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Insult And Failure

Insult And Failure

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There was a scene in my dream, where I was attending the so-called conference with the bigger crowd than expected. It was lectured by the person of great degree who was speaking with all his humours. The time rolled over to my sleeve to bother about it and the final stage of speech came. The lecturer asked to shoot up with questions, which I had raised, as if I got so much conscientious state of mind, where others were just looking for the vote of thanks. The condescending person whom I have shot a statement first and then a question. The person was in a hurry to end up the meet and fails to catch my point, instead he articulated his own words and gave an answer for the incomplete interrogation in a heartbeat. 

Bunch of things were running in my mind to defend the person with my words. 

It's usually a ubiquitous topic, where I asked him about the failure. 

Conversely, he was in a hurry to conclude his well-prepared speech and did not allow to substantiate my perception on failure. 

There is a lot more difference between Meaning and Definition for which both are necessary in our life. The meaning of an ubiquitous word delivers the same content and explanation with different words. But definition though strives to express the meaning, it completely depends on the person's perspective. 

Subsequently, I told him I haven't seen a failure. He wondered the same way; you are wondering now. I could convince my view upon you saying, even you haven't seen a failure in life.... 

To begin with, I never show a nonchalant way of attention when it comes to a thesis or lecture conversely, I gave an impromptu answer which he had never expected. 

*This is my theory of Understanding Failure*

He had a morose expression after presenting my verdict. 

This might look farfetched, but at the end, the wow feel nears you.

I had a view of failure that is completely inverted.

Every one's view changes according to the circumstances. I was gifted with the perception or thought process of understanding in a unique path. There are many definitions in a subject of Economics, like Adam smith's, Alfred Marshall's and so on. Though they have many critics for those definitions, it doesn't mean that those are failure definitions. Instead, the meaning delivered is same but only the view is different. Why do we still learn their definitions as a part of our education if it's meant to be treated as failure? 

You must understand that every Perfection has already undergone enough of its amendments. Hence, it's easy to say I'm perfect, but definitely hard to prove it. It's like saying that I'm a good public speaker but doesn't get a content to speak. Nobody is perfect, no matter how big you are, or how smart you seem to be. The attitude matters at the right time, as attitude decides your altitude. 

The lion is called the king of jungle in light of the fact that it has a unique attitude than other animals. The army of lion led by a sheep will be defeated by an army of sheep led by a lion. 

Along the lines of this quote, 

I have defined failure as,


F- furnishing 

A- all the qualities 

I - in the first attempt but

L- lacking at the calibre and

U- un recognizing the 

R- ranges of goals that makes us to  

E-enter into a situation of giving up'. 

My perspective is that I see a thing as a failure only when a person who tried on that, gave up all of a sudden, or the person has died without achieving it. Though I may call it as an effort that is unanswered instead of saying, it as a failure. I see failure is something that a person gives up without achieving it. All those unsuccessful attempts before achieving the success, I recognize it as a mistake. If a person has not achieved at his first go, it might be a mistake or an insult to him. 

For eg: Elon musk achieved his goal after losing many attempts. But at the end, he has succeeded at his goal. There by, I see all those unsuccessful attempts as a mistake instead of a failure. Finally he achieved success, so there are less chance to say that he experienced failures, and as if failure cannot persist.

I just see those attempts as a mistake and not as failures and at the end failure is not obnoxious and we cannot blame God for it as well. We have to pray and lend all our hope to God and do our duties diligently. All things will be taken care by the Almighty. The person who believes God, and only sits at home by facing the loss cannot say that God did not help him. In such case, we will lend the blame to God. 


There can be another view that instead of saying it as a failure, it should be replaced with the word Insult. If a person is insulted by another one it's so unobvious to call it as failures. 

Example: In a company, if one employee has been de-recognized and biased by his superior, it's not a failure to the aggrieved employee who hasn't done anything wrong. 


As said earlier, it just a mistake of facts that has been caused by the person which made him to suffer the disappointments. 

Example: when in a cricket match if the player is fielding for the batting team, the mistake made by one bowler can lead to the winning moment of the batting team, but if the mistake is rectified by the bowler at his next attempt, it will make the fielding team to meet the success. Though the former cannot be called as a failure when the latter is called as success. Failure cannot be present when success steps in. All those attempts may be called as a mistake or fault but definitely not a failure. 

Many people talk a lot about failures, but they always fail to think that every person being born in this world has had already met his first success in his life by taking birth through the sacred majesty in the womb of a goddess mother without getting ceased in the process of development. 

Hence, I'm not condescending anyone's law of life or their definitions. I have been through the struggles but never failures, hard work but never drop out. I can never say the insult as a failure. Those who insult made me conscientious. I've achieved every step of my life with the Insult that I got from others. You should never forget the insult that is caused to you. But you should forgive the person who insulted you. If you forget those insults, it will repeat. If a person has not tasted success, doesn't mean he faced a failure. The same crowd that laughed at my view, will one day applaud by realizing it and right on me. 

Every insult in life gives the opportunity. It is the insult that made me to draw out this theory by giving me name called Witty. 

I'm not de-recognizing the laws of life. Even failure is not at all the law of life. But sucess does. It is defined by God. God never defines a term called failure in anyone's life. 

When we go back to our mistake, all the mistakes need not necessarily result in failures. 

Never see those disappointments as failures instead take it as a wrong move. It sounds so rude when you call it as a failure. The moment you realize your mistakes, it will help you to develop your self-esteem, improve your self-confidence, improvise your thought process, increase your calibre, ideate your vision and goal. There are only two things to solve and overcome the mistake along with depression. First is identifying the problem which involves critical thinking and solving a problem which just seeks creative thinking. Try to forgive all the people who all have played the dark side of your life. You should forgive not because they deserve forgiveness, but because you deserve peace. 

All those faults and disappointments will give some pain and Pain is both history teacher and fortune teller. It tells us who we are. 

Remember your success doesn't matter much than your process. Success is the result of your process and only your wrong moves will be written as a biography and that will be done only when you meet success. It's all a vicious circle of life and people would not like to know about the failure, when it is not at all called as failure. 

Don't practice to be perfect, practice to be wise. Who is perfect?..Government? 

Indian constitution? 

Laws?.. Not definitely..Perfection will give only a reasonable success and not conclusive success. People with advanced or improved features will supersede your existing un-evoluted inventions or experiments. Perfection does not tantamount to success. But mistakes and pains do speak with you. The prize of disappointment after an expectation and the prize of maturity after disappointment is called life. 

Life is all about curiosity. It acts as the essence of life. Curiosity rewards us with desires and desire is the most important ingredient as it changes the hot water of mediocrity to the steam of outstanding success. 

People have framed a quote called " Jack of all trades and master of none"

But I would like to rewrite it as "Jack of all trades and loser of none", perhaps it may sound weird, but learning all things that our life is going to pass through, is an important feature of everyone's quality. It helps us in one stage when we are left stranded all of a sudden, but a hand will come near us to hug with all the lessons and knowledge gained in life, makes us to figure out the situations and overcome the hardships. 

So, Every day is a new learning for everyone, from everyone and with everyone.

 At all times, work hard in silence and worry only when you are worrying about others. If you let people's perception of you dictate your behaviour, you will never grow as a person, but if you leave yourself open to experience then you will learn and grow. It's all a game of life and fate. Experience the fullest and ultimate dimensions of life and go in the direction of adventure. Never give up and never step back, the doors will only open when we have the key of hope. 

So, I haven't faced any failures in life and will never ever. Never before and never after. Do mistakes and learn everything as a beginner.

Stop existing and start living. 

This is my theory of understanding failure.

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