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Devangi Mistry

Abstract Comedy Romance


Devangi Mistry

Abstract Comedy Romance

Take Off 10

Take Off 10

24 mins 230 24 mins 230

Seerat was toddling around the whole house, pushing all the furniture and snatching the sofa covers and bedsheets off them. Saahil was barely able to keep pace with her, catching the vase, the book, the photo frame and the table clock which stood on various top surfaces of different furniture items. She roared in her squeaky voice while pushing the dining table away, dragging a few chairs along with it. Naitik had gone to school. Ira had gone to attend a workshop for a few days. Vibhuti and Manoj, both were on leave while Mary was getting engaged so she had gone back to her village. It had been a few days since Saahil’s thumb got cured. 

“Hello Mr. Shroff?” Naitik’s school teacher called him up as he caught hold of Seerat. 

“Yeah!” He said giddily as Seerat tried to release herself from his grasp. She was getting heavy and chubby. 

“Naitik has got a severe stomach ache, we think he should go back home and get checked!” The teacher informed Saahil. He became a bit worried. Seerat squealed again. 

“Okay ma’am, I will come and pick him up!” He replied and hung up the phone. 

Saahil was sitting on his bed. It had been just two days since he’d come back from the Grand Bahamas, near which his plane had crashed. His thumb hurt a bit as he flipped the pages of a book that he was reading. Bhadra entered the room with a hot bowl of soup, she had come to meet him. He kept the book aside and glanced at her. She sat in front of him on the bed, putting the tray on the side table. 

“How are you my baby?” She asked in a sugary tone. He looked at her vacantly. 

“You know I had got a bit scared initially but then I got a call from Natasha, she told me that Param Prabhu Ji was in Delhi. I immediately ran to meet him.

There were tens of other devotees around, he hadn’t declared his arrival since it was meant to be a private meeting among a few of his followers, but his aura is such, people get to know about his presence. 

As I entered the room, I saw him surrounded by many other devotees, he was distributing prasad to them. I just stood in a corner, worried about you. I was so ignorant. Just then he glanced at me through the crowd, his gaze was mischievous. He grabbed a sweet from the side tray and walked towards me, his devotees made room for him.

He came and stood in front of me, everyone else gathered around, waiting in anticipation for him to speak. He opened his lotus mouth and as the words flowed out, tears started to roll down his eyes as well as from mine, as if we were both in a silent communion with each other. Everyone else gasped.

He said that let Saahil sit in the cockpit, I am flying the plane.” Bhadra became emotional as she hugged Saahil. Saahil lightly touched her shoulder, feeling uneasy. She released him from her embrace, wiping her eyes. 

“He has already showered his blessings on you! You just need to bow down! Join JKPM!” She exclaimed. Saahil looked away. Bhadra noticed his indifference. 

“Why? What’s the issue? Why don’t you want to join? Tell me today! As a member of JKPM, it’s my duty to take the trash on me while leaving only purity behind!” She said earnestly. Saahil kept quiet. Bhadra prodded him. He looked up at her.

“I am way too egoistic, mom. I love to praise myself and listen to others praising me as well. I enjoy having a celebrity status and love having a fan following of my own. I think I am perfect and that I am god myself. I feel that nobody else knows better than me and that if someone does not like me, his life is a waste and he is absolutely ignorant. I like to create hype and sensationalise everything. I like to confuse emotion with devotion and thus engage in externalised projections of the same, trying to prove myself superior to others.” Saahil replied in a monotone. Bhadra got up with her nose up in the air and walked out of the room. 

Saahil paused to take some breath. The slight aroma of the tomato soup was filling up his nostrils. He picked up the book which he had kept aside on his bed and turned it around to gaze at it’s cover. It had the image of a middle aged man clad in yellow, holding the reins of five horses pulling his chariot forward at great speed while an archer was preparing his bow and arrow, standing behind him. In one corner of the chariot was a flag carrying the image of a human being who looked like a monkey. 

