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Life With Nature

Life With Nature

6 mins

There was a scene in my dream and many students sitting and chatting with other students and there comes a kind professor, he wore a black fine shoe with perfectly finished black pant and a sharp belt tied around his waist, which Shines more with his glare blue white shirt...but he was so informal because of his royal brown coat and fluffy Grey dotted scarf.. he was wearing a hat too which had a label on it (broader man) that time students dint understand the term as it has no sense with this man.. of course, he is a good fit man. There were many controversies, problems running over the world but these pity students just worrying about their exams and future....the professor trying to calm the students down but they were not listening as they are running a 10 mile factories machines...I know that's not a good joke at this time...but the next few words are going to change the students life at an eternal glory.. the professor was not perfect at his English but he was perfect at his conversation..

The professor started speaking with the students and none of them listened him as usual.. this is challenging for the professor to explain an unexplainable thing to unexplainable students so that unexplainable thing will become explainable to unexplainable students, which finally lands in explanation. The part of explanation is to first unexplained the explain thinking..

The professor: "listen my pity students! I'm going to twist your brain and thought process

A man can give only a sufficient statement of anything in the world and he can never give absolute statement to anyone be it a student, professor, scientist, author, president too.

No one has the right to say that any particular thing in this world even concepts was discovered or invented by him...because no body knows how long this universe, how older, how younger, may be we all are the playable things which was created by mysterious magical people for their own happiness who may exists, or we may be the last generation will be living in this civilization, or we may the first thing found on this universe, or it was just full of illusions that no body or this world doesn't even exists, or this might be created by a person named God who wanted to pass his time and does this by clapping his fingers, who knows there will be an millions of earth in which people might be living better than us or not.. and there a professor like me explaining in the same way pointing at our planet..

There is nothing tough in this world, nothing, no theories, concepts are tough its just matter of knowledge...

Because everything we see was developed by can't understand a thing which has not been created by humans or discovered by humans or does not belongs to his thinking.. 

Even the theory of bulb, electricity, rocket science, can be easy to every human...because we are the family of the past generations every one in this earth is connected by DNA.. Every one is having the same eternal human can understand what human the theories are developed only by humans which another human has to understand because its the human to human brain one is superior in his identity.. the toughest part of life or toughest thing in the universe is to understand what humans never discovered...its the really toughest subject to understand.. but if anyone discovered the undiscovered thing it too becomes the easy concept.. the hardest part is to understand the undiscovered or un explainable thing which humans have never touched

And the twistable part comes here.. Nothing has been invented by humans...I'm confident in my speech.. nothing, nothing has been created be it a machine, concepts, theories etc.. Because humans can think only to the extent which every human on this earth can it simple.. 

Only those things which humans say those inventions belongs to him are not of those belongings to his inventions because he has not invented anything, he had just developed things! which past generation had done and left to us..

U may have a clarification that how past generation humans developed it as I say nothing invented by humans...yes that correct nothing invented by humans everything, everything, and every little thing in this world is been left as a clue or as a key to discoveries when the world had been born...nothing belongs to humans... Even my words doesn't belongs has already been kept barely when this universe was formed. and who kept these clues of theories? And that's the hardest part to studies and impossible part of life that humans cannot understand as he had not invented it or left those things when universe was born.. we don't even know universe was born or it has been a mystical myth or its just a mysterious thing which humans on earth never able to digest those thought process.

Many think that this property belongs to him, this area given to him.. That's his things.. but one are not even belongs to oneself.. we are the dust of universe...

A scientist cannot say that he had named a planet, as he had discovered that...he don't have such rights to say that.. he is the person one amongst us who took initiative to identify a planet that it is neighbor to us.. Listen he had not named it first.. he only named to identify and to use it in future researches...scientists just re searching things which had been already searched by someone who is not in human civilization..

We just think we are bigger.. but.. if a person in a family achieved in something and won a prize he just tell him to his family...but his inner heart wanted him to say it to the entire world.. but the entire world itself a small tiny we are the one planet in the solar system which humans can survive (said by scientists)..there may me many planets, tons of stars in which human like may be found.. or may not.. 

No one this universe knows us.. We are just a little dust.. we are not even bigger compared to an ant.. we are just a third planet of the 9planets inside solar system and we are the one planet out of trillion planets outside the solar system and one small galaxy out of the trillion quadrillion whom did we show of that one has the entire earth itself a house for tiny humans who are all a family..

And I don't know I was correct, wrong, neutral or against someone thought process as whatever I said can be understood by humans because I am a human.. human cannot understand what non human say.. But we had not seen them.. thank you for giving your mind for changing thought process"

When the professor finished the speech every student was jaw dropping not because of wonderful speech but because of un understandable wonderful conversation.. universe is vast and vast and vast which humans not have a capacity to think how big, broad it is.. because human brain is limited to a particular thing only which it can able to digests....there ends a conversation.. and the man came there was not a professor he was a thinker...who doesn't belongs to the university he came.. student don't even care who the man he was but there mesmerized in his speech.. later they understood on thing that nothing belongs to humans even invention we are all guest in some ones wedding and that someone will be soon visible..

And... That professor was inner me.. who just relate unrelatable things to give a connectivity.. and who loves to think broader than narrow. .and loves to learn the unexplainable things of universe..

This was my, 

" Theory of Understanding Universe".

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