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Vikrant Rana

Children Stories Comedy Action


Vikrant Rana

Children Stories Comedy Action

It’s Time To Get Overcharged!

It’s Time To Get Overcharged!

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You know our world has several superheroes, few have similar kind of powers and few have powers which are totally out of this world. Whenever a superhero rises, a new supervillain wakes up too. Most of them are hungry of their powers and so, as the same happened with me. This time, it was for me to stand up against the villain. Let the story began.

Once, there lived a boy named. Wait-Wait-Wait why my introduction is starting like a 90's story. Let me start my story myself in a very much better way. So, I was sitting in a park wearing a cap and sunglasses (In such a manner that no one can see my face), all the people were doing their evening walk, the old ones are sitting and chatting like every day. Unless a man came in and started to open fire with his high-tech guns (which I wish I could also have one). So, everyone started running here and there it was a total chaos and suddenly an old woman who was in a wheelchair came right in front of him. He got a clear shot and he started shooting at her. He shot two times and then turned back. Then I rushed towards her blocked the bullets and shouted, "Are you done already." At first I thought he was a normal gangster but nope, he was totally cool jackass supervillain, I mean it’s true that whenever a superhero rise, a new supervillain wakes up too.

He suddenly turned back and said, "Ah, you must be that superhero." Then I said back, "Who do you think I am, douche bag." So I hit him with a lightning strike from my hand and he fell at least 5 meters away from where he was standing and he fell making a big hole in the ground. When I got there he was fainted.

Oh! I almost forgot. Now you must be thinking why the guy in the mask is attacking such a handsome guy like me, not because of he is jealous of me but he wants my powers. It’s flashback time. You know the villain is fainted so I wouldn’t be interrupted in between for some time so it’s a perfect time for a back story. Everybody in this world dreams of becoming a superhero. In my story I never expected this would happen because I never dreamed of becoming one, but everything doesn’t work on our belief. Sometimes it is beyond our thinking. So let me tell you how it all began.

    When I was a baby my father, named Clark Russo, kicked my butt out of the house (I’ve had hard times from very beginning). He said, "What kind of baby is he, he can't talk, can't walk, he's bald, can’t chew and always keep crying. He's so useless." (Well technically he’s right but no, he’s wrong). My mother, named Maria Russo got so surprised and angry that how can anyone say like this about his child, so she left him. She named me Thomas Russo (my friends called me Tom). We lived in Victoria, Australia. My mother used to do farming. One day when she was digging in the backyard she found gold biscuit (I know, it’s a jackpot). Now she is the head of a gold mine. I was good in academics also I was fond of superhero comic books so, she send me outside for my high school, we bought a house and used to live there. It was in Queensland, Australia.

My mother had to go back to look after the mine. Now I live alone (perfect life for a teenager). I joined the school in between. It was my first day after summer vacation I had no friends until I found one. He was also new so I was the first one to go talk to him and now we are best friends, his name was Daniel Peterson, his parents had to leave the city for work and now he lives with me. We lived happily like a king, parties every day, games all day, but then also first in the class. Everything was perfect. But, one day we both were arguing on something (I can’t remember). Whenever I am sad or angry I used to come and sit in the park to clear up my mind. So as always, I was sitting on the park bench (it was raining). Suddenly lightning struck on me.

When I woke up, I founded myself on a bed in a hospital, my friend was sitting beside me. My mother was outside talking to the doctor and I was able to listen the conversation going between them, it sounded something like I came back to life from death, this is impossible, and no one on Earth can survive a one billion volt of lightning strike. But as I told already, everything doesn’t work on our belief. Sometimes it is beyond our thinking. Then I interrupted, I groaned and acted like I didn’t listen anything. My mother told the doctors not to tell anything to me. They were looking at me like I came back to life from death. My mother said to me (crying), "Tom, are you okay?" I said, "I'm fine. It's just, I don't remember anything." I asked, “How you came back so fast?” She said, “You’ve been sleeping from two days.” I replied, “I wasn’t sleeping, I got fainted.

