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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

World Without Vision

World Without Vision

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World without vision is special

Born in shadows, rose in light and developed as an igniting spark to give hope.

A smallest of lamp that struggles in dark and comes to become a shining ball of hope is what my life is as a visually impaired writer, author, quizzer and academician.

I was born on 4th of April 1994 in the beautiful hill station known as Nainital which is popular for its beauty, color and popular Naini Lake.

This city is very close to my heart, not only due to its culture, but due to its natural habitat and while I have been growing up I had promised myself to try to protect its environment and contribute in such unique field.

Being part of a city that welcome liberal views, represents strong tradition and is part of historic memories There was no doubt that I won't be hiding in shadows and would be expected to do well.

Frankly speaking, the locals were to play a great role in my development and their love and care with equal pride made a vital source.

However, I was born to a middle-class family and my father has been a professional financial expert who is to say that He worked as an Accountant in the District and Rural development authority and He is himself a unique and stand out personality.

Besides my mother also belong to a traditional house and she had her own followers who all belong to the Shiva mythology and she is also a popular identity in the local community with her sing song voice and jolly nature.

My father did grow up in this city but my mother was from other district and hence the cultural realms both aspired did help me to grow up uniquely and made myself a different pathway. From childhood to the grown-up times, I was habitual to the cultural power both had and hence it won't be denying saying that their interest in literature and culture with high caliber inspired me to grow lines but in a different way as I said here before.

All in all, I was growing into a family that did have its power, legacy and stand out specialties and yet nobody knew what I would become and how I would fight on the struggles I would face once I would become blind and hence that is what come out as a shining light in my life.

Most of those who know that I don't have my vision anymore have their guess works about my vision loss.

Though I did have my own challenges to take my first steps as an infant and it did take a while, but my weakness is mostly connected with the Pneumonia that I faced around age of 3 and My parents did feel later that it was the cause that I lost my vision.

Till around my 6th class I continued to struggle with vision and continued my studies in the sighted school, but around the class mentioned I lost it completely and had no choice to turn around,

It was that time when I went for Braille accepting my weakness to be my strength and learnt it in Haldwani to become professional as a blind which was helped by all the instructors who taught me and I am grateful to all of them.

Later, due to support of the whole process I was selected in the NIVH that is the best special place in India functioned by the Government of Social justice empowerment from the center and till my 12th I continued to study there as a visually impaired with my similar fellows and that time became something unique for me to cherish around.

Though college days seemed to have revival of me as I came back to the common education that is known as being 'inclusion' in our community and I did well in my early days and won some good prizes and award in Delhi.

As a college student I joined Kirori mal college, in DU and I was allotted in the History society which has its own legacy and Once again the shadow of being better continued to loom over but this time I was up for it and in my 3rd year I published my life's 1st book titled 'Affection Never Dies' which was a great foot.

Finally, I was very happy to travel to Australia with appreciation to my Digital essay and due to that I got 'excellence award' in my hostel farewell but at the end some tragic memories also accompanied my college life which is to say that I fell from 30 stairs above and my thigh got broken which had to be operated and yet it's pain left my inclusive life to a close and I returned to my home.

Now let me give you my brief settlement and advancement in the Quiz field. For most of the sighted people, it is just a commercial games and certain people organize it for their own economic interest; but in the Vision Impaired field it has its own place to match up and in our community it is played like other sport which is to say that If we do our best we are provided the chance to represent our country and hence My dream for quizzing began from Punjab when in my 11th and 12th class back to back I became part of the winning team at national level.

IN college days I kept myself in practice and made sure that though I may lose in the commercial type I continue to practice my word where I kept reaching the final knock out and hence it did give confidence though losing at last to me and it helped me learn a lot.

Ultimately in February 2014 I got the chance to go to Goa which I couldn't get to fulfil but my impression in quizzing had become enough and The Indian quiz federation located in Chennai appreciated my quiz and I got the chance to play quizzing for India.

I was heartily delighted and though My father did come to know about it, from others I kept it a secret, as they had lesser knowledge, and hence in September 2015 I led my Visually impaired team to Glasgow for the Scot Stardom tournament and we won our first tournament as a uniquely led team which was a great stride.

This did carry on in Finland and hence on I didn't look back and till present as team we have won around 15 tournaments in gap of 3 years. The best memory for me is to lead my team in the quiz world cup in 2016 that held in India and winning it for my country with my team performing greatly in the visually impaired circuit will surely remain in my heart for long.

Our latest victory was in South Africa back in February 2018 and we now look forward to defending our trophy in the Scot stardom tournament that will take place this September 2018 at same places in Glasgow.

Besides my 1st work and quizzing, I am also associated with Asiatic Society of Mumbai and have represented them at various places including in India and at international level where I have presented my research papers and they are appreciated around.

I am also the author of around 32 works and for this I am extremely glad to my author team who work entirely hard. This glorious team. Include Nick sir in editorial command, Priya madam as Cartoonist, Pallavi Roy as Blog journalist, Charles McDonald as Google photo team head and many more without whose support I might not be what I am today.

In this Around 6 are eBooks on lulu in which 3 are co-authored work and others are my self-project. 5 works are Research works at Indian level. 14 are Doc books on Scribd. And 6 are education books published in New Zealand and Ireland in 2018 that help me to stand as a unique VI person who is never going to close just due to lost vision at a critical stge.

Finally, I have also participated in 2 International poetry meet in 2018 in which 1st took place in Shanghai in China and the 2nd was held in Sveti Stefan in Montenegro. It was in this 2nd poetry meet that I was awarded the honorary 'Borislav, Man of legacy, Medal' and My journey as a visually impaired personal continue to be on high note with support of all that help me feel special and indeed world without vision can be specific and unique if rightly chosen steps take you to the right roadmap.

No darkness no light; No hunger, no search for life; and at last, Necessity is the mother of all inventions as it is said so.

With that I close my life’s story and I hope that your blessings and goodwill shall continue to make me unique...

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