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Made For The Kill

Made For The Kill

5 mins

Life can be harsh sometimes, it can give you peaceful moments, but it can also provoke you to become a murderer. Some people don't have the choice behind their decisions; In short, they are made to kill and live by means of killing.

Arnold was one such person who always enjoyed murders around the street, He was famous as a killing guy and He had become a professional assassin those days so the whole city used to be haunted by his approach.

Yet life can change in quick pace also as Arnold became a policeman and killed the prisoners with equal joy as he used to kill innocent people in past.

How this all happened was enough to explain, But it's necessary to go back into a deadened night and experience Arnold's haunting memory becoming his own fate.

The night Arnold decided to quit all in one master stroke was one of most fierce you could imagine as far drama of Arnold's life is concerned though.

The street lamps went out as distant thunder sounded outside famous Elite member's balcony from where Arnold used to sneak out and theft monetary cables worth 100 dollars every week though. He turned right and took his famous short cut that would lead him to his secret place where he used to keep his special gloves, small pistol and fake documents to trick all authorities in a single stroke, but something strange was waiting for Arnold rather than his old treasures out of sight and place indeed.

The idea of impact is strange though, but it happened with Arnold when he reached the hiding place without realising what he was going to do at that particular time.

He had not thought to consult his ideology to kill, but he had no idea what might lead him to continue the same even after changing his job though.

The piercing shriek stunned Arnold as he turned to search another mission to hunt around night. The voice was coming from his own gloves and it looked like some microphone which was issuing bellows of capturing himself. Awestruck on his own capture, Arnold decided to run but the noise became louder as the chances change

for him around that thunderous night. The culprit has realised that it was no good staying at the place, But Arnold also knew that he has no chance to survive from the police as He has been done in by the same. Baffled with striking police van's horn, he heard its car door opening and two policemen facing him with their guns rose in front of him. Their rough faces made him remember about his first mishap when he was fired but he survived, Goodness, Should he make a run for it? He has no idea to survive, but he had also planned inside his head that if he would die, He is not going to kneel in front of these people. Yet, the policemen didn't fire bullets and it made relief to Arnold as he looked in their horrified faces, He had no idea what was going on and how he is going to run away from these two shirt gunmen who look like police with fully dressed coats, pant and official dress in tandem indeed. He had to find out someone to save him on hand, being a criminal, but still the gunmen didn't fire on him and a unique stroke hit him on the spot.

Arnold pulled out his own gun and there was a minute of trance where Arnold had realised what to do and fire 4 bullets with his silencer Pistol and both men thudded to the ground with eyes open wide and they lied no more to tell any tale as Arnold ran away from the site in hurry and panicky. All that to happen was that his gloves would shout on him and He would be found guilty of two more murder, but he told himself that it's his destiny and he should move on another night in pursuit of new adventures.

However, when Arnold woke next day, he was stunned to find him sitting near the tea table of the regional police office. The working people around him were congratulating him for doing the job they haven't done for years. They kept cheering his name toasting their teacups and when Arnold stood up to leave, they saluted him

and told that he was to join the police services at once. As Arnold was still not getting all about what exactly might have happened, He pulled the newspaper lying on the table nearby and was shocked to see his own face printed in front line. Then it clicked him, The two people who had come in police dress last night with police van were two famous murderers who used to kill children for their own interests through kidnaps, He got the toast that by killing them he has solved the mystery. He felt delighted at the news but he felt empty also as his first choice was going to end now and there was no cause to continue being a professional assassin.

It may be the crunch of fate for Arnold that night, But all he could explain to himself that sometimes it is essential to switch work to become heroes and from that day onwards Arnold is the hero of his own police wing and being the top committed cops have murdered countless souls. The role hasn't changed as the job had, But he continued to remain a professional sharpshooter at the end.

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