“Naitik are you okay?” Saahil exclaimed from outside the bathroom. He could hear the sound of running tap water. Naitik retched again. Seerat started to cry in the other corner of the room as her toy broke. He rushed to her, lifting her up from the floor. 

“Ohh, what happened to my strawberry pie?” He started baby-talking to her while pushing the broken toy beneath the bed so that she could not see it and stopped crying. She looked at him grumpily, spurting out her saliva. He cleaned her mouth while glancing towards the bathroom door. His back hurt as she was heavy. As he tried to put her on the bed, she squealed. He lifted her up again, adjusting the strap of her dress on her shoulder. He was almost going to stumble over a toy car as he rushed towards Naitik while he came out of the bathroom. He was looking totally dazed and tired. His face was pale. He went up to the bed and lay flat on it, lifelessly. Saahil tried calling Ira but her number was switched off. He sat on the edge of the bed as his arm was getting tired from holding Seerat for a long time. 

“Hello, Dr. Kumar? Saahil this side, could you pay a visit?” He uttered over the phone as his family doctor picked up the call on the other side. Seerat was playing in his lap, while he suddenly winced in pain as she pinched his thigh. 

“What happened Saahil?” Dr. Kumar asked with concern.

“No, Seerat, my daughter, she just suddenly jumped on me...actually Naitik is not well. He is having severe pain in his stomach and vomiting too...I think it’s food poisoning!” Saahil remarked in a serious tone. 

“I am so sorry Saahil, today there is a lot of rush at my clinic and then I have to go to the hospital as well. I guess you should come to my clinic itself with Naitik. I won’t be able to make it to your place!” Dr. Kumar replied. Saahil pressed his lips in stress. 

“Okay, I will come. When should I come?” He asked.

“Oh, just take an appointment from Radha, call at the reception, she is there!” Dr. Kumar answered and hung up the phone after saying a bye.

Saahil got up from his bed after having finished the soup and lifted up the book to place it back on the shelf. Just as he was about to keep it, he inadvertently touched it to his forehead and slid it between the other books. 

“Papa!” Naitik came into his room. He shifted the bamboo chair which was lying in the middle and walked up to Saahil, who stood beside his book shelf. 

“You just argued with dadi over Param Prabhu some time ago and now you yourself are bowing down to another image?” He remarked, perplexed. Saahil gazed at Naitik judiciously.

“The image is not important, the meaning is.” He answered. 

“But what if you don’t want to have any image at all?” Naitik questioned.

“Then also the meaning is important.” Saahil responded. Naitik pondered for a while. 

“What is the meaning?” He asked.

“Be authentic and you will find one for yourself.” Saahil replied. 

“So you believe that the plane was being flown by someone else?” Naitik asked mockingly. 

“No. Only I was flying it. People often get confused with the meaning, due to the imagery.” Saahil said. 

“So what is the meaning here?” Naitik questioned. 

“You know the five horses symbolise the five senses, which make up the mind. If your mind is engaged with the senses it will keep jumping from one thought to another, not letting you concentrate or use your discriminative intelligence properly. Ultimately leading to disaster. But when Krishna holds the reins of the horses or the senses of Arjun’s mind, Arjun is able to focus on his goal rather than get carried away by distracting thoughts and emotions. Horses represent the mind itself, whereas Krishna represents the higher consciousness of Arjun which holds his mind in place so that he himself is able to hit the mark. 

Everyone thus has that Krishna within, the ability to suspend the mind and act through discriminative intelligence, using free will rather than being driven by situations. It of course has multiple meanings, but here it just means that I was the one who was flying the plane but with full focus on my aim, not letting my emotions or my senses distract me. It gave me the power to use my free will and make the right decisions at the right time which ultimately led to a safe ditching.” Saahil explained to Naitik. Naitik was amazed, he ruminated over the explanation. 

