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Out Of Sight Is Out Of Mind

Out Of Sight Is Out Of Mind

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I am born a single child. I was in Calcutta, where I did my schooling. I had a colleague named Rajesh Thakur when I was in standard 9. I had good bondage with him as a sisterly relationship.

My friendship started off with a bet, by all my girlfriends. He never used to talk to girls at that time.

I actually dared to go in front of him and he being senior, I called him Bhaiya and invited him home for Rakhsha Bhandan, which was supposed to happen a day after my meeting. Hoping this to be a good chance I spoke to him and also won my bet in speaking with him. All my friends were jealous, assuming that I proposed to him. I never even thought about that nor had that idea of being in love those days.

He had come on the day of Rakhi and I tied him the same following the culture. He started being very affectionate and a guide for me and loved me as a sister too. He gave me a full pack of Amul chocolate as he knew I loved it. The days were going on smooth until we actually became family friends.

No longer my happiness stayed or continued as my father got his transfer to Pondicherry, being a single child I had to accompany my father and mother.

As they say, *Out of sight is out of mind*, truly happened the same with me too.

In those days we used to write physical letters as we had no social media like now.

The gap started becoming longer and then after which finally stopped in touch with him.

Then the natural way of life began, we shifted to Tirunelvelli and I got married in Madras and gave birth to a charming, handsome and lovable boy baby whom my parents named as *Vidyasagar*, with whom my mom and I live now. 

My father passed away in 2013.

My relationship with Rajesh bhaiya stopped in the year 97, and after a long gap of 25 years now, my son took a lot of trouble and with the only photo of him that I had, my son finally found him on Face book, after struggling a lot in finding him. 

But my son was successful in it, spending one day the entire day for about 7 to 8 hours, looking at just the eyes of Rajesh bhaiya, he finally found out. Imagine I had the photo of him when Rajesh bhaiya was about 17 years old and now he would be around 42 or 43 years. 

I got in touch with him over the number that was found out by my son, after speaking to a few of his friends on FB.

And you guess what, I think I was mad at thinking of him as bhaiys, when I spoke to him, he did not show up so much excitement as I did. 

I finally understood this was life. You are not the same as before, he was no more my RAJESH Bhaiya, whom I used to love and got the same in return without even a pointless. 

Pathetic is human life. People are no longer the same from where they are left or left. That's life. 

I finally realised the attachment and the bondage no one has or continues, except our parents or children would. Only they would and want to stay or continue with our life long. 

*I am blessed that I have my loving Mom Mrs Savithri and my darling son Vidyasagar* with me in all my times be it low or high, good or bad and will be with me forever.

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