Beautiful Journey Of A Girl

Beautiful Journey Of A Girl

9 mins

~~~ Mousy To Brash - Beautiful Journey Of A Confident Girl ~~~ 

Finally, Mousumi (Mousumi Bhattacharya) gets able to enter into the local train. So noisy, so crowdy it is inside! She somehow manages a seat beside the window. As the train departs the station and begins to run at its topmost speed,cool evening air through the window, starts to kiss her cheeks and blow her hairs. It whistles in her ears that love is in the air. But, Mousumi is in no mood to listen to the beautiful song of the cool evening breeze. Tomorrow is the last date to submit her research paper. Her mind becomes full of tensions and anxiety as some work is still now pending. Perhaps, she has to pass another sleepless night. Somehow,the cool refreshing air of the evening soothes her body and her tensed mind and refreshes her weary soul thus rejuvenating her. Mousumi gets back her thinking power that has been lost due to momentous tension. Mousumi thinks and thinks. She gives so much labour behind her efforts, behind her studies! She leaves no stones unturned to get her goals. Her aim is to get success by hook or by crook. But her family! Her family doesn't support her at all. The fact that she is studying is liked by no one. Her mother, her brother, her neighbours- all are against him. Only supporter of her was her father, but the irony of fate was that when she was giving her Madhyamik ( secondary) examination, her father passed away leaving her in despair and distress. Her father, Mrityunjoy Bhattacharya, a renowned teacher of Physics in his locality, died of liver cancer just at the age 45. Her heart was broken, tears fell from her eyes! What she will do now! Mousumi was a girl from a very simple family. She was simple too. In her school life, she was so introvert, shy! But, she was intelligent. Her intelligence and creativity were God's gifts! She can overwhelm anyone with her vivid imaginations. She was dedicated, hard working. And those assets helped her to come with flying colours in every struggle of her life. She was an achiever. With her talents and instincts,she can make her haters at sixes and sevens.

From her early childhood, Mousumi is brave, intelligent, confident and full of vitality, liveliness and positiveness. Her brain is filled with positive thoughts and attitudes. Her life is full of positive actions. She is trustworthy, loving, caring, compassionate. Mostly, she believes in herself. She is vigorously honest in all her motives and actions. She has a characteristic instinct to win at every race of her life. What she does, she earnestly wants to excel in that. From her early life, she has been deeply ignored by her own family, neighbors and relatives. All of them have hated her, disrespected her, distrusted her. Nobody has believed her internal potential. In her life, she has faced too much insult, too many betrayals, too many conflicts, too many turmoils. Thus, from her family and society, she has felt lonely. She has felt alienated. And these hard situations imposed on her by the society, have made herself of hard character. She has made the vow that one day in the future, she will try her best to give an outright reply to all these misbehaviours. But, well-rounded with all these assets, she does not have any ego. She is not haughty. Bottom in her heart, she has humility, love and respect for others. She just wants to prove all these false ideas wrong. 

She was raised in the traditional orthodox way. She has known that hard work along with patience and perseverance is the foundation of a successful life. She knows if she becomes successful one day inspite of all these obstacles and barriers, all these odds, that will be just a miracle and keeping the miracle alive is an ongoing process of awareness, confidence and growth. Now, she knows most of the actions of an ordinary person are guided by the impulse. She has learned to think both sides of things. She can think positively. She never makes mountains out of molehills. She has learnt not to become emotionally involved with the problems. As the life has progressed, she has got some people who understand her, think well for her, care for her. Thus, life has become a new adventure for her. She has come to know true happiness, joy and freedom. 

When she was pursuing her study in class ten and secondary exam was knocking at the door, she fell in viral fever while giving her test exam. For this issue, she cut a sorry figure in Mathematics and Physical Science. When the results got out, it was found that she had got 44 out of 100 in Math and 55 out of 100 in Physical Science. It was just a bolt from the blue. It was a sheer disaster. She felt devastated. But, nobody cared about her illness. Her families and neighbours all fell on her. According to them, she had done a crime."You have no future!", said her mom. All these allegations imposed on her put her heart to fire. Her uncle said, "I have never seen anybody as worthless and valueless as you." She felt deeply insulted and enraged. She studied for hours. She would practice Math day and night. She desperately wanted to prove herself. Everybody threw their verbal arrows but she would listen without answering anything. Deep in her heart, she would nurture the thought that one day her work will give reply to these valueless people. And that will be a big blow to their pride and prejudice.