“But many say that when you think that you are the doer, you are being driven by the ego.” Naitik argued.

“Yes, when we are driven by our sense consciousness or the mind, we are under the influence of the ego. But when we take control of our mind and come into the awareness of the discriminative intelligence, we are not influenced by the ego, rather we are influenced by our higher self.” Saahil replied. 

Saahil ran to Seerat to get her ready after giving Naitik a pill for controlling his nausea till they reached the doctor. She kept slipping away while he tried to dress her up. The moment he would place her back on the bed, she would crawl away and reach the edge. He would again get her to the center and she would again crawl to the edge. After a good amount of struggle, he could grab hold of her and somehow managed to slip on her dress, holding her legs. She screamed. He produced a soft growl, staring into her eyes, to quieten her. She puffed her face, widening her eyes and furrowing her brows grumpily. He mimicked her. She gurgled out a few sounds roughly resembling that of her papa. 

“Papa!” Naitik exclaimed in a tired, faint voice. Saahil looked back. Naitik stood at the door.

“Let’s go!” Naitik’s voice dragged as he whimpered. 

“Ya, just let me take her car seat…” Saahil uttered while scurrying toward the wardrobe and opening it up. Seerat toddled up to Naitik, reaching out with her arms for him to pick her up. He just looked away. She screamed. Naitik scowled in irritation while leaning against the door. She kept screaming. Saahil came up and lifted her up while holding her car seat in one hand. He signalled Naitik to go to the car as he followed behind locking the house.

Ira entered the room after Naitik had left. Mary had taken the empty bowl of soup away. Saahil just sat thinking on the sofa beneath the window of his room. 

“Hi!” Ira exclaimed sanguinely while sitting beside him, facing him. He smiled. Then he looked at her closely, she was wearing a yellow floral dress reaching till her knees. It had a blue cloth belt in the middle of her waist. Her hair was done in a high ponytail.

“What happened suddenly? You never wore these dresses…” Saahil remarked, gazing at her in astonishment. She smiled sheepishly.

“I thought I could wear something different today! Just like that! Why? You don’t like it?” She asked. He chuckled. 

“It’s looking good, you can wear these more often.” He answered. 

“Why did mom leave like that?” She changed the topic. 

“Did she leave?” He asked.

“No, she is downstairs but from your room?” Ira clarified. Saahil nodded.

“She was asking me to join JKPM, I refused, so she got up and left.” He responded. 

“This cannot be the reason.” Ira countered him. He shrugged his shoulders. 

“Yaar, why do you have to always come up with this topic?” He got irked. Ira was taken aback. 

“Because you should not treat her so rudely, she is old now and you are her son.” Ira retorted. Saahil tsked while looking away in irritation. 

“Please leave me, no?” He exclaimed sharply. Ira huffed. 

“Okay fine.” She uttered and left. Saahil rolled his eyes in annoyance and exhaled sharply.

“Is it hurting here?” Dr. Abhay Kumar poked his finger into Naitik’s stomach. He winced in pain. 

“Yeah…!” Naitik breathed. Saahil was sitting opposite to the doctor’s table along with Seerat, who was playing with the paper weight. 

“Hmm, it’s food poisoning beta, what did you eat?” Dr. Kumar asked in an admonishing tone. Saahil gave a sharp glance to Naitik. 

“Soya chaap.” Naitik mumbled, laying on the bed. Dr. Kumar marched up to his chair while Naitik got down from the bed and sat on the stool beside the doctor. 

“Saahil, I have told you and Ira many times that he has to take care of what he eats, his digestive system is not so strong!” Dr. Kumar complained to Saahil. Saahil nodded, giving a reproachful look to Naitik. Seerat was going to lick the paper weight, Dr. Kumar snatched it away from her hand. She squeaked while trying to get it back. 

