Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Prabha Iyer



Prabha Iyer




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There was a scene in my dream . . there was a melancholic person sitting and hallucinating himself. . it was an astonishing sceneric climate. . the trees were purple and clouds were cheering up the mountains, the sky represents its ironic character with its silence and birds were welcoming the stars. It was the time where the oxygen in the air was very pure. . the flowers were very calm that everyone got infatuated with the nature. . the time goes by half an hour where the sun welcomes and handed over his responsibility to the lustrous moon. And the moon as a queen said the sun with a warm smile that she will take care all of the fellow human beings who worked very hard with your support and she had to give them comfy sleep with the blow of chill air, like giving a sip of cold drink in the middle of sweat. As a queen she is doing her responsibility every day without getting rest. . suddenly the inner gentle men in me knocked the door of heart and asked me "Sir with due respects,  how did you identify that the moon is a queen and sun is a king. . ? "

I replied to inner me that, " valet de chambre (man who acts as personal attendant to his employer)of course the sun is a king because man is always rugged in his character and appearance. . he don't like others looking at him with anger and so we can't look at him if we're are furious, envious, enmity, impishness, wickedness, misdeed, impropriety, mischief or rudeness towards him. . he definitely the gentlemen who sees them like those behaviors won't allow us to see him With bare expressions. The king never allow enimes to dare at him. If so he will burn them like kebabs. But the king is so responsible that he never let down nature, agriculturists and fellow people who depends on him. In the evening he melts his heart down to earth and allow us to express our grievances to him, allow us to speak to him. He gives us an eye contact towards him, and yes even though the king who is ruling the world, who decides the time, cries sometimes. . why not even he may have feelings.

Even if the king lates half an hour the child earth will start crying voraciously. . of course why not,  no child likes to live without parents. . but the sun as a responsible king and father of earth taught earth that even if the child earth cries , it should be benefitted to nature and humans. "your emotions should never ruin you and the nature" says the lovable father. He says that even if you have feelings don't keep it yourself. that feelings might bring somebody's life like earth's crying helping the nature to grow up forests,  speechless animals in form of rain. and he says that "your emotions should stay in your limit, don't let it too audacious,  if not your own creativeness will be destroyed by you like earthquake and tsunami. . you have to control your feelings. . Cry yourself. . feel yourself. .

Don't share!. . and show where you need to and not to everyone. . some will take advantage of your emotions like some people judging the rain to shower heavily. . those men never get satisfied, and don't believe every human because in a bunch of good fruits some might have already rotten and letting others to rotten. These humans will give you honey in your mouth and inject poison in your back. . they say everything to protect nature and gives you an atom explosion without even considering the other good fruits you had produced. But this nature depends on you, you had to take care of them they are fellow migrants who came to you as shelter, they are pity speechless creatures who literally depends on you and keeps helping humans in no returns".

The father advised to his little child and his queen and said a nimble bye to everyone. . and there comes a beautiful queen. . my inner me was listening to all those things and there I continued, "the queen is so humble and affectionate to everyone human and non human beings in earth. . And moon is a mother to earth,  every human and nature. . She never allows her child to go alone. . every human who are sad and walks alone,  she like a mother always follows you, to confirm that nobody is left alone.

She give a smile to everyone who smiles at her, she play with everyone who plays hide and seek with her, she runs with children, she gives pleasant surprise to people who live in forest, she share everyone's feelings and sorrows. She as a mother lullaby every creatures in earth to forget their tiredness and get into deep sleep. she never forgets to satisfy each one in nature. She hugs those who are alone and make them feel they aren't left alone. Even the queen gets anger, sometimes she hides herself but never fails to comeback as an obligated, responsible mother. the queen always allows to see her beauty. And she will be expecting greetings from everyone. . we as a children atleast should give greetings to godly mother as we're being taken care by her endless efforts.

By the end of half an hour lecture, the gentle inner me understood the gender of sun and moon. after the responsibility of king sun,  he just passes to take rest and the queen moon comes to take care of the other half part of time as her responsibility. She arrives so grandly with the soldires of stars. She looks odd and unique as every queen wants to be. . but when comes to giving comfort to her fellow nature , she turns to an angle mother who fulfill everyone's wishes.  