Finally, her all hard works bore the sweetest result in her life. She got more than seven hundred in her secondary examination. She got letters in seven subjects. Just in the first paper of Bengali, she fell short for just five marks from securing the letter marks. All the people who had done criticisms of her, remained speechless. Her friends were amazed, but her haters were shocked. All their false illusions had been smashed by the brave girl. Then Mousumi chose the science stream. Her mother, Mrs. Shipra Bhattacharya, a conservative woman, was strongly against this decision. She desperately wanted her daughter to study in the stream of Arts. But, again Mou broke the odd and took her own decision. In the Higher Secondary Exam, she got more than eighty percent marks surprising everybody. Her well-wishers danced in joy. Also this constant success changed her realization about her herself. Her soul finally got freed from narrow mindedness, resentment on others, depression, self-pity and hatred. During her school life, Debanjana, a friend of her had betrayed her. In this time, she slipped into a depression. But after this revitalizing success, she felt something glowing inside her. She absolutely loved this feeling. She had discovered herself. She had come to know the true perspective of her existence- to love others, to help others, to break all the odds and to change the society. 

After her Higher Secondary Examination, began her college life. She again proved her passion and brilliance by securing First Class in both Bachelor and Masters degree. Then she was enrolled for Ph.D.

Now, she is doing her research in Applied Chemistry. With her hard work, growing confidence, selfless dedication - she is getting recognisation in her circle slowly but steadily. She can work 4 to 5 hours in the lab every day. Her seniors and professors are too much pleased with her. They dream that one day their hard-working student will get success. Moreover, she writes poems and stories. She sometimes feel a strong inclination towards the work of writing. She nourishes her spirit and is very much sanguine of her success in near future. Finally, Mousumi has fallen in love. She has been struck by Cupid's arrow. But, her boyfriend, Tanmoy Chakravarti, the handsome WBCS (West Bengal Civil Service) officer (Grade A) doesn't support her work of writing poems and stories. What Mousumi loves about Tanmoy that his extreme willpower and immense passion for his work. He also hails from a poor family. But, from his early childhood, he is extremely hard- working and his hard work has got him here. But, he is not well-behaved. He has immense arrogance, extreme pride and too much haughtiness for his position. Those are his liabilities. Mousumi hates all those. She has tried to correct Tanmoy but her all efforts failed.

In his words, those things are useless, valueless. They are just about wasting the valuable time of research. But, Mou( Mousumi) doesn't think so. In her view, she writes poetry and stories in her leisure time. This is a work of great creativity! This doesn't hamper her work for studies and research. Instead, this increases her imaginary power. This fuels her thinking. This creativity helps in her anger management. According to her, if Albert Einstein could play his piano in his leisure time, so what is her fault! His boyfriend responds, after all she is a girl, not a boy. What a boy can, a girl can't. She often feels suffocated, stressed!­ Depressed and frustrated too much. But those words fuel the flame blazing in the core of her heart. She promises herself that one day, she will prove everyone wrong! Yes, she will do it definitely- she must do it. Time passes and passes like the flow of the river. Mou becomes deeply indulged in her efforts- the efforts to show her talent and skill, the efforts to prove everybody wrong. She earnestly wants to make her teachers, specially Dr.Nabakumar Mukherjee and Dr.Oindrila Jana, who have supported her through thick and thin, proud. Finally comes the red letter day in her life. PhD results got out. becomes elated, her joy knows no bound to find out that she has been successful in securing the first position in her batch.

Her name is shining in the topmost position of the list of successful students. She returns and on her way home, brought the monthly magazine of ABP. Her joys get multiplied when she finds the short story 'Love Story in The Lap of Kumaun' that she has submitted, finally is published. In great ecstasy, she returned home. But, to her shock she finds that her boyfriend has arrived in her home and her mother is talking to him about her marriage. She feels devastated when her mother, Mrs. Shipra Bhattacharya, decided the time and venue of her upcoming marriage. Generally, a WBCS officer is demandable by a middle class family. Her mom, now wants her to get married with her boyfriend, Tanmoy Chakravarti, who hails from a reach family and who is a proud egoistic officer. Mou's mother now wants to see her daughter well settled in her life. Previously, she has passed through many ups and downs of life. Now, it is the time for her (Mousumi) to get settled. She is well a established now! Seeing her, her boyfriend says to her, "Now honey! I am very happy with your performance. Now, you deserve me." But, this time Mou has changed herself. In cool attitude and confident voice, she replies, "Yes sure, I deserve you. But who says you deserve me!" And she walks away leaving everybody shocked. She walks along a new path to a new horizon. Along the path of hope, dream and endeavour and towards the horizon of limitless possibilities!! 

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