“I have told him many times Abhay, but he does not listen. What can I do? I have even given him a few asanas to practice daily, but he doesn’t even do them. Just keeps eating junk, streetside food!” Saahil retorted. Naitik averted his gaze. 

“Naitik this way you will keep falling ill!” Dr. Kumar turned to Naitik. 

“But the bhaiya who runs that stall is very hygienic, everyone eats there and nobody gets ill. I was very hungry after the music class, so I just grabbed a plate!” Naitik tried to defend himself. Saahil huffed and Dr. Kumar started to write the prescription. 

“I have given some strong doses for day 1, it should be better till tomorrow.” The doctor slipped the prescription to Saahil. Saahil took out 1500 from his pocket and handed it to the doctor.

“Keep the hundred to yourself, I can do with the rest!” Dr. Kumar remarked jestfully. Saahil chuckled and slipped the note of hundred back to his wallet. He signalled Naitik to take the prescription while lifting Seerat up and left the clinic, saying a thankyou and a goodbye to the doctor. 

“But Saahil, at least I have told you why I didn’t go to Mr. Jha’s funeral. You don’t even tell me anything properly!” Ira came back to the topic. Saahil nodded his head in disapproval. 

“You won’t let me be?” He lashed out. Ira stared at him, blankly. 

“Why don’t you forgive her? What’s the big deal?” She exclaimed. 

“I forgave her the very next day I got to know about her affair.” He retorted in a loud voice. Ira got flustered. He took a deep breath to calm down. 

“But you know what? She kept having an affair with Ajit for many more years after that incident! And my father, he kept quiet about it, just for me and Sameer!” Saahil replied furiously. Ira furrowed her brows, perplexed. 

“But you said that she came back when you reached home after the school trip!” She asked in bewilderment. 

“Yes, she did! But she remained involved with Ajit even after that. Before she was doing it secretly, but afterwards, she was doing it openly with the knowledge of papa! Do you get it?” He remarked eagerly. Ira raised her brows. 

“Papa kept quiet to maintain peace at home and also to save our name. He had such respect in his business circle.” He retorted. 

“Okay, but keeping it aside for a while, don’t you think that Naitik could have done the same with me? For him, you were my boyfriend, what if he had not accepted us?” Ira questioned. 

“We were different! We always took him into consideration before taking any step. I was always present in front of him. And it happened after Mustafa was arrested.” Saahil remarked.

“And it’s not even about what my mom did, it’s actually about her temperament. She has been like this since always, fickle minded! And due to this fickle attitude of hers, she is now on the path which she is on right now!” He exclaimed. 

“But she cannot be the culprit alone! If she took such a drastic step then definitely your father must be wrong somewhere!” Ira commented. 

“No Ira! My father was not wrong! He always made sacrifices for us, for my mom and for everyone in the family! And what fate did he meet? Leukemia?” Saahil got hyper. Ira kept quiet. 

“Saahil, you cannot clap with one hand! If mom did something, papa must have done something else!” Ira replied. Saahil flared his nostrils in exasperation while trying to say something but he ultimately looked away. 

It had been almost 40 minutes since Naitik and Saahil had reached home along with Seerat. Naitik had gone to sleep after Saahil made him some khichdi and curd and gave him the first dose. Now he was cooking some chapatis while the curry was put on heat. Seerat kept making noises and banging her blocks on the floor while Saahil tried to keep her busy by constantly talking to her from inside the kitchen. 

“Seerat! Seerat!” Saahil remarked in a sweet voice as she looked up. 

“See roti!” He showed her the freshly rolled dough as she got amused.

“What shape is it?” He asked in an extra sugary tone. She stared at him perplexed. He flipped the chapati on the pan while taking off the previous one and applying some ghee over it. They were paper thin, just the way Seerat liked. 

“What shape is it? It is round!” Saahil exclaimed while modulating his voice. 

“Say round!” He said while pronouncing the words extra clearly so that Seerat could get them. He turned off the burner on which the curry was being heated and flipped another chapati on the pan while rolling the other one on the counter. 

