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Saurabh Pant

Drama Fantasy


Saurabh Pant

Drama Fantasy

The Headless Driver

The Headless Driver

7 mins 98 7 mins 98

 In a strange city of very few cottages and with the dangerous road to swallow, many people had lost their lives not due to the fact they were not able to drive well but due to the fact that fear would grip them whenever they would come close to that road and that feeling would be very hard to swallow that would force them to drive in the opposite direction which was very thinner and due to the wrong turn their vehicles would take the wrong turn and they would die due to the accidents. 

Many cottage owners of the local area have also lost their closed ones and whenever they would talk of such accidents only one word would come in their lips and it would be of 'the headless driver' who was thought to be responsible for such accidents and had done many such deeds in his life before he was turned over and got killed in form of the response of such same act. 

It was believed that he was the owner of the car grills that used to be a factory once in the same city but somehow got ransacked and disappointed due to the heavy losses occurred in his factory the driver decided to take the job of driving home the local residents and started to drive in the wrong turn due to which accidents would occur and in each accident, he would survive somehow due to able to turn on a twisted bend and would face heavy headbutts but won't die due to his own driving abilities. 

One day he was caught red-handed by the city mayor and it was ordered that he would be thumped to the wall with his head being burst as he was responsible for many deaths and till that night when his head was smashed, people still remember the look on his face and feel that he would come to take revenge and has been still on the run as a ghost to kill so many people in the city himself. 

These days the news had become more popular after two more deaths have occurred in the same style and to make it more suspense a picture has been presented by the city local artists where the driver's poster was tagged on the wall with his head being burst in front of the whole court and it made the things look so severe the newly appointed mayor asked for investigations and sent a professional who could sort out the problem himself. 

Although this man had once belonged to the factory run by the same driver and new the tactics of his boss so he had some idea that how he would have been involved in same, he also had no ideas how serious the problem would have been and when he turned into the colony road and found his vehicle twisting in the midair his breath seemed to catch in his heart and in his mind he started to request his boss to forgive him for coming to the road. 

On this thought process building, a grey figure smoked in front of the investigator and the person was none other than driver himself being the ghost who asked for the purpose of asking his forgiveness and on that matter, the investigator explained the whole scene on which the driver agreed that he has still gone on to take people's lives as his life was destroyed by those people who knew he was innocent but still trapped him to have his head burst publically. 

Hence a quiet debate took place between the investigator and the driver and they both agreed not to take anyone's life until they challenge the situation of the colony road and with all agreed amongst them the investigator thanked the ghost of his boss and turned in to his seniors to explain the matter who laughed on his statement and dismissed him on considering him a bluff and being loyal to the master who once got ransacked and was also communally involved to take so many lives and decided to punish the ghost of the headless driver with an accurate plan of their own design. 

Two special experts got appointed by the pannel considering the ghosts and they were asked to report on the place with their tantric abilities to fend off so the place as a transport hub should be well suited to those who navigate from the area and people won't be able to be trapped in the dangerous wishes of the ghost and they were also asked to make their best effort to fend off the ghost permanently either by trapping him or forcing him to leave the place. 

Also to have their safety one special guard was sent on the opposite side corner and was asked to report on a regular basis that what were the situations so if these experts become troublesome then an urgent action could be taken on the right effect and the guard was asked not to get trapped in the smokiness and do report on the basis of the conditions of experts if any tragedy occurred as well. 

Also to make the effort become a successive one it was requested to the local passers-by that they do ignore the pathway and turn right from their local residents to take a different road that would help them to carry on their regular work and would not affect their daily routine, as they didn't get agree on the first step but somehow were considered to accept the reality by threats and their future on the stake which was enough. 

Once that was all assured the Mayer himself asked the experts to sign off and the team was given only 8 hours to fend off the ghost and make sure that headless driver would never be able to return back to the city so his threat and all the problems created by him could be restored to normal and people could do better with peace amongst them with no thought of such headless bloke who only wanted havack in the place himself while living and being a ghost was still not satisfied damaging the area more and more around. 

However, the event that was planned couldn't become possible and it all happened due to some strange kind of incidents that happened just when the team was cleared the green signal, a phone came to the mayor and asked him to leave the city with official orders for his transfer, the two experts who were appointed also received the same call to leave and the guard who was asked to be stationed received a letter of promotion due to which he had to leave without even informing his bosses where he had gone on. 

People of the local area were still in fear of the ghost but they had gone on to their walking strolls without using vehicles on the sideroad where the accidents used to take place and instead of shouting in their usual tones they have thanked the ghost for helping them clear out their path from the pressure of the Mayer who has pressed them threats of either losing their homes or their jobs in case of to not use the path and the ghost smiled his grey toothy grin thinking of the plan went well. 

An official farewell bidding was arranged by the young men who has painted his posters and the same were changed with the head attached to the driver instead of being the headless and seeing with his ghost and shadowed eye on the night of grey moon when everything has calmed down the ghost felt bit pleased and his soul felt relaxed of the way the things had gone on in step by step manner without much blood spilled of the humankind. 

He spoke in his whiskey voice of not bothering the locals from any more accidents but didn't become sure of how he would react to the outsiders and seeing that all have become calm with all the deep waters being cleared the locals became joyous and the ghost also felt peaceful of being relieved of his pain rather than being the troubled once at large... 

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