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My Experience With MahaPeriava

My Experience With MahaPeriava

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My unforgettable & wonderful experience. 

I had taken my day off on 11.02.2014 due to my ill health. Unfortunately, my mother had a serious health pain at 1920 hrs while watching the Mahabaratha serial in Vijay TV. She asked me to accompany her to the doctor & as soon as we went I was asked to admit her in hospital in the ICU. I was very much grieved with sadness, as I had lost my father on 31.03.2013 & this event took place even before his first ceremony taking place in 2014. After about three days of staying in Balaji hospital (Chrompet) we got her back home. She had 3 severe blocks in her heart (one of 100% & the other two of 80% each). She had to undergo the By-pass operation within 2 weeks' time. I couldn’t afford so much expense all by myself, but good that we had the Kalaignar Insurance with us. We wanted to proceed with that but we had to get it changed in the name of Mudal Amaichar Kaapeedu Thittam @ Kancheepuram. We had to produce the Salary certificate of my mother & for which we went to VAO. The signature of the VAO was getting delayed as they were busy issuing saris & dhotis to the citizens before election. One fine day on 24.02.2014-it was my grand mother’s shardham day (My father’s mother). I thought of performing the ritual, thinking that if my father was alive he would have done for his mother & hence I got one old Brahmin person to home, to whom whole heartedly we offered lunch & the usual dakshinas. To my surprise on the same day at 1500 hrs, we received a phone call saying that the VAO had signed our paper & that we can collect the same. Imagine how happy I was! 

Here, I have to say about my family friend Mr.Suresh who as usual has been always helpful to me & my family. Without his accompaniment, I wouldn’t have done anything. Me, my father, My Mother & My Son are always grateful to him, such a wonderful character he processes. May god always bless him!. We both went to kancheepuram & got the Insurance card changed. 

My mother had asked me to visit Periava’s madam when I had gone to kancheepuram. I had gone there without my slippers & in the hot sun, I couldn’t meet Jayandra Saraswathi but I had met Vijayendra Saraswathi, and I prostrated before him. I had my eyes full of tears & I blabbered to him as I had no speech clarity in myself seeing him. He gave me prasadam & asked me to give my address to one Paattu Mami. I waited & did the same as per his advice. I had never asked him for any monetary help, I just told him that I have my mother’s by-pass surgery & that he should bless her. I was planning to see Periava’s idol made of wax, while I was on the way, I had come across a Shiva temple inside the Kanchi madam. I asked a person whether I could sing a song, to which he reciprocated & I sang one Kamakshi song. There was pin drop silence. I got prasadam from the Archakar. He bought 2 Oranges from inside, he kept the small one near Shiva Lingam & gave me the big one along with kunkumam, Vibhuthi & Periva’s photo & told me to give the same to my mother & also convinced me stating that she will be blessed by God & everything will be alright. I was extremely happy. I returned home after visiting the wax Periva’s idol.  

I cannot forget to tell here about Dr.S.Selvakumar who had booked our outlet PASHA for his daughter’s function on 16.02.2014. I had only interacted with him on e-mails & phone calls & due to my sincere & immediate responses to him he was very happy with my work. He had called many times to office but couldn’t get connected to me as I had taken leave. Ultimately, he called my land number & asked me the reason for taking leave & I had explained all the things in details about my mother’s ill health. Why would a guest take an initiate to call me & advise me? Really a wonderful person he is & he fixed an appointment with his brother-in-law Dr.Rajkumar @ Vijaya Hospital. I met him with my friend & he in turn referred Dr. Mariappan-Heart Surgeon (A very genius man). We met him & fixed the tentative surgery date on 18.03.14. 

We got my mother admitted on 17.03.14 morning @ 0830 hrs. I was very afraid that whether my mother would come back home as the doctor had already explained me the seriousness of my mother & the operation process. Doctor explained about her health condition (she is a diabetic, has blood pressure & she is weak) & that any thing could happen, though they all will try to take maximum effort to do the operation successfully & the rest is depended upon god. The next day the operation was to take place at 1600 hrs. My father’s first year ceremony was on 19.03.14, 20.03.14 & 21.03.14. I couldn’t perform any rituals on these days as we all were in hospital. On 18.03.14, @ 1545 hrs they took my mother to the Operation theatre. My mother’s cousin & my cousin were there to console me, but no one can replace a MOTHER or FATHER in one’s life. I was simply thinking about her & crying as could do nothing else. At 1800 hrs, I had remembered the Periava’s Serial in Vijay TV (that I we used to watch daily), thinking that I could get my mind diverted. I asked my son to change the TV channel to Vijay in that waiting room, where the visitors had a TV installed on the wall to watch & relax. 