“Say round!” He repeated while miming with his lips. Seerat gurgled. 

“Seruu!” She spurted out. Saahil made a happy face and turned off the other burner as well. He quickly served the food in the dishes and went to the dining area. She chewed the food well as she liked the taste of her dad’s cooking. After having eaten the first chapati, she hit the serving tray as another chapati was lying inside. He picked it up and tore it into half as she wouldn't eat more than that. Just then his phone rang. 

“Hello Mrs. Dholakia!” He greeted the CEO of his airlines. 

“Hey Captain! I am in Delhi today, I will be leaving by 10 tonight, I thought why not catch up with you?” Avani Dholakia remarked cheerfully from the other side. Saahil took the block away from Seerat’s hand while trying to think of an answer. 

“Hello? Saahil?” Avani asked. 

“Ya, ya sure! When would you be coming?” Saahil fumbled a bit, getting stressed about how he would manage. 

“At 8?” She asked in an authoritative voice. 

“Okay Avani!” He replied confidently.

“And one more thing!” Avani exclaimed from the other end.

“I have heard that you make lip smacking veg kathi rolls! Can I get a bite?” She asked sanguinely. Saahil started to dwell again. 

“Saahil?” Avani remarked.

“Ya sure!” He exclaimed absentmindedly. Seerat finished her last bite. He fed her some curd. 

“Okay then! See you at 8!” Avani said in a chirpy voice and hung up the phone. Saahil put the spoon down as Seerat rejected the curd. He was feeling sleepy and his head was aching. A number of vessels had to be washed in the kitchen, Seerat was to be put to sleep, Naitik had to get up and take the second dose, he had to finish some investment work as today was the last date and pay some ongoing EMIs, he also had to clean the house, take the clothes in which had been put to dry under the sun, cook the kathi rolls and then get himself and Seerat ready before Avani arrived. He rushed to the kitchen to see whether he had all the ingredients or he would first have to get them from the market. 

Saahil was resting at home. His thumb was still getting treated. Bhadra had left in the morning along with Snehal and Upen. It was the day after when Ira and Saahil had their argument. Ira was driving the car as she had to take Naitik to Kamani auditorium for his vocal recital. It must be 5:30 in the evening, he had to reach till 5:45 as the recital would begin at 6 and he had to rehearse before that. There was some traffic on the road as it was the peak hour. They were on the Sri Aurobindo Marg when just 5 minutes after they started their transit, Ira parked the car on the side of the road. She breathed out through her mouth. 

“What happened mom?” Naitik asked with concern. She caught the loose end of her chanderi saree and fanned herself, the air conditioner was switched on. 

“Mom! I am worried now, why are you fanning yourself?” Naitik asked anxiously. 

“Nothing…” She breathed.

“I got a sudden cramp in my abdomen.” She looked at him.

“Why?” He asked quizzically. 

“I am having my periods.” She stated. He stared at her nonplussed. Then looked away. 

“Now?” He asked in a plain tone. 

“I will drive, let me cool down a bit.” She said. He furrowed his brows.

“No mom, it's dangerous, you are getting dizzy.” He remarked. 

“Then what should we do? I cannot call Saahil suddenly! He is resting anyway and you have to reach on time!” She exclaimed tiredly.

“Let me drive then!” Naitik said while opening the door on his side.

“No, sit down, shut the door! You don’t have the license, how will you drive? When did you learn?” She questioned him. 

“I just got it, I practiced it a few times around our house. And who will get to know?” He remarked airily. 

“No! Shut up and sit quietly.” She exclaimed.

Avani rang the doorbell. Saahil was wearing his pants while Seerat was asleep. He stumbled out of the room, pulling up his zip and adjusting his pockets. Descending the staircase he scanned the entire living room for any stray object lying around. There was none. 

