The Blind Bond

The Blind Bond

9 mins

“Tick-Tick tick Tick-tick” It was the only sound Kamya could hear gazing out from the corner of the closed window. Chirping of the birds broke the deafening silence in the room. Her eyes were looking into the boundless limits of the infinite skies when suddenly the car with hooter on zooms into the colossal bungalow. Kamya knew her husband was back from work, she went to freshen up. “Keep this downstairs” said Aadir and went upstairs to greet his beloved wife with a song. “Mera dil bhi kitna pagal hai yeh pyaar tum se karta hai” Aadir sang romantically with iconic Shahrukh Khan pose. Kamya guffawed and said “Aadir, It is Sanjay Dutt, not SRK and who knows the strict Additional Superintendent of Police has such a warm and romantic side too, you are two different people. “I have to be, it’s my job dear and missus, why this kurta, it looks so ill-fitted and shabby” said Aadir acridly. Kamya was surprised and asked “What is wrong in this? By the way, my parents gifted me”. Aadir nodded uninterestedly while looking at the TV and said “Whatever you must go and change”. Kamya was now ireful as she was not lamb-like who would obey to every other command of her husband. She left the room to avoid any tussle between the two. “Mom and Dad have told me not to fight or else we would have a smack down in the room itself.” Kamya babbled.

It was 4’o clock in the evening. While leaving, Aadir knocks on the door of her room and tells her he is leaving for work. “Kamya, you should remember you are wife of a SP and you have an image to maintain here. All eyes are on you and your small mistake will hamper my image. We are no more girlfriend boyfriend like our college days where we had the freedom to move about freely and dress the way we wanted. Settle this in your mind. Bye Take care!” said Aadir firmly. Kamya on the other side of the door was looking in the mirror and she realized how different her life has become in last six months, even though she had a love marriage with a guy whom she had known for last 8 years, but the warmth and the comfort of marrying someone whom she believed she has known completely was terribly missing from her life. The emotional and mental needs of Kamya went unnoticed most of the times as Aadir was on 24/7 job and any kind of non cooperation from her side would lead to trivial arguments at her home.

Kamya, prepare good dishes tonight, my senior is coming for a supper.” Aadir murmured. Kamya disconnected after saying alright. They had a squabble regarding her in laws complaining about meager sum of money they received in the wedding. Kamya expected Aadir to handle his parents on this front, but aadir kept tight-lipped and watched the drama unfold in silence. This was a blow to Urvi’s   self-esteem and pride.

”Kamya, it was nice meeting you; we could not meet you after your wedding as we were busy with the daily patrolling. Aadir, you have a word with SDPO Shankar regarding the unrest in the district.” senior ordered. “Thank you so much sir, we also had a wonderful time. Kaka take these bowls in the kitchen” she replied. “Kamya, you are a lucky woman you got married to Aadir, Aadir is a commendable officer and now I know he is a commendable man personally that he took a firm stand to marry you and stay by your side. Aadir understands you a lot” said senior’s wife. “Yes, ma’am I know” Kamya smirked but controlled.


“See, even my SP said you are a lucky lady.” Aadir teased Kamya.“SP sir does not know how emotionally unavailable you are and how much you suck as a husband. Do you even know my father is keeping unwell from last 10 da…” said Kamya, while combing her hair. “C’mon Kamya, you know the communal riots have left me drained” Aadir replied. “Aadir, you went to parties and discotheques; you have got a lot of time to spend outside but you have no time to listen to me. You are just here to tell me how your day was and what all you did throughout the day. Aadir seriously do you even want to know how am I and what I want?” she replied frantically. The phone rings. ”Yes, Sir Sir Sir, I will reach on the spot in two minutes” He leaves the room talking on the phone and once again Kamya is left unheard like every other day. The sad part is the façade she had to put on everyday which is quintessential, classy and happy in her life. It seems she is not a human; she is robot who is supposed to look charming and happy at all the times. She knows she is not the one who she has to profess here. The monotony has overpowered her will to live. There is so much darkness in her life even after her life was engulfed in the luminosity of lamps and lights. Kamya could not hide agony and loneliness in her gilded life. People envied her life but no one knew the cons of living this life. Kamya was like a beautiful bird in a golden cage where she had countless helpers to do all the house hold chores and a driver available 24/7 to ferry her even to the nearest place. She was not supposed to step down from the car for any of the work in the local. Despite she had everything a woman would wish for, the most important thing was missing- internal happiness.