To my astonishment I have to explain that perticular day’s serial. If any one of you come across a chance to see Mr.Swaminathan’s MAHA PERIAVA’s serial telecasted on 18.03.2014-Tuesday from 1800 hrs till 1830 hrs, please I beg you all to see it again as I would want to see it myself. 

The story of Periava on that day: A family consisting of 3 people mother, father & a daughter. The mother had chest pain & got admitted in a hospital where the doctor said she had 3 severe blocks & had to undergo the surgery soon. (Please co-relate it with my own mother). The daughter visited Periava @ Kancheepuram & cried to him (Like me, though I never met Maha Periava in my life, but I went to Kanceepuram, saw his pictures & met Vijayendra periava). Periava took one mango which was kept near him & gave that to the lady stating that the same has to be returned after they come back from hospital curing her mother. Periava consoled that lady telling, ‘go and give this mango to your mother & dont worry as nothing will happen to your mother. But remember to get one Mango when you return back, as I have taken this Mango from the Almighty (Lord Shiva) & he will become angry if I don’t return the same to him’. (Like me remember-I got one Orange fruit, though not directly from Maha Periava but from the Archakar of Shivan Sannidhi, I gave the orange to my mother). The fruit was given to that mother by that lady. That mother was lying in the bed, she didn't feel unconscious though the anesthesia was given to her, she saw Periava coming & smiling at her. Periava asked her, ‘Don’t you want to see you daughter getting married?’. Mother replied, ‘I want to see it Periava but I don’t think I will come alive’. Periava asked, ‘Do you believe the doctors or ME?’. Mother replied, ‘Periava I believe you only whole heartedly’. Periava replied, ‘Then better you stop crying, stay calm & close your eyes, think of me & every thing will be okay’. Stating this he disappeared. Then the story went on, the operation took place successfully, the mother got discharged & regained good health. The entire family visited Maha Periava with Mango fruit & received blessings from him.

I got this message (Periava asking me-Do you believe the doctor stating your mother’s ill health & serious condition or ME that I will take care of her) as if it was for me & immediately my tears dried off. My mother’s operation time was between 1600 hrs till 1925 hrs & this serial was telecasted in Vijay TV on the same date/day between 1800 hrs till 1830 hrs. I don’t know from where I got the courage, I was not crying but I was praying Periava, lord Ganesh & My Father. Dr.Mariappan called me at 1925 hrs, stating that my mother’s surgery took place in a positive way & that she will gain better health. I feel down on his legs thanking him. 

I really don’t know anything about Maha Periava, though my mother has always belief in him from infant. I used to believe in only lord Ganesh, whom I love very much, now Maha Periava has enetered to my life by bringing back my mother’s life from a critical condition. 

Not only saving my mother but also got my job back. I had actually given my resignation as I had taken long leave for taking care of my mother. No private company allows long leaves. But My company’s GM & Director-HR gave me a new life by ignoring my resignation & keeping me back with them. I am very grateful to My GM & Director HR as I trust all this happened by my having belief in Maha Periava.

If I would get a chance, I would want to share this information to Sri.Swaminathan Sir, who narrates the amazing miracles of Maha Periava daily in Vijay TV @ 0800 hrs. This is not a fictitious story; this is a true incident that happened in my life.

With the blessings of Periava, Lord Ganesh & obviously my Darling God-My Father (A man whose good qualities cannot be explained in papers & whom I lost last year), I got my mother back. Saying thanks would be silly & disrespectful. My request is, please have belief in God (whomever you think is your god & however you name them or identify them) as they direct our way of life to be led in a positive direction. Always respect your parents as all the relationships can be replaced in life except MOTHER & FATHER. I love my parents.

Thank you for reading my life experience with MAHA PERIAVA.

My Amma Savithri passed away on December 11th,2023. She died asking Saiappa - (Sai ne Enna Enna than semiya pora). Just 10 years after my father expired. My entire happiness is taken away by her that is never going to come back in my life in this birth.

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