Silent Path

Silent Path

9 mins

Beyond the blinding haze, separating the grey dust and ignoring all the sullen faces- It is the silent path that suits the best to that calm mind.

It's that steaming mug of coffee on table waiting, the book of legacy that has to be read, and that sky that welcomes by which this heart continue to expand the happiness and that is the ultimate goal around.


This is one more memorable life story of same visually impaired and it is post September 2018 from where he made some more inroads to better fortunes by more glorifying memories to carry on in his legacy as a blind person.

Always backed by his parents, helped by supporting staff and is able to create opportunities, It is a legacy that continues to build upon not only by virtual performance but also by multiple blessings and he makes sure to not disappoint those who trust his decisions by which things come to fruition.

there is one special feeling though by which he is always connected and it is the support of those who work with him and help their insights to affect his life that makes the difference including team members of Quiz team, staff of creative globe, band members in the musical group that came to start around February 2019, and help of all who like to go through his creative influence that is unique though.

Thence the life story this time shall focus on the happy moments after the challenge of Defending the trophy of Scott stardom tournament of 2018, more creative stardom, virtual challenges that came through for him while such quality was on stake and so on in this story.


To remind all who might not have yet gone through 'world without vision' the writer have explained their about his family, his rise from a small city to the better expanse and He is sure that people would have loved the way things spanned out for him through such a great journey.

To carry on few challenges to begin with though, He had to face psychological illness in his early career in the Blind school first where He got cleared with that in late 2008 and continued to study further by support of great people with small niggles here and there on the field trying to improve athleticism in sports that didn't continue long though but He enjoyed there.

Similarly in college He came across two different diseases and in that Dengue somehow broke his physical strength for a while in 2nd year about September 2013 but He competed well with great family support of father as well as cousins and got over the illness.

Thence it was somewhat more painful when he fell from stairs as mentioned in the 1st 'life story' and by great care of the Sant Permanand Hospital in Civil Lines, Delhi was recovered through thigh operation, And hence these challenges kept coming in his life as the journey went on and made him bit mature than his past self.

Now we turn on to the adventure of glory that surpassed him from these challenges after his inner strength still in right tact and helping him recover that was the virtual boost for him.


It was here at story mirror where the news of borislav award was also shared, My plans to settle for the Quiz tournament were shared on blog by me that was coming in Scotland, And some prominent poetry platform were also waiting for settle who's invitation had started to come as updates on my social media platform that were lauded well by people.

Now one thing always has been associated with me and that I have not expressed much to say but I feel that those who want more than their expectations from me try to trick by certain ideas that rather cost them than my own position first.

Remember that rather than planning for self-fortune, it is the trust that takes time as happens with all people for certain causes.

Like other honorary people every hard working personal associate himself or herself to some event that has happened in their life that changed their journey and for me it was my broken thigh that changed a lot in me after it's recovery and from there my ability to study and explore new techniques in Molecular biology also came to existence that gives me power to travel and work hard all across the globe.

Now this condition of mutual evolution may have been on test and it's results are shown variably, it is still time that all are not in it's trust cord and for that I don’t blame anyone whether they trust my judgement or not and for those who support, I have great respect for them who understand my necessity and back me and before going to my achievement I would like to express gratitude to all of them here.


Let's come to the progress mode now and it was quizzing first of all where we have to perform as team in Scotland defending our trophy that we had won back in 2015.

Though when we won it first time many people didn't come to clear the concept that quizzing at international level happen in such way also but in our visually challenged field it has a special place and hence we showed the people about the variants working out.

After realising in early 2018 that we have to do well, I maintained a momentum with team that has been brought after victory of the Brics cultural quiz in South Africa and the juniors who were selected had done great in Baikal Quiz tournament for which we were delighted to have them too.

Once we came to the momentum, found that the early Braille and typing stages have gone well, and found ourselves once again in the knock out stage then from there on the vision to win became prominent and we didn't give it up.

The team did it great and surprisingly we got to face South Africa in the finals of the tournament who defeated Norway in Semi finals to reach there first time and No doubt they are rising as great team but our job was much easy against them and we made it a history on 3rd of September 2018 winning the Scott stardom tournament second time.


As far writing was concerned, in later half of 2018 some very impressive news came through and though borislav medal was already on my name there was some impressive cultural response for which I have to get prepared and as the time crossed by I came to know the impact.

The first galore that came to me as a response was the invitation to attend the World poetry championship award ceremony in Sinaia that is located in Romania and when I attended that ceremony I was felicitated with Gustav icalnou medal which was a real pride for me.

IN Romania I also published 2 poetry books through support of University of Bucharest but the digital promptness became more delightful for me as an author when I managed to get international approval of 'Decisions of heart' on Lulu and on 11th of October 2018 it came in all online portals all over the world that was phenomenal.

I also got the chance in October 2018 to represent myself in the honorary kafla Inter-continental poetry festival in Indore in MP in India and there I not only presented my poem but also contributed with some creative arrangement that settled my tone in India which was somehow missing on big stage in past.

Besides the impressions became more joyful while I had gone to attend my book responses in Ireland and I got the chance to be part of Belfast festival in 2018 which was also a joyful feeling and I felt elated to get such an opportunity and make the mark.

Ultimately the joy moments continued in writing and the best news came from my community response from American flair where on the World Disability day on 3rd of December 2018 after community conference at Rochester I was honoured with Hersten Collar award in Washington official premises and having it to myself I felt that I have done some fine work in the field of creative galore as a visually impaired indeed.


In 2019 one more field became prominent for me and it’s started too happened from Makati in Philippines where also a challenge rose with the beginning but all the while we managed the affair well so our interest in Music came to reality there.

Not that the Light boom band hasn't performed before as it used to do in our quiz tournament victory as cause of ownership but we made it a professional stage and that happened firstly on 10th of February 2019.

From there on we took on the opportunity and gained momentum taking the band’s performance to Mumbai on the occasion of holy making it more impressive by our own written Hindi songs singing them along.

Ultimately the band has also performed in Mumbai offices on my birthday's early morning and it's a unique feeling to have such team of 12 members including me looking the promotions and commercial pathway that makes it an impressive account.


Now there is one thing left and it is not about achievement or the legacy but the challenges I face on common perspective and I shall be very glad to present them here as this 2nd Life story started as same with the counting of challenges.

As a visually impaired first it is not easy to gain people's trust no matter how hard we work and they can easily call our commitments as 'Fake story', 'Beggar plea', 'commercial tricks' or 'Ways of our own' that is certainly disappointing but help us to understand that as visually impaired or blind people we have to do lot more.

There is also certain challenge by people who not able to digest our commitments and constantly work on trying to dismiss our work or to damage its online position or cultural presence that I also have to fight.

Also there are many people who I used to call friends, honorary personals or professionals who were of great help but not with us anymore and they have broken the word called 'Trust' that includes many member of my writing team as well and that is more painful.


Yet no matter how many howling storms come, No matter how biggest the shake of that rumbling quake be, or for matter how long the scars shall-

Our goal is to heel and if we are able to, they will certainly be relieved of the hopelessness they engulf by involving in giving us challenges; all we have to apply is to carry on the Silent path.


By this I conclude this 2nd life story, thank you story mirror for your love and support, Hope it may continue.

May peace be prevailed on earth forever... 

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