Both are different.” I asked my friend, "What happened there in the park, I don't remember a thing? He replied, "Tom don’t freak out, it's just, you got struck by lightning and you got fainted. That’s all no big deal." After listening to this I got shocked and suddenly all the electrical appliances in the hospital stopped like it was a power cut.

Then after two days, I got discharged from that hospital. My mom had gone back to the city. Then again I started to go to school. But strange things started to happen. In the morning when the alarm clock started to ring, before I touch it to turn it off the lightning-sparked from my hands and the alarm clock blasted. I thought that maybe the cells overheated.

I started getting ready for school and me and my friend was ready to go to school. In school, something happened which I thought was very weird. I was playing football (my favorite sport in which I was not the school champion, but I was good at it) and I got a penalty. When I kicked the ball the lightning struck from my body to the ball and it was on fire. Everyone started to look at me freakily. Then I ran away and at the end of the school when I reached home I locked myself up in my room and started figuring out what was happening. Then I started to memorize that there is one superhero comic (Electric Man) in which a man got struck by high volt of lightning and got lightning powers and increased strength. So I decided I should be the real hero of this city, like he became. You know we have same abilities (powers) so I should follow him. Hey, the fainted villain is coming back to life. So let's step away from the back story and come back where I was dealing with the villain. I promise, I’ll continue it later. Let’s come back to the park. So, I turned around and started going back thinking police will take care of it.

    Then suddenly I felt something is pulling me back, so I turned around and WTF he's got a very cool weapon (which I wish to have). That gun was pulling me towards it. I tried very much to get away but I can't. Then he pressed a red button. I knew something bad is going to happen because I have read in comics and seen in real life also that whenever a villain presses a red button something bad happens every time and so as this time. The gun started absorbing my powers. I tried everything to get out of it but I can't, I got exhausted very much and I got overcharged and then suddenly, boom. I exploded. I didn't know what happened. I realized this power for the first time. But he felt nothing and got away. I didn’t understand. I felt weak and got home and slept. My friend rarely comes out of his room. I locked myself in my room and slept for five hours.

Now I’m sleeping so it’s a good time to continue my back story .I told you that there was a superhero in comics that had this same accident and got powers. I thought that I've got those powers. I tried the lightning powers first.

My phone's power was gone so I tried charging it. When I focused the lightning struck from my hand to the phone. I thought that it will charge but it overcharged and blasted. Hey don't laugh it is my first time, I need to practice. Now it was time for the strength test I tried punching the wall I thought that the wall will have little cracks but, the wall cracked all the way from bottom edge to the top edge. My friend came in my room, looked at me with fright and said, “What the heck, dude?” I did not know what to say, I replied, “Earthquake, dude.” He was so dumb that he agreed to it. The best thing which I got in addition which was not in the comic is an electromagnetic force field around my body whenever I focus. I figured that power first time, when a tough guy (who is a bully) tried to punch me but his punch didn’t touch me and he was grunting his palm got swelled. The only power missing was that I didn’t had bullet proof body, I mean I feel very little pain and when someone punches me I hardly feel something.

So yeah, I had tough body but not tough enough to stop bullets, they can still penetrate through me. But I had the electromagnetic field for this case. Now I realized what was happening to me. Our city did not have any superheroes so I thought it should be me. First, I thought that I should have a superhero costume. But I did not like the costume stuff. Then I realized that I should have a mask so that no one can see who I am. So I made my mask my way. I decided that whenever I fight I will wear a mask, a cap and sunglasses (in that manner so that no one can see my full face).

That’s kinda cool and I will not tell anybody about this so that my friend and family stay away from danger. Now it was time for a really cool superhero name so, I am thinking, thinking, thinking, not getting so leaving. I am unable to think a bad-ass superhero name so I left it. I mean whom I am kidding, like I am a superhero so, now a super villain will appear and I will fight him, save the city and then people will ask my name. I mean whom am I kidding. I don’t think a supervillain will come after me. Pfft, such an over thinking.