An old woman used to come to her place to do the cleaning. Even though the woman was old, she looked sturdy in her built; she always showed her pearly whites. Kamya called her “Maashi Maa”. Though Kamya was wife of a SP but her generosity was loved by everyone working at the bungalow. She never treated any one with disrespect, a number of times Aadir behaved nastily with them to which Kamya rebuked him to be kind enough. One day, Maashi maa saw Aadir treat Kamya with disrespect. Kamya pretended to be alright but it could be seen in her eyes how embarrassed and shattered she was. Kamyasaid calmly “Maashi please come inside and continue”. Maashi saw them fight a number of times in front of her. Maashi saw Kamya sitting absorbed in her thoughts and told “ Maa, baba has high temper but he is a nice person, he is on a stressful job, try forgiving him”. Maashi maa called Kamya “Maa” because in Bengali, a daughter is called “Maa” which means goddess Durga. Kamya got distracted and said gloomily, But it hurts Maashi maa to not get heard by the only one for whom you have left your world. Maashi told Urvi, Maa you are responsible for your own happiness and sadness. Stop living for others; someday try living for your own self”. Maashi maa assured her of good times, she advised her not to lose cool and make his favourite dish to make up with him. Kamya nodded and left the room. Next day, Kamya looked merry and alive after a long span. She was wearing a brand new Chanderi saree. Kamya rushed towards Maashi maa and told her “Thank you maashi, your advice worked. He was very happy that I made his favorite dish for him.
I am very happy to see you smile, I have worked at number of bureaucrat bungalows and but I have never met a transparent and generous woman like you” Maashi replied. Kamya felt like crying on hearing Maashi but the social strata had to be maintained. Kamya responded with a smile. Kamya after a long time realized self worth and felt appreciated by someone. Every day, Kamya and Maashi had conversations about each other’s lives. Kamya learnt that your life should be your priority, don’t wait for others to love you, live and love yourself. Maashi helped her love own self once again. It was important for Kamya to learn this in her new life where she was alone and her husband’s job demanded him to be away from his place day and night. It was time to love and live herself. In spite of the troubles she was facing at her home, Maashi never forgot wear a smile and thanked god enough in her life. Kamya realized there is more to be happy than to be sad in this life; she thanked god to give her a blessed life. Kamya helped Maashi Maa with items like food grains and other household materials. Maashi skipped meals due to dire poverty. Kamya made sure Maashi never stayed hungry at her place.

“Maashi you look so sick, leave this broom. What happened? Come sit down.” Said Kamya. Paled faced Maashi told “Maa nothing happened. It rained heavily last night and since there is no shelter, I was wet the whole night”. Teary eyed Kamya trembled with pain to know that Maashi does not have a proper shelter. Kamya desperately wanted to help Maashi, she realized that no one other than her could bail Maashi out of this situation. Kamya came up with an idea of taking help from her husband. She convinced her husband to get her 3 lakh rupees under some government scheme. Since Aadir was in police services, action was taken without any delay.

Maashi maa realizes how Kamya has helped her, now she was not alone in her struggle. Kamya is indebted to Maashi for being a mother like figure in her life. Kamya’s parents were wonderful people but were unavailable emotionally; Maashi filled the void for Kamya. None of them tell each other how much they have made a difference in their lives, but it can be seen in their eyes.

Words cannot describe some relations. We cannot define some relations, but they do exist in harmony. Soul do not see age, gender, nationality, religion, caste, status and other futile divisions under which humans have been categorized; it just connects with the right vibe.  We meet so many people in our lives, but we bond with a few. The bond which is beyond the brittle demarcation set by the hypocrite society is where the true alliance lies. A bond which is blind to see how different two people are socially and physically is what Kamya and Maashi shared. They filled the gulf between them with love and care; the essence of humanity has triumphed. “Maashi my mother wants to have a talk with you. Kamya said handing over her phone to Maashi. “Namashkar, Kamya talks a lot about you, you are the only one who takes care of her” said Kamya’s mother. ”Don’t worry, she is my daughter and Maa will always be loved by me” replied Maashi struggling with the phone. “Kanak, come down. Aadir is calling you to play badminton” Kamya called me. I said “Yes, just a minute sister.” and left Maashi talking on the phone with my mother.

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