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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Dream Daughter-In-Law

Dream Daughter-In-Law

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One beautiful morning of summer season, luckily it happened that I got up at morning 6 am. As soon as I stepped out of my room, I heard some murmuring sound outside, it was a bit annoying as the stillness and peace of the morning was perturbed by this sound. I walked towards the main gate with the motivation of going for walk, then there I found the culprits who were breaking the silence. My mother and aunty were discussing on same old topic, marriage of her son.

Somehow, reluctantly I said her Namaste and asked about wellness of her son.

“Proposal of marriage! That has become very frequent, in a day we have to handle at least fifty calls from different families. And this is justified also, after all my son is a reputed government officer, but the problem is none of the girl could impress me. I have already informed everyone, girl should be little bit educated, but yeah I don't want any girl who has done her education by living in hostels or who has worked outside. Girls are made to be kept inside home only, they are like jewels of the family, have you ever seen someone keeping their jewels outside? Once these girls step outside to enter new city then they start living in the dream world and they feel that they are the queen of their beautiful as well as impractical stories. And moreover God only knows how many boyfriends a city girl might be having. I want a virgin girl for my son. I want a simple girl who should have done B.A. from nearby college only, our Banaras city has many good colleges where you can accomplish your education from home. Yeah! at least B.A. is required after all my son has relations with educated officer families. But we don't want more educated girl, she need not to earn for us, the only thing in which she should be excellent is doing homely works and taking care of my son. She should know how to use washing machine and grinder, I don't want to give someone training of such basic things at this age. She should be able to teach the kids till primary school, after that we could keep tuitions. She should be fair like milk and should have height of at least 5.5 inches. She should have pointed nose tip and big beautiful eyes like doe, as I don't want an ugly faced girl to become my daughter-in-law...after all I have to take care of my future generation. And by the way I have never asked for dowry to anyone but one thing I think is must, that is girl's father should have at least property equivalent to that of our Yadavji's property."

I think you might have guessed I am talking of Yadavji who lives in Noida and who has been recently in news because of income tax raid." And the most important thing they shouldn't be Nih-santani(infertile in English) otherwise who will continue my legacy if that girl also have the same problem.That's all are my requirement, as soon as I'll get a girl of this type, I'll arrange the marriage very next day only. I don't know why it is very difficult to find such girl, after all I am not asking for beautiful princess of some famous king. I am waiting for that time only, I don't know when my wish will get fulfilled.”

“Oh my God!” this was the only sentence that came out of my mouth after listening this list.

The background is that her son is IRS officer that's why she has such big list of qualities of her would be daughter-in-law. Out of this whole essay one sentence stuck in my mind and I couldn't resist myself so asked her - “ Aunty! I couldn't understand the point about 'infertility'

of her parents. They are having a daughter that's why they have approached you with marriage proposal, then how they can be said infertile?”

“Oh my innocent daughter! Have you seen any girl driving the legacy of her family? No right!

Girls are like jewels at the home whom we take care till some customer comes and take it to their home for decorating their house. A girl's permanent home is not her father's home but it is her husband's home, after all she has to get married and go to the new family. She can't run

the legacy. I told that point with the sense that girl should have at least one brother. Let it be that if I bring such a girl to my home and if she also won't give birth to baby boy then who will drive my legacy further. Naa..I don't want such daughter-in-law.”

I felt very sad after listening these all things, I felt that today also our country is backward, not at all developing also. The funniest part was that, I thanked God in my mind thinking that at least I won't get such rubbish proposals for marriage as I have spent most part of my life outside only. I have studied from boarding school from the childhood.

After some day, that same aunty came to our home, she had a card in her hand. After seeing that I couldn't control my anxiety and asked her, “Finally have you got your dream daughter-in-law?”

She thumped her hand on her forehead and said, “My son has insulted me and my family in front of whole society. He has shattered all my dreams. He got married to one of his colleague. Now our family won't be able to live with proud in this society, no one will marry my daughter. Everyone will just make us feel low as if we have done some crime. In order to make this situation little bit okay, I have arranged a reception party and this card is for the same.”

I couldn't stop myself and started laughing after hearing all these things. I know she might have felt bad but my mother covered that by showing sympathy to her. Later I thought, humanity is still present in us, today also there are some people in our society for whom we girls are not like objects to possess or simply to be kept in the home for decoration.

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