And the man started starring at the sky lat down himself and carried upon his hallucinations.

He was the center of attraction among the queen, soldiers, children out there.  

Everyone , even the queen started asking him about his current tragic appearance on his face. The men started blabbering loudly at his listeners. the men's only companion was the moon, stars, and nature. He said that his life passes by time, he took a wrong decision . there are his parents where he had to take care and relieve them as soon as possible. . Due to his ineligible decision , his life passes by two years. . again he had to cold start his running. . He said that he is feeling alone even if he is surrounded by people. . the queen said to her child, "dear baby ! who said your are left alone? Who said you are being teased by others? Those who tease you are already teasen by me. you say that your life was passed by 2 years, but you know what? I'll tell you one beautiful thing. you are already living in the past, not you! everyone , every little thing on this earth is living in the past, the future what you are expecting is not the future but the present. see me! see my eyes! You can understand the beautiful technical process and automation of our universe. Even we have death, even we are limited by life, and everything in our life. .

Our job is to take care of you, to give, to prioritize you, to speak up with you. I am the queen only for those who are like enmity towards the nature,  but I'm only the mother of you and those who are like you. if our co planet who is so many light years away faces his or her death ( a supernova explosion),  you just understand that even we are not eternal we have to fall,  raise, go up, go down and just go on. We only don't have time. the only thing is, we decide our fall, we decide our fall when we have completed our responsibility completely. If a planet who is many light years away go into supernova explosion nowwww! You will be able to see that only in future that is the present. . you will come to know that the planet has dead and exploded only many years later. . the light comes out of explosion will arrive earth only many light years later. . The planet might have already been dead and you will be knowing only later that the light arrives to you in many years later. So remember child you are living in the past. . you had not wasted any time. . You have more time, you have the present called future.  

You saying that you are left alone. . But we nature are all watching and wandering to speak with you people. . But you are not respecting us,  not willing to chat with us. You are not left alone you are actually surrounded by nature who are trustworthy than anyone else. Yeah even nature gets angry, they will speak to those only who speaks with them. . They are not radio. They are the wonderful creatures by god who are longing to speak with you. You speak with them, talk to them your feelings,  I'm sure they will answer to your feelings and emotions.

The best companion in earth is only nature. They are best ones who never leaves you at any situation. Whatever the circumstances you will always be followed by them and me.

Start speaking with nature. even your hearts longing to chat with me and nature, what you're hallucinating yourself is actually the talks of your heart to the nature for which it is visible and for you it is not visible. Talk to me. . I will answer you concerns , I will share your feelings and I'm waiting for your love. Everything is destined in life, you are moving with your emotions.

Only few people in earth respects the nature and speak to us. Those who starts speaking with nature and planets they will get the best answers for their queries among all others in earth. "

"Dear child, forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and wind that long to play with your hair, heaven is under your feet as well as over your head. To me a lush carpet of pine needles or spongy grass will be more welcoming than long luxurious rug. Leave the roads, start taking the trials, I will soothe and heal your heart. "

The man was completely mesmerized by the answers of queen moon and nature child earth. But only few will understand the relativity of man and earth. The man somehow recollected what was happened in him in those half an hour and he was happy suddenly the moment he realizes that he spoke with nature without knowing himself. He felt that he was surrounded by many creatures who are longing for him to speak, who are waiting for his friendship. The man was though bit confused about the situation but he was confident in his thought. He started playing with friendly nature, he just shouted and screamed and cried to wipe out his sorrows and suddenly jumped on to the bench and started dancing , he could able to see the faces of nature around him.

And the nature was the best companion of the man ever.  

. . And the man was none other than the author. one could able to write stories only what they had went through in life. the author went through the melancholic situation and came up with natures, stars, galaxy. Stories are not fairies they are actually based on true incidents of authors they went through.

I got the comrade of nature. . And this was my,  "Theory of understanding life with nature". VIDYASAGAR P

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