“Hi Saahil!” Avani Dholakia hugged him formally while entering the house. He welcomed her inside. Seerat squealed from upstairs. Saahil excused himself and went up to get Seerat. He quickly served a welcome drink to Avani and sat on the sofa across the center table while putting Seerat beside him. 

“Ira is not there?” Avani asked inquisitively. 

“, no, she has gone to a workshop!” He replied, a bit preoccupied. Avani smiled while putting the glass down on the coaster. 

“Can I play with her?” Avani inquired while looking happily at Seerat. 

“Sure!” Saahil was more than happy to hand her over to someone else. He was barely managing to keep himself from dozing off. Avani gazed at him. He gazed back at her. 

“I am so sorry Saahil, I could not come to your felicitation party after you and Kunal successfully rescued everyone from an imminently fatal crash near Miami. I just had some emergency at the last moment! I should have been there, being the CEO of the company.” She remarked earnestly. 

“No problem Avani, it happens.” He answered. Seerat was very comfortable in her lap. Saahil gazed at her and chuckled. 

“She must be missing her mother!” Avani remarked. Saahil nodded. 

“Where is your other child? Your son?” Avani asked, looking around the room.

“He is actually not well, sleeping upstairs. I can call him though!” He said while getting up.

“No! No! Sit, let him sleep.” She intervened. 

“I guess I came at the wrong time!” She punned with a bright smile on her face. 

“Not at all! The time is always right, you must know how to handle it!” Saahil somehow made up some intelligent sounding response not knowing himself what he said. Avani nodded, getting impressed by him. 

“You never fail to impress me.” She remarked in a flirty tone. He put up a smile on his face. There was a pause. The cloak was ticking very slow. Saahil glanced at it furtively to see whether he could start serving the dinner or not. 

“And Saahil, how’s life?” She asked casually, trying to take the conversation ahead. He mentally slapped his forehead. 

“How could it be?...I mean it is awesome working in your company!” He quickly managed his own sentence. She gave him a meaningful glance. 

“Working in my company or in my company?” Avani poked at him, looking at him languorously. He stared at her in a noncommittal way. 

“Umm, I have cooked some really nice kathi rolls, just as you had demanded!” He changed the topic. She smiled widely and nodded. 

“Excuse me?” Mohit Shrivastava knocked at Naitik’s window. Naitik rolled it down. Ira looked at him quizzically. They were still at the side of the road. 

“Hi, you are Mohit Bhaiya? Right?” Naitik exclaimed while Ira was puzzled. She had never seen him before. Mohit nodded sanguinely. 

“I am sorry I don’t recognize you.” Ira intervened, peeking at him from her seat. 

“Mumma, he is Mohit Shrivastava bhaiya, you know JKPM teacher? Dadi’s teacher...who was there at our Golf Links house…!” Naitik turned to her and explained. Ira raised her eyebrows.

“Oh, okay...hello!” She said, looking at Mohit. Mohit nodded.

“Actually I was waiting for my friend here when I saw your car, I recognized Naitik, so I thought I could meet you, I mean, you were here for some there some problem?” Mohit asked. Ira nodded sideways, Naitik nodded up and down. 

“Actually mom is not feeling well and we have to reach Kamani by 6, it’s already 5:50 and there is traffic too.” Naitik blurted out. 

“Oh! Even I have to go to that side! Is it fine if I can help?” Mohit proffered. Ira furrowed her brows. 

“Sure!” Naitik exclaimed. Ira pursed her lips. 

“Okay, I can drive till there and ask my friend to come and pick me up from Kamani rather than from here!” Mohit replied airily while looking towards Ira. Ira feigned a smile and resistingly got out of the driver’s seat as it was about Naitik’s performance. Mohit started the car while Ira took the backseat. They turned toward the Prithviraj Chauhan road. 

“So Naitik, you sing?” Mohit Bhaiya asked curiously. Naitik nodded. 

