our talent. If you use the talent in right way, you win." Harsha said.

"We don't understand the pain of other people, that easier sir. Only when we are close to them, we could understand their feelings and emotions." Adhithya said.

Harsha and his family refuses to play Tennis for the team. Meanwhile, MLA Rangaswamy learns from his PA that Rajendran's lawyer have applied for a RTO against setting up the resort in the ground.

Angered, he organises a few casteism telling politicians. They creates ruckus and turns the protestors(who protests against the atrocities of politicians and police) to create riots and violence. This injures Raju and few other people.

Heated with this, Azad and his friends take swords with a mind to kill the MLA at once and for all. Rajendran stops them and tells: "We become emotional and at last, we finally stand like this. The pain, fight and bloods aren't new for me da. It happened in the borders for so many times. Infront of my eyes, one will die. We fought in order to protect our country from other countries. But, our own country deceives us. That's why it's becoming worthless."

"Hence, should we leave them for doing mistakes ah sir? Shouldn't we ask questions?" Azad asked him.

"Think from your mind. Not from your heart." Rajendran said.

"Why are you stopping him sir? He is right only. It's a big mistake, when we didn't raise questions." Harsha and Akash said.

Rajendran tells them about the importance of India and youngsters. He tells that, "Just questioning is not enough. But it's important to prevent the mistakes." Harsha decides to return for Tennis. Before that, he asks the permission from Aditya's family. They wholeheartedly accepts his decision. Because, it's not only his dream. But also Aditya's.

Harsha trains the team hard with Rajendran's guidance and gets ready to compete with Siachen memorial tournament. There they have to clash against the Delhi team. They wins the first four rounds, facing all the challenges with a brave heart.

In the toss, Harsha's team is told to serve the match.

"This match is going faster. It's a decider about who would be the final winner as it's the final round." A sports reporter said in the mike.

Rajendran tells his team to stay focused because, they are understanding players. While, the other team is only outstanding players.

Azad hits the first ball using forehand stroke method and scores 15 points. Then, chance goes for Harsha. However, his hand gets injured by an opponent deliberately.

"Oh! He gets injured. It's a doubt, whether he could play or not." The reporter said.

Harsha manages to score 30 points by using the method of Volleying. The team manages to finish the final round successfully. Delhi team sits ablaze and guilt because they have lost the match.

MLA Rangswamy walks away from the place, accepting the defeat and eventually, drops the plan of building the resort and turns new leaf. Harsha and Rajendran declare their victory, back to Coimbatore.

While speaking with Akash, Vikashini and Sai Adhithya, Harsha notices a reflection of Aditya smiling at him and waving good bye.


Dedicated to my sincere and close friends.

"The love that dwells (merely in the smiles of the face is not friendship; (but) that which dwells deep in the smiles of the heart is true friendship."

Let's respect friendship.

Story co-written by: Aadhvik Balakrishna, Swetha Gowda and Myself.

Story by: Myself and Aadhvik Balakrishna. 

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