Once our city was under attack by the terrorist, they captured a bank and enslaved everyone, so that was the first time I became a hero and saved the city. Yeah, when the police was fighting with terrorist they thought I was with them, but once I threw the corpse of their leader in front of them. They realized I was friendly. So, yeah police is friend with me. Everybody sees me as a Friendly Superhero. That's all from the flashback.

    I think I have slept a lot. It’s time to awake and restore my powers. So let’s come back to the present. I remember that in the comic the superhero charged himself with electricity whenever he got weak. So I was going to try it, I was afraid but I had to. So I charged myself through the electric wires of my house and it worked. Now I was feeling a lot more powerful. Let me tell you an interesting story when I was powerful. It’s time for another back story. I promise it’s the last back story. Have Fun! Once a boy in my college started fighting with me because I won against him in football I tried to get away from that fight but he punched me so I punched him back and his two teeth were out. After that, I swear not to fight with anyone. Let’s come back there when I charged myself. Our house got blackout. I was ready to kick his butt the next time I encounter with him. I mean maybe he has got away but he is still a criminal, more like a supervillain with those cool guns. So I charged my TV and turned it on and did something unexpected, I watched the news for the very first time.

And still watching-still watching-watching-watching and finally after 1 hour and 17 minutes, I saw him on the news. The news was saying that the hero has become a villain now and they named me Electric Man (I am not naming me this. This sucks). It was him. I couldn’t understand how he got my powers. He must have got them when the gun absorbing my powers got destroyed. But I don’t care because I am in a full mood of fighting. He first destroyed some buildings and now he was heading to the power plant. So, I rushed, I drove my car like a pro racer and, yeah ended up in an accident, destroying the car but at the entrance of the power plant. Yeah, I made it. I got there and said, "Hey you, ‘thief’ you stole my powers. Now you're misusing them. That’s how you repay me. Anyway, it’s time for the end." The fight begins!

He rushed towards me and punches me off and I was like, Ow! First, he’s got ‘The Rock’ like big biceps and now my powers gave him strength too, just great. I strike him with lightning and it hurt him only a little bit because he was able to absorb my powers, he did the same back to me but I got out of his sight so he missed me. I broke a tower a little bit and hit him with the metal rod and a drop of blood fall out of his face, WOW. He did the same to me and I bleed a little bad than him. At this scene, we were facing each other with a metal rod in our hand so, I said aloud, "You thought this was going to be a street fight, well you're damn right." I didn’t plan for this but the scene was like that only. Now we were hitting each other with the rod and in between with lightning too. But my lightning powers weren’t working as he was able to absorb them. At least 2 minutes later he was going to hit me hard on my head I tried to save myself by holding my rod from both the ends. But he hit very hard that my rod broke in two pieces. Now he hit a hard on my face and I am bleeding very badly. I was a little fainted he took a grab hold on me and was choking me, I was running out on options, so I was trying to get out of it but nothing was working. I gave him a big electric shock but nothing happened and I got frustrated and then again, boom!

There was a big explosion and an EMP (Electric Magnetic Pulse) charge got released from me and I was feeling very much weak. He tried to absorb this also but you know, ‘Too much of everything is not good’. He was looking like a giant ball filled with immense electricity. There was a giant explosion. There was an energy that got released. It was the electrical energy that he absorbed. It destructed the city a lot. So, from then onward I swear that I will control this power and this will become my strongest move. As we were fighting in the power plant so because of an EMP charge the whole city was black out. So with my leftover power, I charged the plant and the city was back on electricity. I looked at the man and he fainted again but this time I was going to finish him. But police came and stopped me.

I do not want to kill anyone and became a criminal. So I handed him over to the police. Clearly his all powers were gone so I let the police took him. I saw a crowd approaching towards me and shouting, "Thanks electric man for saving us." Then a small boy came rushing at me and thanked me and said, “Electric Man, you are the true superhero of our city.” I said, "My name is not electric man. It’s……. Overcharge (I named myself on my strongest move) I mean every time I got overcharge and explode. From then onward I decided no matter what, I will always save this city from all bad-ass villains who will try to destroy the city no matter how strong the villain is. From now onward my city too has a superhero and it is me.

. The End

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