Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra
Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Once Again Zero To One!

Once Again Zero To One!

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A story of a little bird

Once upon a time, a bird created a nest and hatched eggs in that. She had put a lot of effort into making that nest, she had searched for the softest grass and picked each and every such piece one by one with her beaks. It had taken her months to finish her dream nest for her kids. 

With time, her young ones came out of the eggs. Her family got completed with two small birds in the nest. They used to play and have fun in the nest. She was so happy and proud of herself that she created the nest at a safe place where her young ones could grow safely and live happily. The nest was their sweet home where they could find love and peace.

On one such day when kids were playing, they saw an eagle hovering over their nest. They got scared and covered themselves with the thatch beside them. They remained silent whole day and kept themselves hidden in the thatch. 

When their mother arrived in the evening they shared the incident with her and explained their fear of losing their lives. Hearing all these things, she also got scared and kept on thinking about the problem. She remained awake the whole night and didn’t go for food hunting the next morning. She thought that it is better to stay with kids for their safety. 

Unfortunately this day also, the eagle came and hovered over the nest as if he was analyzing the prey before preying. She got scared and kept on thinking about the consequences.

She was so much worried about this incident that her mind got cluttered with the thought of losing her family and her sweet home. 

When she was sitting on a branch with a to take some rest. But as he was about to lie down, the sad face of the bird came into his vision. He could see the dearth of sorrow in her eyes. He asked her about her face, a saint stopped by that tree to ask about reason of this deep sorrow and her worrisome face. She explained all the incidents to him and also put forward her fear of losing her family and home. 

After hearing everything, a satiating smile came on the saint’s face and he said – “This life is a great teacher and we are great learners. Sometimes because of past memories and fear of the future, we couldn’t understand the lesson that is being taught to us. We keep on delving in our own ocean of thoughts and live life like a deaf, dumb and blind creature. I think all this is happening because nature is giving you inklings to begin a new journey but you are so much entangled into your thoughts that you couldn’t hear and see those hints. By this time, you should have started building your new nest in some other place where your family can live more safely. But unfortunately, you haven’t even looked for any such place yet. You are so much attached to your home that you couldn’t look at what this situation is demanding from you. Now this nest has become old and even unsafe for your family. Go and find out a new place and start building your nest.”

The bird understood the advice of the saint and went out to look for a new place. This time instead of filling herself with worries she was thrilled with enthusiasm to make a new nest for her family.

Handling setbacks like the bird

Unlike human beings, the bird didn’t argue that she has to start again from zero to make it one, she understood the demand of hours and with her faith, on herself, she started her work. In our life too, we face this kind of setback when we feel that after reaching more than half of the ladder we have been thrown back on the ground. Sometimes, the Almighty wants us to make our own ladder again from zero. Some times, He wants us to climb this new ladder again from the bottom but with more enthusiasm and positive hope. While we often overhear and oversee His inklings when we are in trouble.

In such moments of insanity, we have to maintain sanity and have faith in ourselves. I know it’s very difficult to do this but it’s not impossible. We have to become like that bird, without arguing so much about the situation we should look forward to the solutions. Until the negative thoughts keep on hovering in our mind like that eagle, our sight remains covered with clouds of sorrow. At such time, we have to close our eyes and ask the inner saint within us to show us the path, the divine path.

We have to stop by and ask that saint to unravel the truth. And then when we get the answer, we should not get scared that we have to start again from zero. We should not doubt our potential. It’s okay to be at the bottom for a moment but it’s not okay to stay there for a long time. We should start making our own ladder and keep climbing until we reach our goals. These small setbacks are part of our life and we can’t ignore it, such times will come and pass we should keep on climbing consistently without remaining frozen forever.

Conclusion: To remember

Life is like a game of LUDO, with lots of ladders on the way to climb up and equally that many numbers of snakes to bring you down. Now it’s you who has to decide whether you want to play and reach 100, even after facing multiple snake bites or whether you want to stay at zero forever in your life.

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