“Wow! I really like it when people are engaged in constructive activities, especially at your age. Otherwise, most youngsters are just lingering around, wasting their time and their life.” He remarked, taking a look at Ira in the rearview mirror. Ira nodded with a faint smile. 

“Mom also sings, actually I started learning from her only, then took professional classes.” Naitik replied. Mohit nodded.

“Mrs. Saahil Shroff, right?” Mohit asked. Ira looked up.

“Yes.” She responded. 

“You know she is a yoga teacher and a music teacher as well, she is an author too.” Naitik jabbered. 

“I think Mr. Shroff also understands philosophy very well.” Mohit commented. 

“Yes, he too is a qualified yoga teacher though he doesn’t teach regularly because of tight flight schedules.” Naitik responded. Mohit applied the brakes as there was a red signal ahead. 

“Bhadra aunty told me that you shifted your home because of us?” Mohit came straight to the point. 

“No!” Ira said.

“Yes!” Naitik exclaimed simultaneously. Ira glared at him. Mohit chuckled to himself. The traffic was moving a bit slow. The sky was turning pink. A few cars honked around. 

“Actually papa says that you all are way too egoistic and fickle minded!” Naitik remarked. Ira was shocked. Mohit snorted.

“Haha! Each to his own opinion. We know who we are and we don’t really need to convince anybody of anything.” He replied. 

“But then why do you keep telling people to join you?” Naitik questioned further. 

“That’s because it’s our duty to let them know about the opportunity they have. Whether they cease it or not, it's their choice!” Mohit answered.

“But why do you mock those who don’t join you or don’t like you?” Naitik asked promptly. Ira rolled her eyes in exasperation. She looked at her watch, it was 6 already. 

“Well, people can keep mocking us and we stay quiet?” Mohit retorted. 

“But who mocks you? You only start to say things like those who don’t join you will never get liberation...and that they are lower consciousness people who do not understand you or recognize Param Prabhu Ji, etc...” Naitik jibed at him. 

“When did I say that?” Mohit asked, startled.

‘At the Golf Links bungalow, you were only saying that those who will not join us will keep repeating this cycle of death and birth…” Naitik replied.

“Ya, so that’s true.” Mohit answered as a matter of fact. 

“And then you will get reversals if you leave JKPM, and that all those who don’t like you guys are egoistic and it’s a once in a thousand lifetime opportunity…” Naitik went on.

“That’s just a joke, take it lightly and forget it…” Mohit answered.

“And what about those remarks like ignoring those who don’t join, they are useless, wasting their felt sorry for a girl who left JKPM…” Naitik remarked.

“I never said that, I can never say that. It must be you heard something wrong.” Mohit Ji replied. Naitik narrowed his eyes. 

“You did say that!” Naitik reaffirmed.

“No way, that’s not possible.” Mohit exclaimed. Kamani had arrived. Naitik quickly got down and ran to the auditorium. 

The doorbell rang again. Saahil got up with a start. He looked around in a tizzy. The rays of the sun hit his eyes. He was in his room. He realized that it was the next morning. Avani had eaten the dinner and had gone away like a good girl. Seerat was still asleep. Saahil stealthily got down from the bed and tiptoed out of the room, lest Seerat woke up. 

“Ira!” He exclaimed with a sigh of relief as she stood in front of the door with her luggage. She was finally back from her meditation TTC. He finally breathed. Just when he was about to hug her, someone else called him.

“Saahil bhaiya!” Mary called out from a distance. Saahil jumped with elation and ran to Mary while Ira was left befuddled.

“Oh Mary! I missed you so so so so sooooo much!!” Saahil leaped with excitement. Ira turned around to see him, wide-eyed. 

“I love you Mary!” He said rather emotionally, holding her hands in his, getting overwhelmed by her arrival. Ira rolled her eyes. 

“Kya bhaiya aap bhi!” Mary replied as she blushed. 

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